10 Studios Rumored To Be Making A Marvel or DC Video Game

Over the last decade, the gaming industry has seen the licensed game part of the market fade away as quick and cheap movie tie-ins have shrunk significantly. In its place, AAA studios like Rocksteady, WB Games Montreal, and Insomniac have delivered some of the best games ever to feature a superhero protagonist.

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The Batman Arkham games and 2018's Marvel's Spider-Man have shown what craftsmanship and high-quality teams can do when they tackle some of the most popular heroes around. Let's look at 10 studios rumored to be currently making a Marvel or DC video game.

10 MachineGames

This first entry falls more in the category of fan wish and less on the rumor circulating the internet, though this has gained more traction as fans began to wonder why MachineGames is doing an odd release for their Wolfenstein: New Colossus' expansion. MachineGames has shown that they excel at first-person shooting and narrative, and their titles have garnered great critical reception.

Fans desperately want MachineGames to get their hands on Punisher and work with Marvel Games on delivering a violently entertaining and emotionally gripping experience as Frank Castle.

9 Xbox Game Studios

PlayStation released Marvel's Spider-Man on PlayStation 4 in 2018 and Nintendo helped to fund Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 that released exclusively on the Nintendo Switch in 2019. This means that Xbox is the only one out of the 3 that hasn't had an exclusive partnership with Marvel Games.

Despite purchasing numerous studios over the last couple of years to bolster their first-party lineup, fans are still waiting to see what new or existing IP these studios tackle. Could Phil Spencer drop another next-gen Xbox bombshell at E3 2020 by way of an exclusive Marvel game for their platform?

8 Various Indie Studios

In recent years big publishers and IP owners have shown great trust and willingness to pair with smaller indie studios who show tremendous talent and creativity. In 2019 gamers saw Nintendo give The Legend of Zelda license to a studio known for making an amazing rhythm game.

Marvel Games seems to want great developers with solid ideas that are true to their characters. Studios don't need a AAA budget to showcase polished products and creative ideas for video games featuring Marvel characters.

7 Ubisoft

If you took a second to look up Ubisoft's list of development studios around the world you'd see that they spread like the plague across the entire world. Ubisoft has a long history of working in collaboration with IP owners, so it's only a matter of time before we see them team up with the new leadership at Marvel Games.

That new leadership, including Bill Rosemann, has stated their goal is finding relationships that work and are true to Marvel. Ubisoft has already likely pitched to Marvel Games in some capacity, the question is to whether something is already in development somewhere in the world.

6 Second Dinner

Second Dinner is a studio you've likely never heard of for two different reasons. The first is that they have yet to release a game, so it's literally impossible to be familiar with their work. Secondly, they're also an indie studio, who often never see the major spotlight unless their game blows up.

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Second Dinner was created by ex-developers at Blizzard who had a big hand in bringing Hearthstone to life. They've announced they're working on a Marvel-licensed mobile game, but no one knows what it is. The betting man's money is likely on a collectible card game of some type, or maybe something completely different.

5 NetherRealm Studios

Over the last 5+ years, NetherRealm Studios has gone back-and-forth between Mortal Kombat and Injustice as they try to release a new fighting game every couple of years. With Mortal Kombat 11 recently hitting store shelves both physically and digitally, the assumption is that they're already underway on developing Injustice 3.

The next-generation of consoles will most likely be releasing in the Fall of 2020, so Injustice 3 could bring the high-quality DC fighting game universe over in the console generation's launch window.

4 Eidos Montreal

Crystal Dynamics has been hard at work on Marvel's Avengers over the last few years, and despite a lackluster showing at E3 2019, they're hoping it becomes a big deal in 2020.

When the partnership was first announced between Square Enix and Marvel a rumor popped up that Eidos Montreal would help Crystal Dynamics with an Avengers game, but that they'd also start developing a title based on the Guardians of the Galaxy. The success or lack thereof for Marvel's Avengers could dictate Eidos Montreal's solo projects in a number of ways so who knows if or when we'll ever see it.

3 WB Montreal

Imagine having almost 500 employees and only releasing one game in the last decade. WB Games Montreal has, of course, helped Rocksteady Studios deliver the Arkham games as well as help on downloadable-content, but they must be working on their own project.

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Rumors have swirled that they had a Suicide Squad game years in development that was canceled, and now there are rumblings of an Arkham game focusing on the Court of Owls Batman comic arc. It's likely WB Montreal will pop-up before Rocksteady Studios, but what will it be?

2 Rocksteady Studios

Rocksteady Studios has been absent for a while and every June fans have eagerly awaited the announcement of their next title. Due to their silence fans have begun to speculate what's going on with the studio, and these worries have been instigated by varying rumors and reports about what their next game might focus on.

The rumors have ranged from different takes on Batman, to Superman, and ending up in the crazy streets of a Justice League or Suicide Squad game. Rocksteady Studios will let the world know what's next up for them, but it's unclear if 2020 is still too early.

1 Insomniac Games

The general thoughts on Insomniac Games are that they're probably already in the early stages of development on a sequel to 2018's Marvel's Spider-Man that released on the PlayStation 4.

With the assumed length of development, Sony's ownership of the Spider-Man IP, and the likelihood that the PlayStation 5 releases in Fall 2020, Marvel's Spider-Man 2 will very likely be a PlayStation 5 title. No official announcement has been made, but Insomniac Games and their staff have teased on social media that the tires are kicking up on a sequel.

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