Super Dragon Ball Heroes: World Mission Confirmed On Nintendo Switch

The Dragon Ball Z franchise will be continuing on the success of Dragon Ball Fighter Z with another new game.

According to V-Jump – a Japanese manga magazine that focuses on manga-based video games, in addition to new manga – Bandai Namco and game developer, Dimps, are working on a new Dragon Ball Z game called, Super Dragon Ball Heroes: World Mission.

Reportedly in development for the Nintendo Switch, Super Dragon Ball Heroes: World is described as a tabletop, card-battling action-adventure game, with over 1,160 cards available for building players’ decks. Many of the available cards will be those from previous Dragon Ball Heroes games, in addition to around 350 characters being included in the game.

There will certainly be no shortage of former cards to be considered for inclusion into Super Dragon Ball Heroes: World, as the Heroes series has released four different games, beginning with the original Dragon Ball Heroes game released in arcades in 2010.


Other previous Dragon Ball Heroes titles have included: Dragon Ball Heroes: Ultimate Mission (2013), Dragon Ball Heroes: Ultimate Mission 2 (2014), and Dragon Ball Heroes: Ultimate Mission X (2017), all of which were released for the Nintendo 3DS.

One of Super Dragon Ball Heroes: World ‘s most notable features will be the two-screen functionality that was seen in the original arcade venison. Two-screen operations will be

reproduced for a single screen. Additionally, one of the game’s modes will be a seven-on-seven versus battle.

A released date has yet to be confirmed for Super Dragon Ball Heroes: World. However, more details are expected to be announced around the same time as the eighth anniversary of the original Dragon Ball Heroes, which will occur on November 11th.

The Dragon Ball Z has a long-standing history within the video game industry, with no shortage of fans who are always eager to play each new title. From the sounds of it, Super Dragon Ball Heroes: World will encompass essentially the entire Dragon Ball Z universe, making it a must-play for fans of the franchise. And while its content may seem a bit overwhelming, it may also serve as a one-stop shop for new players to become familiar with the world of Dragon Ball Z.

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