Super Mario: 15 Fan Theories So Crazy They Might Be True

The Super Mario series first debuted in 1985. It has spawned numerous spin-offs, such as cartoons, racing games, and role-playing games. You take control of Mario and his brother Luigi to help the Mushroom Kingdom.

With a series as old and loved as Super Mario, fans have developed their own theories. With the number of characters becoming canon to the series, fans have only further speculated about relationships, ghosts, and the truth behind some of the enemies Mario and Luigi must face. Some of these myths have been debunked, while others are so wild that they could actually be true.

In an attempt to shed some light on these theories, fans have attempted to seek the truth. In a 2015 interview, the creator of the Super Mario series Shigeru Miyamoto was asked to give some insight into these theories and he confirmed one of these fan theories as true. For years, fans were convinced that Super Mario Bros. 3 was a stage play. The game begins with curtains being pulled back with various items decorating the stage. At the end of the level, Mario exits stage left. This proves that not all fan theories are immediately false and there is some truth behind them if you look hard enough.

The internet has only increased the number of fan theories revolving around the Super Mario series. We have compiled a list of some of the most outlandish fan theories so wild that they might actually be true. Which theories do you believe?

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15 Bowser Jr.'s Mother is Princess Peach

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Super Mario Bros. 3 took us back to the Mushroom Kingdom. We took command of Mario (or Luigi if we were playing with a friend) in an attempt to rescue Princess Peach yet again. This time the Kingdom has been taken over by the Koopalings, Bowser's seven children. Mario and Luigi must defeat the Koopalings in order to restore order to the land.

Miyamoto made it clear in an interview that the Koopaling children are not the Bowser's biological offspring, though they still follow his every command like faithful children. Bowser's only child is Bowser, Jr., but his mother is unknown. However, in Super Mario Sunshine, Bowser, Jr. insists that Princess Peach is his mother. When she is asked, she is shocked and says "I'm your... mama?," as Princess Peach neither confirms nor denies it. Bowser and Bowser, Jr.'s intentions with kidnapping Princess Peach may not be harmful, as maybe they just want mom to come home.

14 Super Mario Bros. Is A Retelling Of The Legend Of Zelda


The Legend of Zelda is a popular video game series on the Nintendo console and some fans believe the Super Mario series may be a retelling of this classic RPG.

Both games take place in a single kingdom. The Legend of Zelda takes place in the Kingdom of Hyrule while the Super Mario series calls the Mushroom Kingdom home. There are eight temples in Hyrule and normally eight worlds in Super Mario.

The Super Mario and The Legend of Zelda series also star one hero. Mario is the well-known protagonist in the Super Mario series and Luigi takes the helm in spin-offs. Link is the star of the Zelda series, but occasionally you can play as another character temporarily, such as Kafei in The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask. The three main characters in the Zelda series are similar to those in the Super Mario series. Mario represents Link, Princess Peach is Princess Zelda, and Bowser is similar to Gannon.

13 Shy Guys Are The Result Of Horrific Scientific Experiments

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It is well-known that Bowser has a large army working for him, as Goombas, Troopers, and Ghosts are at his command.  Let's no forget Shy Guys. Shy Guys are colorful creatives who cause mayhem for Mario and Luigi and they wear cloaks from head to toe, along with a mask to cover their faces.

According to some fans, Shy Guys may be rejected mutants from Bowser's experiments. Their bodies may have been so incredibly disfigured their head-to-toe clothing makes sense, as the Shy Guys must wear cloaks and masks in order to protect themselves from the Mushroom Kingdom's environment. Evidence of their mutations can be seen in Mario Tennis. After winning the Flower Cup, a Shy Guy makes his way up the podium to claim his well-earned trophy. Unfortunately, he trips and his mask falls off. Luigi sees his face and, due to a mixture of fear and repulsion, collapses at the sight of him.

12 Luigi's Mansion Is The Conclusion Of The Super Mario Series

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In Luigi's Mansion, you are tasked with removing the ghost infestation and saving Mario. Luigi, being the coward that he is, may not have been unable to take on the responsibility. During a lightning strike in the game, fans have claimed there was a silhouette of his body hanging. The Super Mario games released afterward may have been tales passed on by those he left behind.

Fans also believe that Bowser may have already died. Mario may have permanently removed the Bowser threat and King Boo is his ghost. When you meet King Boo, he admits that Mario was a thorn in his side. He wanted to get rid of Mario once and for all and trapped him inside the mansion. This may be a reference to Bowser's repeated failures in taking over the Mushroom Kingdom due to Mario's interference. Since King Boo is now a ghost, he builds a robotic Bowser body, similar to his old self, in order to take you down.

