The 25 Strongest Weapons In Fallout 76 (And Where To Find Them)

The Fallout series has always been a single-player post-apocalyptic adventure. Players take control of a male or female variant of the main protagonist and trek across the land to find something. A third game was planned but never came to light. Developers began working on Fallout Online instead. Players would work together or fight to reclaim their piece of the wasteland. Before Fallout 3: Van Buren or Fallout Online could come to light, Bethesda obtained the series.

Bethesda changed the series significantly. They made Fallout more accessible to players on consoles, computers, and eventually smartphones. The developer and publisher went a step further in 2018. Weeks before E3, they announced the newest installment in the series: Fallout 76. The latest game would not only be a sequel to the main series, but it was entirely online.

Fallout 76 was a new experience where there were no human NPCs. Only robots would give out quests or help players along the way. Players would take on the primary roles in the remains of West Virginia. It’s a rough world out there. Many prefer to team up, but others would rather role-play as raiders. No matter how gamers decide to play, everyone will need a weapon to survive. Other players aren’t the only enemies. West Virginia is filled with hostiles such as Scorched, irradiated Radstags, Super Mutants, and angry robots.

If you’re losing your precious junk items and caps to hostile players or legendary enemies, you’re in luck. We’ve compiled a list of some of the strongest weapons in the game and where to find them. Though the journey may be difficult, you’ll be grateful you put in the effort to find these amazing weapons.

25 It’ll Grow With You

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Some weapons can grow with you from the start of the game to complete the main quest. You can find a baseball bat at the Morgantown High School, close to Vault 76. It's great for those who prefer a close-up approach to battle.

The Baseball Bat is a two-handed melee weapon with 35 ballistic damage.

The baseball bat doesn't appear to be powerful at first but can be modded with a variety of upgrades, such as a heated coil, rockets, or even bladed rockets. Most of the mods require you to have the second level of the Makeshift Warrior perk.

24 Reenact A Piece Of History

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Fallout 76 has a variety of unique areas to explore. Several locations pay tribute to the Civil War. All of the historical weapons may make you wish you had a personal canon.

The Broadsider will make any history lover's dream a reality. This weapon is a portable naval cannon. It uses cannonballs as ammo, which can be looted from any museum. This weapon boasts 100 damage with a 204 range. The Broadsider is dropped from difficult enemies such as Deathclaws, Scorchbeasts, and Mirelurk Queens.

23 Blast Away The Competition

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There's almost no limit to the types of weapons you'll find out in the wasteland. Thankfully, your character can wield them all. The Bunker Buster is your reward for completing One of Us.

This massive, explosive missile launcher wields 150 in attack damage. It can also be modded with a barrel, sight, or muzzle for increased firepower. As a bonus, it offers an additional 20% damage. Though this weapon wields a high amount of power, it has a slow reloading time. It's best used at a long distance, so you have plenty of time to get away.

22 The Classic Fallout Powerhouse

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Since Bethesda has obtained the Fallout series, each game has had one powerful explosive weapon: Fat Man. This heavy weapon launches a mini-nuke to destroy a central area.

The Fat Man has 350 damage which means it can be used against any powerful legendary beast.

This item isn't a legendary special weapon but still packs a punch. The only downside is that it has a carry weight of 20. The power behind the weapon is worth it. The Fat Man can be found within the West Tek Research Center inside of the F.E.V. containers.

21 One Prize Worth Winning

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Firearms are powerful in Fallout 76. Melee weapons are essential if things get worse. The game has a fun way to earn one of the weapons. Complete the daily quest in Camden Park to earn Mr. Fuzzy Tokens. Earn fifty tokens, and you'll be awarded the Camden Whacker.

This is a unique one-handed melee exceptional weapon with six ballistic damage. If you need a boost in damage, the Camden Whacker can be modded with a blade. This weapon is excellent if you're starting out and need a spare weapon while you search for more ammo.

20 Always Better With Mods

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Though you may have more fun playing with friends, you shouldn't skip the quests. The rewards are often valuable weapons and armor. Complete "Breach and Clear," and you'll be awarded the Ancient Blade, a one-handed melee weapon. It boasts 24 ballistic damage with a value of 61 if you wish to sell it.

If the weapon isn't powerful enough for you, it has a few mods. With the right crafting materials, you can easily add serrated, electric, or both features to the blade.

19 Celebrate Halloween Every Day

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Vault 76 opened its doors in October, a month known for Halloween. There's no shortage of jack-o-lanterns in West Virginia.

