The 25 Strongest Weapons In Fallout 4 (And Where To Find Them)

What is the point of a first-person shooter game if there were no weapons? To shoot or not to shoot is barely even a question because, when it comes to the games within the Fallout series, the answer is to always shoot. And to maybe keep things in beta testing for a bit longer in order to weed out all potential bugs and create a game that will genuinely satisfy and entertain players. But that’s just my opinion.

But enough of me being weird, let’s talk shop. And today’s shop topic is weapons. What is a Fallout game without a weapon? I mean, how would you even get from one area to the next without something to brandish about? How could one protect themselves? Seriously, there are some spooky things out there in the Wastelands. I do not know about you, but I would not be caught out there with anything short of a complete arsenal safely tucked in the hammerspace of my back pocket. And the only thing better than one weapon is a collection of some of the greatest weapons the game has to offer and a mini guide on how to locate each and every one.

So sit back, grab a can of Nuka-Cola, and relax while I take you through twenty-five fantastic Fallout 4 weapons and where to find them. (And I promise that there will be no unnecessary or questionable sequels to this article in the near future. It will also definitely not be part of a five-article series).

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25 The First Temptation: Cryolator

via: gamerant.com

Have you ever felt the need for a flamethrower but cold? Well then, become a master level lockpicker, and return to your home Vault of 111. I suppose you could also bring your dog because he just does not care about locks and will deliver the Cryolator straight into your very hands.

Though very effective, it is also quite expensive to use this sweet gadget. The Cryolator will quickly eat through your supply of expensive and rare Cryo rounds until you apply a crystalizing barrel mod. That will remove the aesthetic flamethrower effect, though.

24 Fighting With Fire: Shishkebab

via: youtube.com

Do you know what sounds like a great idea? Taking a ceremonial sword and attaching a propane tank to the handguard so you can have a wicked cool flaming sword. Ignore the fact that the sword was mostly for display purposes. Find the sword inside the blast furnace of Saugus Ironworks and seize it from the hands of Slag, the raider. The Creator of this crazy contraption, Jake Finch, will thank you for recovering it by letting you continue to carry his father's fancy sword.

23 Bringing People Together: The Problem Solver

via: youtube.com

The Problem Solver is an aptly named handmade rifle. Its a point and click cure for your wasteland woes. You do need to convince Mason to cough it up when you take on his mission An Ambitious Plan. If you feel like you could use some fast and easy relief from the uppity denizens of the Commonwealth, just head to Bradberton Amphitheater in the Nuka World expansion area and convince Mason you need it a lot more than he does.

22 The Swan Song: Furious Power Fist

via: youtube.com

Have you ever gotten so angry that you just wanted to punch stuff? How about enough to do it a couple of times? The Furious Power Fist is a neat little glove that makes your fists tougher and also increases damage done by consecutive punches on the same target. So basically the glove is telling you to go ham as soon as you land your first attack. You just have to take it off of Swan, a super mutant mercenary, who really doesn't want to give it up.

21 Out Of This World: Alien Blaster

via: moddb.com

Are you fascinated by aliens regardless of the setting? Did you know that somewhere in the Commonwealth there is a crashed UFO just waiting for you to come and loot it clean?

There is also a cave close by the crash site where you can pick up a neat Alien Blaster as well as the finite and extremely limited rounds for it. If this neat little peashooter is up your alley then it may be worth your time to apply a fusion mg mod, so you can use fusion coils instead of the alien rounds.

20 Worth The Price: Lorenzo's Artifact

via: youtube.com

"Eat rads, fools!" You scream as you plink away with Lorenzo’s Artifact. It is a regular gamma gun with a piece of old technology attached to it. Somehow this makes it also inflict ballistic damage and in tandem with it, radiation damage. It also generates a staggering shockwave that sends enemies stumbling even on near misses. You can make this rad blaster a little more unique by adding an electric mod and taking the poisoners legendary effect from another Gamma ray so it can inflict every kind of damage. Fun!

19 Expensive, But Great: Spray N' Pray

via: irrelevantgamer.com

Spray and pray is the name of the tactic employed by panicked marksmen. It is all about quantity over quality, where a large number of bullets is surely more effective than a few well placed, carefully aimed, highly precise shots. The Spray and Pray weapon is an SMG loaded with high tier mods and inherently fires explosive rounds, secretly improving your accuracy. Buy it from Cricket the wandering merchant. Look up his route if you must because this weapon just might be a "must have."

