Mario Royale Is Super Mario Bros. Meets Battle Royale - Play It Now Before The Inevitable Lawsuit

Update: It appears our battle royale is in another castle, as Nintendo has now shut down the game.

No one ever asked a Super Mario Bros. battle royal game, and yet we received it in Mario Royale, a browser-based game that pits 100 players against each other in a unique twist on the battle royale formula. The objective is to clear a world before anyone else, so it is more of a race than a fight.

However, you can still eliminate other players by indirect means by using the environment. You stomp on and send Koopa shells flying around the screen, which can eliminate players. You can directly hit opponents by using a star, which makes you more tangible to everyone else.

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Power-ups are available on a first-come, first-serve basis, which means that once a mushroom spawns, the first player to touch it gets the benefit. The game is fantastic fun, and players can click here to give it a try before it is inevitably taken down.

The creator of the mode, @Inferbro, discussed at length how he spent the past three weeks creating the game for browsers using HTML 5, before begging Nintendo not to sue him.

However, we will likely get a response from Nintendo soon. We already know that Nintendo is adamant about safeguarding its intellectual property, and despite Mario Royale being a well-made, enjoyable game, it would establish a dangerous precedent if it were allowed to remain.

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When Nintendo finally responds, hopefully, we will still see some version of the game, because @Inferbro might be on to something here. A side-scrolling battle royale that focuses on racing than fighting is far more fun than it should be, and we would love to see more.

We can only imagine how well a game like this would do on its own dedicated software and not on a browser, as the inputs often felt a bit off. However, that did not detract from our overall enjoyment.

For now, we recommend you give the game a go before Nintendo steps in. You can also check out the creator’s Patreon page to see what other projects they have in store for the future.

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