11 Wario Is A Mario Obsessed Fanboy

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Wario might not be the villain we think he is and he may actually be a regular guy who is just obsessed with Mario. Mario is a well-known hero in the Mushroom Kingdom, so it's no surprise he has many fans. The anger we see from Wario, according to some theories, may be frustration over the fact that he can't be best friends with his hero.

Wario wears the same cap, gloves, overalls, and shiny shoes as Mario because he considers him a fashion icon. He also grew a similar mustache. The mustache isn't a perfect replica but it may have been the best Wario could do.

In Super Mario Land 2, you learn that Wario has a giant statue of Mario in front of his house. The house once belonged to Mario, but Wario made no known attempt to take down the statue. The statue of Mario and his adoration of the red plumber is visible to everyone, giving this theory some extra legs.

10 Dr. Mario is a Relative of Mario and Luigi

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We may think that Mario is active as a boxer, plumber, gardener, and more. However, at the same time, Mario may just be a surname and we're seeing different family members. In the puzzle game Dr. Mario, Mario takes on a new profession as a doctor. The amount of time and dedication it takes to be a doctor takes several years, so it could be that Dr. Mario is not Mario at all, but a relative.

Dr. Mario has lighter hair color than Mario. In his secret appearance in Super Smash Bros Melee, Dr. Mario's move set differs from Mario, as Dr. Mario hits harder and is not as agile.

While it was thought to be possible that Dr. Mario is Mario from an alternate dimension where a virus have taken over, Dr. Mario 64 disproves this, as it states that he is living in the Mushroom Kingdom and helping the residents. Mario may lack the time and energy to solve all of Mushroom Kingdom's problems, but luckily he has many relatives (potentially) ready to help.

9 Luigi Suffers from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder

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Compared to his brother Mario, Luigi is a cowardly man who hides in his brother's shadow. Though timid, he is also kinder and has his anger under control compared to Mario. He only becomes determined when he must rescue his brother, such as in the Luigi's Mansion games. Luigi may realize that if he lets Mario get hurt or worse, the responsibility of protecting the Mushroom Kingdom will completely fall on his shoulders.

How did Luigi become so cowardly? According to some fan theories, he started suffering through traumatic events at an early age. In Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island and Yoshi’s Island DS, Baby Luigi was kidnapped and trapped in a cell by Kamek, a Magikoopa working under Bowser. Baby Luigi is mocked and teased until he is rescued by his brother. Mario began his journey toward being a hero early, while Luigi's cowardly nature may be due to the repressed memories of being tormented as a baby.

8 Donkey Kong Murdered Mario And Luigi's Father

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We know Mario and Luigi are plumbers, but little else of their backstory. A figure that looks suspiciously similar to Mario and Luigi appears in the original Donkey Kong game. Jumpman dons a mustache, red cap, and matching red overalls. In Donkey Kong, he fights against Donkey Kong to save his love, Pauline. After a long battle and many dodged barrels, Jumpman was able to reunite with the love of his life. From there, fans speculate that Pauline gave birth to two sons, Mario and Luigi and their destiny as heroes was inherited.

While some fans believe that Jumpman and Mario are the same person, others don't as, Mario has remained a hero that protects Mushroom Kingdom, while Jumpman becomes the evil antagonist in Donkey Kong, Jr. He may have never been able to forgive the Kong family for kidnapping his wife and his desire for revenge led to his death at the hands of Donkey Kong.

7 Mario Is Actually An Evil Villain Tormenting Bowser


Mario and Luigi are known as the heroes of the Mushroom Kingdom, as they fight Bowser and his Koopa army in order to protect Princess Peach. However, the story you play may only be a one-sided tale, as Bowser might have been the good guy all along.

All we have been told about Bowser, his children, and his army are that they are evil. They want to kidnap Princess Peach and take over her kingdom. At the same time, Bowser may not be interested in dominating the kingdom. Bowser may be a loving father who lives to protect his son, Bowser Jr., and his adopted seven Koopaling children. His castles are the safe place for his family and the Koopa species to reside. According to fan theories, Mario, Luigi, and Princess Peach may dislike these spiked turtle-like creatures, so they hunt down the Bowser family, repeatedly destroying their castles, leaving them homeless. Fans speculate that Mario and his friends are the real villains who want to banish these outsiders from the Kingdom.

6 Boos Are The Ghosts Of Goombas


Boos are the ghosts of the Mushroom Kingdom and they torment the residents along with their comrades, the Goomba. Goombas attack you on land, while Boos float in the air.

