Fan Favourite Sagat Returns To Street Fighter, Alongside Very Weird Newcomer 'President G'

Sagat has finally returned to the Street Fighter franchise today, alongside newcomer 'G' who claims he is 'President Of The World'

Street Fighter fans eager for Sagat’s dulcet tones (“TIGER KNEE! TIGER KNEE! TIGER UPPERCUT!”) can rejoice. The wait is finally over. The super-tall fighter arrives in Street Fighter V today, along with a new combatant who could well be the series’ most unusual yet.

As Destructoid reports, a lot of drama unfolded this past weekend at EVO’s Street Fighter V tournament. As the action drew to a close, the ever-eccentric franchise producer took to the stage. He demonstrated trailers for the next two fighters coming to the game, before revealing that they’d both be released today, August 6. So, who are the newcomers?

The first, of course, is Sagat. It’s almost sacrilegious to refer to this series stalwart as a newcomer, but there it is. Street Fighter V has a way of being super, super slow on the uptake with adding classic characters, as we saw with Blanka back in February. Still, fashionably late is better than skipping out entirely.

What can we expect of this iteration of Sagat, then? As his gameplay trailer shows, old fans are going to be right at home with this faithful rendition of the character. His style has always been characterised by a brutal mix of keep away (with those high and low projectiles) and visceral close-quarters power, and he’s certainly playing to those strengths here. The second new character, however, is where things get a little more complicated.

We’ve known that a character simply named ‘G’ has been on the way for some time now, of course. Seeing him in action will be quite a revelation, particularly for franchise veterans who think they’ve seen everything. The self-proclaimed ‘President Of The World’ is a weird one, with a penchant for top hats and melodrama.

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As his own character trailer demonstrates, he fights with a combination of fiery magical attacks and brute force.He also makes use of something called the Presidentiality meter, which he can charge mid-fight to unlock more combos and special move power. Presidentiality is lost as you’re knocked down, though, so players will have to manage it carefully.

As PlayStation Blog reports, both characters are available from today. You can get them separately for $5.99 or 100,000 Fight Money, while the Season 3 Character Pass will unlock them automatically (along with Sakura, Blanka, Falke, and Cody).

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