Super Mario 64 Mod Gives Mario Thanos's Infinity Gauntlet, Chaos Ensues

So, the world’s still on a bit of an Infinity War meme binge just now. That’s the way things are in the wake of a Marvel movie. As we all try to digest just what in heckola that ending was all about, let’s avoid the controversy and look at a more light-hearted topic. What would happen if Mario got his hands on the Infinity Gauntlet? Thanks to the excellent work of one creative modder, we can now find out.

As any PC gamer will tell you, access to an extensive range of mods is one of the key advantages of non-console gaming. Whether you’ve only dabbled in trying a few out, or you’re an experienced modder yourself, there’s no denying that the variety of possibilities out there is just astonishing.

Did you just want to mod a game’s difficulty, or maybe add a few custom character classes? Of course you can. That’s super simple. Why not really go for it, go way out there, and make a mod that transforms Doom into an oddly adorable (if demon-laden) take on Animal Crossing? Oh, yes indeed.

Generally speaking, mods will have one of two functions. They’ll either bring some much-appreciated quality of life changes to proceedings (something as subtle as making UIs cleaner or lighting better), or they’ll seek to shake things up by adding in all kinds of functionality that was never intended. Can you tell which of these two categories Mario’s new Infinity Gauntlet falls under? Here’s a hint: it’s not the first one.

Via: YouTube (Kaze Emanuar)

Of course, Super Mario 64 is no PC game, but that doesn’t mean that canny hackers and modders can’t get their hands on it. As one of the most iconic and beloved platformers ever made, it’s a popular target for this sort of thing, and this is one of the funniest examples yet.

IGN brings us the magnificent work of one Kaze Emanuar, a modder of such renown that they are commissioned to make certain impossible dreams a reality. One such dream was to give Mario the Infinity Gauntlet within the world of Super Mario 64, and… well, some dreams cannot be denied.

Needless to say, Nintendo’s main man doesn’t wield the gauntlet in quite the same way Thanos does, but his apparent goal of wiping out half of all goombas he sees is alarmingly similar. What frightening new power does the gauntlet bestow on Mario? Check out the mod in action over on YouTube to find out.

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