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The now annual event of SUBtember is upon us once more, with a slew of discounts and benefits for subscribing on Twitch, it’s time to see which streamers are making it worth the subscription. There are a LOT of options for what to watch on any streaming platform, and Twitch is no exception, it can be intimidating to just figure out what’s available. Another added bonus to this year’s SUBtember is a partnership between Twitch and Subway, and it isn’t just a monetary partnership either. Subway has started their very own Twitch channel to stream with all their favorite gamers and they will be giving away subscriptions as well. Without further adieu, here are some of the top streamers to sub to this SUBtember

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 With around two and a half million followers, loltyler1 (a.k.a. Tyler Steincamp) has quite literally helped to make a name for League of Legends. Now, Tyler won’t be winning any popularity contests and isn’t necessarily concerned with making ‘advertiser friendly’ content. With his attitude and mildly toxic behavior, he isn’t a streamer to watch with your children that’s to be sure, but he’s always entertaining and definitely worth following. He posts regularly and goes to tons of Esports events, so there’s almost always good content on his channel.

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 Daequan Loco, known as TSM_Daequan on Twitch, is a US based streamer with around three and a half million followers who got his start with Fortnite. He has gained a startling amount of followers on Twitch in just about a year’s time. He’s a member of Team SoloMid, thus the ‘TSM’ at the beginning of his handle. He’s known more for his excitement and energy than anything else with outbursts that will have you laughing or freaking out right along with him. This makes for a great use of his channel and an excellent choice for this SUBtember.

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 Going by the handle Summit1g, Jaryd Lazar, started out as a CS:GO player and semi-pro streamer and was the biggest Twitch influencer until Ninja, TFUE, Myth, and Shroud passed him up just last year. He streams CS:GO and Fortnite pretty regularly most days of the week. Before he retired from pro gaming, he was sponsored by several brands, and moved to Team Mythic in 2017. His streams are always entertaining, he was a pro for many years so he’s an extremely talented player, but more than that, it’s clear he loves gaming and that comes through well in his streams, even if he isn’t the top of the food chain any longer.

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 It’s difficult to even hear about streamers without Shroud (Michael Grzesiek) popping up in conversation. With 6.7 million followers on Twitch, he’s the biggest game in town (especially with Ninja Gone). He was a pro Counter Strike player for Cloud9 until late last year, but now he’s just one of the best streamers on the platform. It’s hard to say what got him to the top, with how much success he’s enjoyed, but overall it’s because he’s just a phenomenal gamer. Even Dr. DisRespect said that the success Shroud has experienced is due in part to his incredible talent, though him being massively entertaining while playing doesn’t hurt either.

  1. DrDisRespectLIVE

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 Above all else, what you want from your subscription is to be entertained… well that’s what Guy Beahm, better known as DrDisRespect, brings to the table. With his ridiculous look (reflective sunglasses and 90’s mullet) and his completely insatiable desire to talk about everything that enters his mind, there isn’t one boring moment on his channel. It’s easy to see why he has three and a half million followers, as he always has something to say about what’s happening in the community. He’s spent time designing levels and developing games as well which gives him unique insight into the business side of gaming and allows him to have what seems like insider knowledge when he’s talking about current events. No matter what’s going on, ‘The Doc’ is in and he’s gonna make sure you’re not bored.

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 The promotion itself is essentially half-off as many subscriptions as you’d like, with no real limit to how many times you use the discount code. With this being the third annual celebration of SUBtember, now is the PERFECT time to find out who you want to follow on Twitch. With all of the options available to you this month, there's nothing to stop you from discovering your next favorite streamer. Get out there, be a part of this promotion, and make sure there is enough SUBs to go around. No matter who you follow, Twitch’s landscape is always changing and always growing and learning, so keep that in mind and don’t ever forget to check back in to see how things are progressing.

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