Summer Games Done Quick Is Over, And Raised More Than $2 Million For Doctors Without Borders

2018's Summer Games Done Quick has come to a close and gathered over $2 million for Doctors Without borders, a new record.

Another year of Summer Games Done Quick has passed, and another record has been broken. This year the event raised over $2.1 million with the proceeds going to Doctors Without Borders. This is the highest amount SGDQ has raised to date.

The event ran from Sunday-to-Sunday last week, and featured over 100 games being played as quickly as possible. Some were run through normally, while others were played using certain conditions like achieving 100% completion or racing against other players. The event took place in Bloomington, Minnesota although a large viewership came from online streams.

The website for Games Done Quick kept track of a variety of stats, including who uploaded and how much. Those stats can be found here. Of course, donors could choose to remain anonymous and give however much they wanted. In total, 35,388 people came together to donate a sum of $2,145,452.85. The tracker also breaks down the average donation, which was $60.63. The highest donation given was $110,260.

As for the speed runs themselves, there were 153 in total. They're all uploaded on the official Youtube channel for anyone who wants to get in on the fun after the fact. Some highlights include a Tomb Raider run through that gave the player a huge boost in Twitch subscribers, Cuphead done to %100 completion, and the always-strange Pepsiman. With a week's worth of speed runs available, it's any binge-watching gamer's dream come true.

Next up on the agenda for the Games Done Quick organization is an appearance at TwitchCon in October. That program will only run for a weekend as it's designed to be a mini. It's even called Games Done Quick Express. After that, the next full event will be 2019's Awesome Games Done Quick. That will be from January 6th-14th. Updates on future events, as well as highlights from the record-setting speed runs, can be found on GDQ's Twitter.

A lot of gaming news comes in the form of controversy and wild speculation, so it's nice to see a solid positive event happen within the community. Hopefully speed runners are already working on their next mind-blowing runs to break even more records in 2019.

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