18 There For The Taking: The Harvester

via: shacknews.com

What's better? Raw damage or staggering? If you answered staggering then the Harvester is right for you. It waits for you in the Far Harbor expansion at Echo Lake Lumber. It's just sitting in a steamer trunk at the lumber camp.

The Harvester is a unique Ripper that deals less damage than a normal Ripper but it does cause a stagger which is supremely useful for people that like close combat. A ripper is basically a chainsaw knife which is pretty awesome if you ask me.

17 Melee Madness: Kremvh's Tooth

via: destructoid.com

Kremvh’s Tooth is a sacrificial knife used by some weird cult in Dunwich. The tooth is a knife from before the great war and might be one of the only such items along with its sister item, Krivbeknih, and the Dunwich Obelisk. If you are greatly entertained by offending strange cults (and sacrilege in general) then drop down into the Dunwich Borers and swipe this cool machete for yourself. Human sacrifice is a little outdated anyway.

16 Of Legend: Grognak's Axe

via: vg247.com

Another stagger weapon, oh boy! Grognak's axe is technically just a display model in the same way that the Shishkebab was also for display purposes. This battle axe is a surprisingly effective weapon despite the sci-fi setting of Fallout. Go loot it from a display case in Hubris Comics. Fun Fact: Grognak's axe is actually just an iron axe straight out of Bethesda’s other, less controversial series: The Elder Scrolls. Grognak the Barbarian is even just the art they used for the Barbarian class in Oblivion. Way to recycle, Bethesda.

15 Fire Them All: Ashmaker

via: youtube.com

Have you ever just felt the need to fire every last bullet ever produced in under minute minus wind up time? Also, they are incendiary rounds because a regular minigun just wasn't ostentatious enough for you. The Ashmaker is a very impressive minigun with a heightened rate of fire and of course the incendiary rounds, which is always on so be careful during the dry season. Find it by siding with Fahrenheit during The Big Dig and completing said mission.

14 Going Rogue: Good Intentions

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Good Intentions is the name for the laser rifle carried by Clint, the rogue Minuteman. He sold out his fellow minuteman to their enemies for a position of authority in that enemy faction. Called that because sinister deeds are done by men with the best intentions in their hearts. I would argue it doesn't apply and thus, we can feel good about going and enthusiastically demonstrating your good intentions. Clint hangs out in the Quincy Ruins. Go get him. Oh, the rifle also causes hit enemies to immediately frenzy.

13 Healthy Survivor: Old Faithful

via: youtube.com

Old Faithful is a laser pistol, (unless you are a high level, then it becomes a rifle) that you can just buy in Diamond City from Arturo Rodriguez. Old Faithful offers the Instigator perk which causes double damage vs enemies at full HP.

Nearly 100% of all combat starts vs enemies that are at full health, so it's always nice to have a reliable way to deal a massive amount of damage right at the start. It sure is a good find.

12 Joining The Brotherhood: Righteous Authority

via: gamecrate.com

Another Laser weapon! Righteous Authority is your reward from Paladin Danse for completing the intro mission for the Brotherhood of Steel. With Righteous Authority your critical hits will deal double damage and then your critical hit meter will fill up 15% faster. It's worth a trip even if you dislike the Brotherhood of Steel just because of the critical hit effects. Even better if you are a fan of the power-armor-wearing can of fanatics as the mission is your entry point into the organization.

11 Getting It Going: Party Starter

via: youtube.com

The Party Starter is a missile launcher that you can just buy from KL-E-O in Goodneighbor. It also does bonus damage vs human-shaped enemies too. You heard me right... the best weapon in the game deals bonus damage vs the most common enemies. This thing doesn't just start parties, it is the whole reason they are even being thrown. A normal drawback to missile launchers is that ammo weighs a lot and you have to reload between shots. Mod it to fix both these issues and conquer the commonwealth singlehandedly.

10 Watching Over You: Overseer's Guardian

via: usgamer.com

Do Armored enemies give you the angry shivers when you watch your best weapon plink harmlessly off of them? What you need is the Overseer's Guardian. This rifle feature an armor-piercing receiver and night vision scope, both of which are ideal for dispatching pesky armored foes at a long distance. Not too long though, it is short barreled. As an extra it even fires an extra round per shot, potentially doubling your damage. Buy it at vault 81.