Turn pumpkins into something more powerful after completing the daily quest "Trick or Treat."

The quest awards you with the pumpkin grenade.

Not only does the pumpkin grenade have a damage of 80, but this will continue to hurt your target for five seconds. It also has a bonus of 40 radiation for your enemies. This weapon is great for PvP and will have your human enemy running for RadAway.

18 One Special Reward

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After exiting the Vault, you may complete a few of the main quest missions. After completing "Final Departure," you'll have access to the Somerset Special. This unique weapon is a custom .44 pistol with a scope. It will hurt any target with its 50 damage rate.

Though this weapon is powerful enough on its own, it has a few bonuses. The Somerset Special has an Anti-Armor effect, which ignores 50% of your target's armor. If you're at a lower level, this firearm will give you a significant advantage in battle.

17 Perfect Against Hostile Robots

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There are plenty of weapons that can take out small groups or single targets. Sometimes you'll need something more powerful that you can throw at enemies from long-range.

The plasma grenade is an explosive weapon that will aid your fight against robotic combatants. It has 200 normal and 200 electric damage. They have a weight of 0.5, which means you can carry multiple at the same time. You can craft this weapon if you have the Science and Demolition Expert level 4 perks.

16 Repurpose A Pair Of Skis

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After the Great War, those leaving the vault must use any tool available to survive. In Pleasant Valley, the skis littering the hills can be used as a weapon. The Black Diamond Ski Sword is a one-handed melee weapon that's a reward for completing “Flavors of Mayhem.”

The Black Diamond Ski Sword has different levels of damage, depending on your current level.

This weapon shines when it's modded. Using metal shards will give armor-piercing and damage bonuses. It will also increase the damage given by 25%. If you decide to sell it, the modded sword has 30% additional value.

15 More Power At A Cost

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Rifles can be extremely helpful when you need to keep a long-range on an enemy. You can see them, but they can't see you. Rose's Syringer is a unique weapon that's best used at long-range. After attacking your enemy, it will increase their strength for one minute. If you're nowhere near your enemy, this won't be a problem.

After that minute wears off, the enemy's defense will significantly weaken for 60 seconds. This short downtime will give you enough time to either destroy your target or run away to safety. This weapon is a reward for completing "Top of the World."

14 Its Power Depends On You

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In Fallout 76, gamers will get into some unsavory situations. There will be plenty of times when you wish you brought a friend or an extra Stimpak to take out that legendary enemy. Luckily, some weapons are based on your current health points.

Complete the side quest "One Violent Night," and you'll receive the Nailer. This exceptional weapon has a unique bonus to do more damage depending on your current health level. If you're close to losing your junk and respawning, the Nailer will become a lethal weapon that could save you from starting over.

13 Makes The Enclave Worth Joining

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Fallout 76 allows users to join the Enclave, who would end up being the villains of Fallout 2 and 3. You can choose to work for them instead. Accept "One of Us," and you'll gain easy access to the Orbital Strike Beacon, which combines the abilities of the Orbital Scan Beacon with an attack.

The Orbital Strike Beacon will show all enemies in a selected area for 30 seconds.

After your foes are in the open, you can then order an Orbital Strike to eliminate them. If you run out of this weapon, you can craft it again at any workbench.

12 Perfect For Your CAMP’s Defense

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The .50 Cal Machine Gun is a heavy weapon that is perfect for protecting any CAMP. It can not only take out small hordes of Scorched but also Super Mutants. The .50 Cal Machine Gun deals 20 damage per shot. Though this seems like a small amount, it also has a fire rate of 91.

If you want to add this firearm to your arsenal, you can find it near the Clarksburg Shooting Club. Travel Southeast down the road and you'll find a truck filled with sandbags. Just hope that there isn't another player trying to obtain it at any cost.

11 Mistress Of Mystery’s Favorite Sword

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The Mistress of Mystery is a fictional hero, but her weapons were real. This weapon can be acquired during "Forging a Legend" in Riverside Manor. The Blade of Bastet is a melee weapon with 48 damage. Though it's only medium speed, it's great for close-range attacks.

The Blade of Bastet also boasts an increased armor penetration effect. This sword starts at level 25 but can be modified to grow with you. With enough materials, you can craft a level 45 Blade of Bastet that is sure to take out any nearby foes.

10 Combines Music With Power

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The Guitar Sword not only sounds great but is a strong melee weapon. It's also located east of Vault 76. It's located near the North Kanawha Lookout near a cabin. Make sure to bring a friend to help take out the Super Mutants guarding it.

