Sub-Zero's Maskless Variant Is Finally Obtainable In Mortal Kombat 11 - Here's How To Get It

After far too long a wait, players can now snag Sub-Zero’s maskless variant cosmetic in Mortal Kombat 11.

After far too long a wait, players can now snag Sub-Zero’s maskless variant cosmetic in Mortal Kombat 11. Since the game released, players have been asking on forums how to unlock the new look, as it and numerous other cosmetics did not appear readily available.

Players will need to unlock the reward by completing the “Eternal Family Bonds” in the Towers of Time. The final stage “Brotherly Bonds” will reward the cosmetic, titled “Vrbada’s Vapors," along with “Demonicus Reptilicus” for Noob Saibot, and 18,750 Koins.

The popular cosmetic for Sub-Zero has been a point of contention and annoyance among the players base, since it appeared to be awarded randomly to some players but was otherwise not obtainable through any specific means. Even now the Tower reward is only temporary, and players have the next three days or so to acquire it.

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The Towers are targeted towards the use of Sub-Zero and Noob Siabot, with a total of 5 towers to overcome and 19 fights divided among them. None of the challenges proved to be particularly difficult, and players should have no trouble vanquishing their foes.

Of course, the maskless Sub-Zero is an acquired taste for some, as the reveal of his face shows less of a disciplined ninja and more of an unkempt logger with a scruffy bit of facial hair. To each their own, I suppose.

Still, for completionists, now is the best time to snag up as much as possible from the towers. This applies to all towers actually, since we are now slowly receiving new characters via the first DLC Kombat Pack 1. With Shang Tsung, and soon Nightwolf and Sindel added into the mix, the rewards via towers will be more spread out, and it will require more time to collect all of the cosmetic items in the game. This might not bother most, but for those true Kollectors out there, it could be a big deal.

As Sindel was teased by Ed Boon only yesterday, we can likely expect both new characters to be added soon, or at least a gameplay trailer of the two facing off in a rematch, as players will recall that both died in Kombat against each other in Mortal Kombat X.

For now, be sure to hop into the Towers of Time and get your shiny new items!

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