Subdivision Infinity DX Review: Roll Out The Barrel

Subdivision Infinity DX doesn’t do anything revolutionary, but it's a fun game for what it is and makes a solid addition to your Switch’s library.

It’s probably a little unfair that pretty much every space exploration/shooter game comes with a comparison to Star Fox, but that’s just the reality of the genre. After all, Star Fox is the gold standard for starship-flying space titles, with most other games trying, but not quite measuring up to the iconic franchise. Subdivision Infinity DX falls in line with many of the other space shooter titles, but has a firmer grasp of the type of game it’s trying to be, rather than trying to mimic the Star Fox formula. Subdivision Infinity DX doesn’t necessarily do anything to set itself apart from similar titles in the genre, but it’s a fun game for what it is and makes a solid addition to your Switch’s library.

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Players take control of an intergalactic fighter tasked with exploring and fighting their way throughout the far reaches of space, hunting down enemy drone fighters, destroying enemy outposts, and gathering materials to make their ship as powerful and fast as it can be. And really… that’s pretty much it. Although a story mode exists, taking players on missions through a handful of different intergalactic locales, it’s pretty tough to care about what’s going on. After the first few generic conversations, it becomes relatively easy to skip ahead to the action.

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Space: The Familiar Frontier

You’ve probably played this game before in some capacity. You’re dropped into the middle of space, surrounded by giant meteors and space debris, and it’s up to you - and you alone - to take down enemy fighters in dogfighting fashion and destroying massive space station structures that are armed to the teeth with mounted laser cannons. Couple that with the fast-paced techno music that thumps through the speakers, and Subdivision Infinity DX is intense as it sounds. The boss battles are also reminiscent of bosses you’ve faced in the past and equally as intense, but the levels are fun to play, assuming your vessel is rigged with enough armor and firepower to prevent a multitude of deaths.

Upgrading your ship comes from spending in-game currency earned from missions, as well as crafting materials, such as the ones found in the containers acquired through Subdivision Infinity DX’s exploration mode levels. Improving upon your ship become vital even in the early levels, whether it be upgrading your armor or installing a new heavy-duty cannon. Thankfully, there is a surprisingly decent amount of customization options available to choose from.

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At Least That Worthless Slippy Is Nowhere In Sight

Subdivision Infinity DX doesn’t have to do much to succeed at what it’s trying to accomplish. However, there are some issues surrounding the AI, such as enemies that aim directly at the player, but either don’t shoot, or miss by a longshot. Even at point-blank range, enemies would often ignore my presence, allowing me to take them out with ease.

There is also one glaring omission from Subdivision Infinity DX: a barrel roll ability. Star Fox’s Peppy Hare said it best when he yelled, “Do a barrel roll,” to avoid enemy fire. It would have been nice to have had some form of that ability in Subdivision Infinity DX, rather than just moving up and down, strafing left and right, and hitting boost to speed out of the way. Granted, this is a pretty nit-picky thing to have an issue with, and Subdivision Infinity DX developer, Blowfish Studios, does mention the game being inspired by classic Sci-Fi and 8-bit NES games, but still… is a space shooter really even a space shooter without a barrel roll defensive maneuver?

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Give Me Space

Subdivision Infinity DX may seem like just another space shooter, but that is exactly what it is trying to be. Graphically speaking, players will be better off purchasing the game on consoles or PC. However, Subdivision Infinity DX lends itself well for playing on the Switch, as it is a fun way to kill some time while on the go.

3 Out Of 5 Stars

A review copy of Subdivision Infinity DX on the Switch was provided to TheGamer for this review. Subdivision Infinity DX is available now Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PC, and Nintendo Switch.

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