The Guitar Sword damages enemies at 45 damage, making it a powerful starter weapon.

You'll never be able to un-mod the weapon parts from the sword to turn it into a regular guitar. Thankfully, there are still plenty of guitars for the taking outside of the vault.

9 More Room To Carry Your Loot

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The Fat Man is one of the Fallout series most powerful weapons. It's possible to craft a stronger variation of the heavy weapon without sacrificing your carry weight.

The Daisycutter has 150 damage, starting at level 25, but an even better bonus. Due to the MIRV modded to the weapon, it has a reduced weight of 90%. The Daisycutter is a reward for completing the "Organic Panic" quest. The higher your level after completing the quest, the higher the level of the weapon you'll receive.

8 Reduces Carry Weight And Adds Health

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Heavy weapons mean more potential for damage but at a cost. These types of weapons always come at the cost of your carry weight. The sledgehammer and super sledge both boast high damage but are slow to wield.

Alternatively, lighter melee weapons aren't very powerful. The All Rise Super Sledgehammer is the solution to both issues.

This weapon not only contains all the damage power of a regular sledgehammer, but with 90% reduced carry weight, and +1 health. You can win this weapon for completing the "Mayor for a Day" side quest in Watoga.

7 Utilize Perks And Looted Weapons

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There are times when your enemy gets too close, or you're backed against the wall. There may not be enough time to use V.A.T.S., or you've run out of ammo. There's no other choice than to use a melee weapon.

The Suppressor's Sickle will give you enough time to escape or take out the threat then and there.

It reduces your enemy's damage by 20% for 3 seconds. The weapon also has a bonus effect to cause +50% more limb damage. This weapon can be created with the Suppressor perk and a Sickle.

6 Reduce The Enemy's’ Strength

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When both you and your enemy are attacking from a distance, you want to make sure your weapon is powerful enough to take them down quickly. The Pyrolyzer is a heavy weapon that uses fuel. When used, it reduces your enemy's damage output by 30%. If you're fighting another player or a legendary monster, the Pyrolyzer will give you an upper hand.

The weapon is a reward for completing the quest "Tracking Unknowns." Don't let the travel involved in the quest keep you away from obtaining this legendary weapon.

5 The Perfect Combination

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Standard firearms will help your journey through the wasteland. Firearms with additional bonuses will make your journey slightly easier. Completing "Cold Case" in Wavy Willard's Water Park will net you this exceptional weapon.

The Perfect Storm fires incendiary bullets that can take out hordes of enemies. As an additional bonus, it deals an extra 24 burning damage over 3 seconds. If your enemy didn't fall after the initial attack, the bonus this weapon gives would quickly end the battle.

4 A Sword From Space

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Melee weapons are perfect for those who don't want to worry about ammo.

The Meteoric Sword is a powerful one-handed weapon that has several benefits.

It causes an additional 10% damage against humans and 50% more durability, making it an excellent choice for PvP. The sword also reduces your carry weight by 90% making it possible to take all of your opponent's junk items without worrying you'll be over-encumbered.

The Meteoric Sword is a reward for completing the event "Lode Baring" inside the mine.

3 Reuse Those Defeated Robots

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Taking on a tough enemy and don't have enough power to take it out? The Salvaged Assaultron Head will give you a strong advantage but requires some precautions. It can be crafted or looted from an Assaultron. Before using it, be aware that you'll be hit with a blast of radiation, so stock up on Rad-X and Radaway.

The weapon will use up all of your fusion cells with one damaging attack. If you want to keep using it, you'll have to drop your ammo, attack, pick up your ammo, reload, and fire again. The weapon is best used as a finishing move.

2 Turn The Tables On The Scorched

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One of the first enemies you'll meet outside of the vault is the Scorched. They plague empty cities and farmland. The Anti-Scorched Training Pistol will help you take out Scorched mobs easily. The firearm is a customized 10mm that does 25% more damage against these creatures.

Unfortunately, it does 20% less damage on everything else, but it can be modded with a sight, long barrel, or compensator. The item is given to you during the quest Into the Fire.

1 Control A Dragon

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Fallout 76 advertised it would have dragons, but players weren't expecting this legendary weapon.

The Dragon is a black powder rifle with four barrels. All four barrels fire at the same time for 800 total base damage.

The legendary version of this item is dropped randomly by legendary enemies. It's also sold by Graham, Harpers Ferry's vendortron, or inside the Uncanny Caverns. Lucky players can also find them on random vendors if another player accidentally sold the firearm. Remember to stock up on .50 caliber ammo because you'll need it.

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