A Found Deleted Scene From The Super Mario Bros. Movie Doesn’t Make It Any Better

26 years after the release of the Super Mario Bros. movie, a previously unseen deleted scene discovered. Sadly, the movie would have still been terrible had it been included.

Earlier this year, we were given out first look at what the Sonic the Hedgehog movie will look like. To put it mildly, pretty much nobody was impressed. So much so that the project has been pushed from later this year to the first half of 2020, presumably so Sonic's nightmarish design can be reimagined.

If Sonic is as bad as everyone currently expects it to be, it's not as if it'll be the first video game/movie adaptation that simply hasn't worked. That's actually the norm for the genre, with success stories such as Detective Pikachu being the exception to the rule. Perhaps the first indication that most games should not be made into movies was signaled via the release of the Super Mario Bros. movie in 1993.

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Considering the success of Mario games during the 80s and early 90s, it made perfect sense to try and capitalize on that in the movie world. If you've seen it, you know that crossover did not work. In fact, it is widely considered as being one of the worst movies ever made. It's got a rating of 4/10 on IMDb, and managed to rake in less than half of its budget in the box office.

26 years later, and a deleted scene from the not-so critically acclaimed movie is doing the rounds. You can watch it above, courtesy of SMB Movie, and sadly, it's not the secret ingredient that would have made the movie bearable. In fact, it would have made it even more convoluted. It reveals that Mario's full name is Mario Mario too early, and would have led to the Scapellis slighting Mario and Luigi never to get their comeuppance.

Super Mario Bros. has that rare quality of being so bad that it's almost good again. So much so that there is apparently a new Mario movie being planned. Don't panic though, it isn't a remake, a sequel, or will it be anything like the 1993 offering. It will be an animated movie. Probably what the first film should have been, and also an avenue the creators of the Sonic movie should have explored further too.

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