After Mario and Luigi defeat a Goomba enemy, they disappear into thin air. Do they cease to exist? Or do Goombas turn into ghosts and, more specifically, Boos. Goombas and Boos have similar faces. Boos are completely white, so we are unable to see the whites of their eyes and only a black beady eye remains that is similar to a Goomba eye. They also lack noses. There are also several different types of Goombas, such as a giant, King version and the racoon tail ones. Boos also share the same variations as Goombas.

Boos are happy to attack you while your back is turned, but fearful if you face them. Why would a ghost be scared? Maybe it's because Boos remember how you killed them as Goombas and sent them into the afterlife.

5 Mario Keeps Luigi's Insane Strength In Check


Luigi is known as the weaker brother of Mario. He can still grow large, control fire, and turn into a raccoon, but he's not just a pallate swap, so fans have questioned if Luigi is holding in a stronger, more nefarious power.

Luigi's levels in Super Mario Galaxy 2, Super Mario 3D Land New Game Plus, and Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Levels are more challenging compared to Mario's. Luigi has to jump higher and avoid more obstacles. This is a clue that the game is aware of the power Luigi holds and that Luigi knows his brother is a strong, skilled fighter. So, Luigi figures that if his powers grow out of control, his brother is the only one that can stop him.

Luigi is scared. He is scared of losing control of his powers which could destroy everyone he cares about. Luckily, his brother Mario is always beside him.

4 The Mario Games Are Princess Peach Propaganda

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The Super Mario games tell a one-sided story, as Mario and his friends always win against the evil Bowser and rescue the Mushroom Kingdom. There are two sides to every story, yet Bowser's perspective has not been told in the Super Mario series.

Fans have speculated that Princess Peach has written the games from her perspective, especially after Miyamoto more or less said that he views everyone in the Super Mario universe as actors. With that in mind, Bowser might look entirely different from his spiked turtle appearance. We only know him an angry, fire-breathing antagonist because that is how Princess Peach decided to portray him. She has made Bowser out to be an evil villain in almost every Super Mario game. Another twist is that she is manipulating Mario with false stories about Bowser. Mario and Bowser could have once been friends, but she convinced Mario to take her side. Mario might just be a puppet to Princess Peach. After over 30 years, we still don't know Bowser's side of the story.

3 Coins Are Souls Of Enemies You Have Defeated

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You must defeat several enemies on your journey in the Super Mario series. There's no count on how many enemies the Mushroom Kingdom has defeated or how many failed soldiers Bowser has destroyed. We also don't know how many coins there are scattered across the kingdom. They're a collectible, but there is no information on where the coins originate.

When Mario has Fire Flower power, he is able to launch fireballs at enemies and these enemies will turn into collectible coins. Coins also appear when Yoshi consumes an enemy. The Mushroom Kingdom contains mystical creatures, so it makes sense that their souls would take on different form. The instruction manual for the original Super Mario Bros. game states that defeated enemies turn into bricks. When Mario and Luigi hit these bricks, coins often appear. When Mario collects 100 coins, he gains an extra life. The only explanation is that coins are the souls of enemies you defeat.

2 The Mario Series are a Retelling the Same Story for Decades

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The Super Mario game plots are all very similar. Mario and Luigi are tasked with fighting Bowser to save Princess Peach and the Mushroom Kingdom. Though we are taken into space, underwater, and deserts, the plot has remained the same. You might have wondered why Princess Peach keeps getting kidnapped and why a stronger jail can't be built to hold Bowser.

The famous story of Mario's adventure may have only happened once. Mario, once a normal plumber, was now a popular and loved hero. Afraid to go back to his mediocre life, Mario has been retelling the same story for over 30 years. Since he is growing older and forgetting small details, his story keeps changing. Since the stories have changed considerably, people naturally believe that Mario has rescued Princess Peach multiple times. The truth may be that Princess Peach has been living happily in her Mushroom Kingdom ever since Bowser was defeated in the first Super Mario Bros. game.

1 Mario Has A Magic Rabbit Under His Hat In The New Game


Super Mario Odyssey will be the latest addition to the Mario series and, in that game, Mario's famous red cap is now sentient. In Super Mario 64, the cap only gave him additional powers. However, now, it is seen with eyes and moves on its own. In the trailers for Super Mario Odyssey, the cap takes on a new importance in Mario's fight. Among new magical abilities, Mario can also use the cap as a boomerang or as a spring to launch him into higher areas.

Mario's cap may now be hiding a familiar long-eared animal. The eyes on Mario's cap look similar to the rabbits on the airship in the same trailer. Mario's hat may be hiding a rabbit relative who is on the side of good instead of evil and this rabbit is helping Mario with a variety of magic powers. Magicians have dazzled audiences with the rabbit in the hat trick for ages, so now Mario may be using a real magical rabbit to aid him on his quest in Super Mario Odyssey.

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