Subnautica: 10 Best Wrecks To Find Early In The Game

It is extremely easy to get a bit lost in the world of Subnautica. And by "a bit lost," we mean completely turned around. With video games that take place on land, you have the four cardinal directions to get yourself confused with. Subnautica adds depth into the mix.

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While first starting out with the game, you might feel like you want to take on the many wrecks and caves that Subnautica has to explore. Do yourself and your hapless survivor of the Aurora crash a favor. Take baby steps. Read on if you want to learn about the first few wrecks you should visit near the beginning of the game.

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10 Basic Plant Pots And Other Essentials On The Grassy Plateau

One of the first large wrecks you should visit is on what is called the Grassy Plateau. However, we should take the time to review coordinates first. Part of finding your way around Subnautica is learning how the coordinate system works.

They follow an x, y, z format, with the first number denoting an East/West point, y denoting an up/down point, and z denoting a North/South. This first wreck is located at 286, -72, 444. It contains a large number of items, which is always helpful this early in the game. These items range from a Basic Plant Pot to Mobile Vehicle Bay Fragments.

9 Advancing The Story On The Western Edge Of The Grassy Plateau

The first wreck mentioned was on the northeastern portion of the Grassy Plateau. The Grassy Plateau extends outward in all directions from the Safe Shallows. This next wreck is on the western edge of the Grassy Plateau, nestled between a small cave system.

It lies at -635, -50, -2. This particular wreck has multiple items of interest, including Laser Cutter Fragments and Bioreactor Fragments. It also contains two PDAs, logs that players can either listen to or read that help tell Subnautica's intriguing story.

8 The Most Northern Wreck On The Grassy Plateau

The furthest wreck in the northwest area of the Grassy Plateau has a smaller amount of items to collect and scan than the past two. But picking up a Seamoth Fragment, Modification Bay Fragment, and a Bioreactor Fragment make the trip worth it.

Plus, the Grassy Plateau is still a fairly safe area to traverse in the early game of Subnautica. The exact coordinates for this wreck are -390, -120, 648. This is the furthest north you should go for these beginner wrecks.

7 Boxy Wrecks To The South

At -15, -96, -624, there is a wreck that looks like a collection of shipping containers slumped over each other on the Grassy Plateau. The Aurora definitely came in hard if so many bits of her hull and interior were flung off of her in this manner.

This wreck contains another PDA that will help you better understand the timeline and government workings of life back home. Be sure to pick it up before you depart from this fairly small wreck. Other helpful objects include Battery Charger Fragments, Seamoth Fragments, and Scanner Room Fragments.

6 Final Wreck On The Grassy Plateau

This last wreck located on the Grassy Plateau is also located near a small cave entrance. Be sure to explore it for some Sandstone or Limestone Outcrops. A piece of the Aurora landed nearby at -432, -90, -268.

It is the last of the big wrecks to be found on the Grassy Plateau. It has some Battery Charger Fragments, Propulsion Cannon Fragments, Mobile Vehicle Bay Fragments, and Bioreactor Fragments. It is on the southwestern edge of the Grassy Plateau, and it is definitely not a wreck you should miss in the early game.

5 First Safe Shallow Wreck

Players of Subnautica begin the game in the Safe Shallows. As the name implies, these shallow areas are a safe place to regroup and find your bearings. Luckily, there are a couple of wrecks to find in that area. The first is located at -40, -14, -400. It is fairly close to the original spawn point and contains yet another Abandoned PDA.

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If the story of Subnautica does not interest you, other useful items such as Beacon Fragments, Seaglide Fragments, and Stasis Rifle Fragments can be found within. The early part of Subnautica should be played safely, and there is nowhere safer than the Safe Shallows.

4 Another Wreck To Search Through In The Safe Shallows

This second wreck in the Safe Shallows is located closer to the crash site of the Aurora. Its exact coordinates are 366, -6, -203. The closer a player gets to the downed Aurora, the higher the levels of radiation will be. You should probably craft a Radiation Suit in order to protect yourself before swimming in that area. The blueprint for the Radiation Suit is unlocked after the Aurora reactor explodes.

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Once you can safely enter the zone, you can pick up Grav Trap Fragments, Mobile Vehicle Bay Fragments, and Stasis Rifle Fragments from this wreck.

3 Wreckage Lost Within The Kelp Forest

Upon first entering the magnificent Kelp Forest, the ocean floor might be the last thing that catches your eye. Those grand, waving fronds of kelp are so distracting. However, in the northern part of the Kelp Forest, a precarious wreck can be found lodged between the strands of kelp.

At 65, -25, 385, a piece of the Aurora crash-landed smack in the forest, and players can easily access it in the early stages of the game. There is an Abandoned PDA within the wreck, along with some Bench, Desk, and Floodlight Fragments. Of course, you'll probably find that the Mobile Vehicle Bay Fragments are more helpful than those for the Desk.

2 Western Kelp Forest Wreck

If you still linger near the northern fringes of the Kelp Forest and head in a westerly direction, you should come cross another wreck from the Aurora. Coordinates for this hunk of the ship are -320, -57, 252. The kelp does not grow as thickly near this piece of wreck as it does near the previous one.

Within the wreck are Beacon Fragments, Stasis Rifle Fragments, and Seaglide Fragments. Perhaps more importantly, there is a Compass Fragment inside too. This Compass,once fabricated, will be invaluable in helping you navigate the world of Subnautica. 

1 Down In The Sparse Reef Lies A Valuable Wreck

This is one of the more difficult wrecks to get to in the early game. However, it makes for good practice for reaching dangerous places later on. This is going under the assumption you have been playing it safe this whole time though. At -787, -208, -713, there is a wreck on the floor of the Sparse Reef.

It reaches lower depths than previously, so make sure to keep an eye on your oxygen levels before you attempt to dive down for it. Better yet, craft a Seaglide to help you swim to it more quickly. This wreck holds Thermal Plant Fragments, Prawn Suit Torpedo Arm Fragments, and Power Cell Charger Fragments.

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