E3 2019 Preview: Super Crush K.O. Is About Saving Your Cat (And The World) From Aliens

Super Crush KO is the next title from Vertex Pop, the crew behind Graceful Explosion Machine and WE ARE DOOMED. It continues the studio's penchant for colorful worlds and fast-paced shooting action. It also adds more melee options than the studio's previous, more shooter-focused games. More importantly, it stars The Cutest Cat In The Universe™ (although they didn't actually trademark that title).

Vertex Pop was at E3 to demo the game, which is coming early next year to Nintendo Switch and Steam. The demo was a short level that gave access to most of the game's power-ups, allowing for a nice look at how it will play at its craziest. There were aerial combos, dodges that deflected bullets, and plenty of robots to smash. But yeah, the cat is probably the most crucial part.

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Karen is the main character, and apparently has a taste for '80s-style poofy jackets with a neon aesthetic. That serves her well as the main character of a Vertex Pop game, since the developer seems to love colorful backgrounds and even more colorful characters. The city Karen lives in shifts from striking reds and pinks to more relaxed blues and purples. The enemies, alien robots who abducted Karen's cat Chubbz, come in green, pink, yellow, and red.

It makes for a fun game to look at even without the action. But there's also plenty of action. Karen can punch and string together a basic melee combo. She also gains access to special moves such as a flying punch and ground slam thanks to snack foods. Finally, a game that tells us pizza is good for you. Karen also has a laser blaster (because what self-respecting '80s girl doesn't?) that she can use during combos. Finally, she can use a dodge maneuver that lets her slide behind enemies and deflect bullets.

All of that put together equals a wild wealth of attack options. Which is great, because the enemies have that too. Some can fly out of melee range, others charge, and some have scary bulk on their side. Even during the simple demo, you get the sense that no one move can win every scenario. It plays a lot like an old-school beat 'em up but with faster and with more responsive controls. Like those old games, sharp reflexes are needed to see the end of the game.

Via: Vertex Pop

Next year, Karen will set off on her quest to stop the aliens from taking her cat away, and maybe also stop their invasion if she feels like it. Stay tuned, as we'll be keeping an eye on Super Crush KO. It's sure to be another creatively colorful action game in the Switch's lineup.

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