Super Mario: 10 Bowser Memes That Are Too Hilarious For Words

To celebrate everything Nintendo, and more specifically our love for Bowser, we bring you these hilarious memes.

Nintendo has created some of the greatest and most memorable video game characters of all time. Naturally, over time, these much-loved characters have then been made into memes, oh so many memes.

While sometimes this has led to the need to erase some images from our minds (I'm looking at you Bowsette) we refuse to let that unfortunate incident spoil our love for great Nintendo based memes.

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To celebrate everything Nintendo, and more specifically our love for Bowser; both the real-life Nintendo president, Doug Bowser and our favorite villain, we bring you ten of the very best Bowser memes.

10 Bowser Based Confusion

After Reggie Fils-Aimé retired, Doug Bowser was announced as the new President and Chief Operating Officer of Nintendo of America. Naturally, this led to a huge amount of memes about his name, which is absolutely perfect for his job position. So much so that Nintendo themselves even acknowledged the coincidence by adding a tie-wearing cartoon Bowser to their E3 Nintendo Direct.

However, the greatest of all the memes comes in the form of this simple image from the BBC, showing Doug Bowser and his villainous namesake, with clarification as to which Bowser is which. We echo the sentiment as we say thanks BBC, we're glad we now know that Mario's fictitious cartoon foe isn't in charge.

9 Using A Bowser To Search The Internet

Alongside the clear confusion created by Bowser's presidential namesake, there are also a huge number of memes about his name's similarity to the word browser.

Let's face it the vast majority of us have accidentally typed Bowser instead of browser, on more than one occasion. This fantastic meme that places everyone's favorite foe into the logos of Firefox and Chrome browsers is simply the funniest celebration of this common error.

8 Bowser's Bad Decisions

Moving on to Bowser's more questionable decisions, this meme contemplates why he chooses to so often travel in a rubbish looking clown face chopper.

The least scary clown based vehicle we've ever seen is a truly ridiculous vehicle choice. It looks rubbish, it's easily damageable by Mario due to its tendency to just float about the place and it's not at all threatening.

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We've seen from Mario Kart that Bowser owns a badass kart with terrifying eyes, horns and some incredible speed. Why doesn't he bust that out of the garage instead?

7 Plumbers Cause Problems

This next meme wonders how Bowser's immense power is not more effective. It's something we've often wondered ourselves. Bowser is awesome. He breathes fire, he can survive molten lava, he's huge in size and he's also got incredible strength.

With all these advantages how come he can't better the efforts of a short and seemingly power free plumber? (or ex plumber as he is these days) Mario gets all his powers from eating suspicious-looking mushrooms. How on earth does that allow him to be victorious so often?

6 An Alternative Theory

This meme feels like a legitimate answer to the previous one. Bowser isn't in fact evil at all. It's all a big conspiracy and he's simply Mario's wingman. He captures the princess and keeps her safe until Mario "defeats" him.

Since Mario can't get and keep the girl on his own Bowser is simply stepping in as a "bad guy" in order to make Mario look great when he inevitably becomes victorious. This theory is the soundest meme-based theory ever and there are many more hilarious memes to back it up.

5 A Media Smear Campaign

This meme suggests Bowser's image is all just the result of a media smear campaign. We don't see the kind-hearted Bowser playing video games with his kids. We're shown just the big bad Bowser who's trying to force Princess Peach to marry him against her will.

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If the wingman theory holds up (which we think it totally does) the "public" Bowser was simply stepping things up a notch because even after all this time Mario still can't get and keep his girl. Bowser is surely just the best wingman ever? He's been doing this for years after all.

4 Bowser Can Keep His Kidnapping Tendencies In Check

Further evidence of Bowser's greatness is in this meme which proves that he can keep his kidnapping tendencies in check. Despite being in close proximity to Princess Peach he doesn't kidnap her. Instead, he just enjoys racing against Mario and the other Mushroom Kingdom inhabitants.

Surely this is all just further proof of his awesomeness? The fact this meme is reminiscent of the success kid meme just proves that Bowser knows exactly what he's doing. This is a man with a plan which he's executed to great success (especially when he wins at Mario Kart).

3 Bowser Loves Butterflies

Further proof that Bowser is actually no different from the rest of us comes in this funny meme that shows his ability to get distracted by a butterfly. Who doesn't pause to watch cute butterflies wander past? No one.

Bowser is just as human as the rest of us; well, emotionally at least. The big bad villain may bring fire and death but he has a softer side as well. That side the media won't show? We see it. Bowser, we know what you really are and we celebrate it with funny memes.

2 Bowser Loves His Kid

One of our favorite memes and yet another that shows how awesome Bowser is can be seen here in his reaction to Bowser Jr not teaming up with him in Super Mario Party. Bowser may be happy to thrash his kid at kart racing but when it comes to team games his heart is hurting if he doesn't get chosen by his offspring.

Kids are so often embarrassed to be seen with their parents and this one is funny because it's true. Bowser may be sad but his reaction is all too real. Give a villain a break, he has a heart too. After all, if he just liked kidnapping princesses why does he have such a preference for Princess Peach? After all, Daisy is a princess too!

1 Bowser Is Kind (ish)

The final proof of Bowser's kindness comes from the Mario Party franchise. His job is to take your coins when you land on a space with his face on it. However, if he sees you don't have any he will give you ten! How kind is that? Don't ever let anyone tell you Bowser isn't a truly great guy.

We'll just gloss over that pesky bit about him taking the far more valuable stars in return. No one needs to know that the evil side of Bowser is still intact. Otherwise, how else can we prove he's just your friendly neighborhood wingman to the shy and determined Mario?

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