10 Hilarious Super Mario Logic Memes Everyone In The Mushroom Kingdom Can Relate To

The Super Mario games, while entertaining for players around the world, follow a very funny sense of logic, and these ten memes showcase that fact.

The Super Mario series isn't exactly known for its sound logic and reasoning. After all, it's a story about a plumber (although he's technically not anymore) that constantly saves a princess from the clutches of an evil turtle, dinosaur, thing (whatever Bowser is really considered).

The fantasy world is filled to the brim with strange creatures, mushrooms that make the heroes grow, and seemingly innocent objects like flowers and leaves that imbue them with mystical powers. In short, it's not the type of place you would ever expect real-world logic to apply.

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Regardless, that hasn't stopped the internet from pointing out some of the more hilarious "mistakes" that Super Mario makes. We're just thankful they're giving us their ideas in meme form.

10 Underwater Fireballs

Mario gets a lot of passes when it comes to physics and scientific logic considering it was one of the first video games ever created. Nintendo didn't exactly have the resources or the team necessary to worry about how "plausible" things were in the made-up fantasy realm of the Mushroom Kingdom.

That isn't going to stop us from poking fun at every little issue that pops up during a Super Mario playthrough and "underwater fireballs" is too much to ignore.

9 Swim Lessons

On the subject of water, let's talk about those lengthy (and often frustrating) underwater levels. We can already hear the iconic music in our heads and we're too busy dodging Bloopers and other threats to really focus on the fact that Mario doesn't need to take a single breath of air, no matter how slow and methodically we move.

That's not the worst part though. It's the fact that Mario instantly croaks should he "fall into a puddle" outside of these underwater levels.

8 Ankle Biters?

Puddles aren't the only serious threat that Mario faces on his journey. He's also forced to contend with a series of incredibly threatening foes. Who could forget "slow-moving side shuffling Goombas" or Koopas, which are literally turtles? Jokes aside, what's the deal with these turtles and why are they so dangerous that only a few slight touches send Mario into cardiac arrest?

Are they like Poison Dart Frogs? Do they actively bite and we just don't see it? These are the types of questions we wish Nintendo would answer.

7 Side Effects May Include

As we said before, Mario gets a pass concerning a lot of things. Later games would make use of clearly marked damage meters and "heart" systems to display any damage a character would take but the original Super Mario games had the portly hero shrink or lose powers if he took damage.

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Sure, this made a lot of sense at the time considering mushrooms made him grow but it's still silly when you sit down and really think about it.

6 Would Yoshi Grow(shi)?

What's the deal with the weird fungus running rampant in the Mushroom Kingdom? No, we aren't talking about Toads, although that's another insanely good and rather perplexing question. We're talking about the "growth mushrooms" that Mario consumes to become an instant giant (of his former self).

Do these magical mushrooms only work on Mario himself? What happens if an enemy manages to chow down on one of these tasty treats? Most importantly (and the question posed by this meme), are we dealing with a Godzilla scenario if Yoshi mistakes a mushroom for one of those delicious red apples he's always after?

5 Who're The Real Shy Guys?

Later iterations of the Super Mario series introduced us to Shy Guys, funny little robed creatures that wear masks to obscure (who knows why) their faces. The funny thing about Shy Guys is that they're anything but concerning Mario. They'll march right towards him, patrol areas, or even spit bullets at him from afar.

Boos, on the other hand, turn red-faced and hide the second Mario even looks in their direction. What's the deal with these shy little ghosts? Is Mario that much of a superstar in his world?

The second he leaves his back showing, though, he's ghost-food.

4 Trapped As A T-Rex

Super Mario Odyssey was a masterpiece when it comes to Super Mario titles. It was a great way to give fans a proper "sequel" (in both visuals and playstyle) to the iconic Super Mario 64. Perfection aside, it's not exempt from weird and completely silly logic issues, as pointed out by this meme.

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Cappy will allow Mario to possess practically anything until he decides to toss the cap onto another object or "take it off" so he can return to his normal form. So how does he plan on getting that tiny hat off a giant T-Rex head using those stubby little arms? The more you think about this, the more you begin to realize that Mario would be stuck endlessly as a lot of things.

3 That's Not How We Operate

Bowser might be a big and imposing villain but he's definitely not that smart when it comes to devising complex plans and surefire strategies. This meme pokes fun at King Koopa with one of our favorite formats.

He's always so focused on trying to steal the princess but he'd be much more successful if he'd simply imprison Mario and his brother. Doesn't he remember how agonizing Mario is Missing! was? It would be easy to send Luigi on a wild goose chase.

2 Do Chiropractors Do Origami?

Paper Mario was a welcome surprise for gamers everywhere. Fans had fallen head-over-heels for the cult classic Super Mario RPG and it was depressing to hear that Nintendo and Square Enix (Square Soft at the time) wouldn't be teaming up again to bring a proper sequel. This led Nintendo to take the RPG plunge on their own. After all, they had the prize-winning formula, they just needed to emulate it.

The Paper Mario series has been hit or miss ever since (with some entries knocking it out of the park) but the unique paper world poses some seriously alarming questions. This meme does a great job asking what we're all thinking.

1 Everyday Is Leg Day

Or in this instance, Toe Day. Chalk this one up to the limited resources that game designers had back in the day but it definitely makes for one hilarious meme and some of the silliest "logic" in all of the Super Mario series. You likely can't get away with this in the newer installments thanks to better object collision management but the original Super Mario Bros. will always allow you to pull weird stunts like this.

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