9 Making The Wasteland Better: Wastelander's Friend

via: se7ensins.com

The Wastelander's Friend is good for a laugh from a visual standpoint but is also surprisingly useful. It is a standard ten mil pistol with a super long extended mag.

It gives the weapon an ammo capacity of 24 up from 8, that's three times as many rounds before reloading. It also includes a couple of other mods such as a recon scope and a grip. If this sounds right up your alley, head over to Bunker Hill and look for Deb. she will sell one for sure.

8 Recoil City: Le Fusil Terribles

via: youtube.com

Le Fusil Terribles is an extra powerful combat shotty and you can pick it up in Libertalia. It features a special effect that causes 25% more damage to foes in general in addition to limb damage. It's also totally kitted out for maximum damage potential. It also features a much more massive recoil, potentially directly upwards depending on your firearms skill. The French name translates to “The Terrible Rifle.” Personally, I refer to it as “The Big Bad Boomstick."

7 One Last Time: The Last Minute

via: nexusmods.com

Do you not like your foe's limbs? I sure don’t, so I love “The Last Minute" for all of my enemy-removing needs. The Last Minute is a unique Gauss rifle that deals an extra 50% damage to your enemy's limbs. When you are being chased by a horde of Deathclaws, a couple well-placed shots to their legs will truly save the day and let you escape. Go buy it from Ronnie Shaw at the Castle after completing the old guns. A special use of limb damage is taking out the antenna on insects to frenzy them.

6 Throwing It Down: Splattercannon

via: youtube.com

Do you really like the furious fist effect but are wary of getting in close to some tough enemies? Do you wish you could have an effect on something with a little more range than the end of your arm?

Prepare for the Splattercannon, with its signature increased damage for every successful consecutive attack.

Focus down some high-priority enemies like deathclaws to make your wasteland experience the most optimal. You gotta buy it from Aaron Corbett in Nuka Town.

5 Bringing It Back: Deliverer

via: nexusmods.com

The Deliverer is the ultimate pistol, coming with all the best mods pre-installed, is silenced, is low weight, and uses the super common 10mm rounds. It does have smaller magazine space due to its small construction, but it does feature huge bonuses to hit rats and AP used in Vats as well as advanced AP regeneration too. It is the ideal piece of equipment for a sneaky wastelander like us. You receive it as part of the tradecraft quest at Slocum’s Joe coffee stand.

4 Resting Place: Eddie's Peace

via: youtube.com

At Andrew Station there is a guy named Eddie. He’s been bad and needs to be eliminated and looted for his sweet magnum. Eddie’s Peace has a few assorted mods, which is cool, but the real treat is bonus limb damage, like the previous couple of entries on this list. Eddie’s Peace does an extra 25% limb damage. Eddies demise will conclude the quest “ A Long Time Coming” and you can go collect your just reward.

3 Not For Kids: Big Boy

via: youtube.com

You thought the Party Starter was powerful? Wait until you meet Big Boy. What's the only thing stronger than a missile launcher? A nuclear missile launcher of course!

The Big Boy fires Mini Nukes. Yes that's plural. It fires two mini nukes with one shot. It's so powerful that you need to turn tail and really run to escape the blast radius after firing the Big Boy. you absolutely cannot hang around after firing your round. It's just too much damage and we just can’t handle it. Fortunately, neither can anything else.

2 A Relic: 2076 World Series Baseball Bat

via: youtube.com

This baseball bat is so powerful that it can send some things, such as deathclaws and super mutants, flying through the air for a bit. Is it secretly rocket powered. It appears to be nothing more than simple wooden baseball bat. It did win the 2076 world series though. Must be magic. You can find the magical home run bat in the basement of the town hall in Jamaica Plain. You can sell it to a collector later but it's clearly way too valuable for that.

1 The End: Final Judgement

via: youtube.com

If the minigun firing every single round ever manufactured in under a minute just wasn't enough for you, perhaps you need a Gatling laser. This one needs a fusion core that is normally used to power up a suit of powered armor. This overcompensation machine can be found in Prydwen on Elder Arthur Maxson. He won't willingly give it over unfortunately so you will have to instigate a brawl to get it off of him. Or pickpocket it is an option too, I guess.

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