The 10 Best Fan-Made Super Mario Maker 2 Levels So Far

Super Mario Maker 2 came out in time for summer for on June 28th! Similar to the first one, players create their levels using different features, parts, tools and visual effects from games across the Super Mario series. It adds even more game components, like the On/Off Switch, Dry Bone Shells, and the Angry Sun and more, as well as the style from Super Mario 3D. There's even a Story Mode now, but the main focus of the game is still to create levels and play other people's levels. Here are the 10 Best Fan-Made Super Mario Maker 2 Levels, So Far.

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10 Welcome, Neo - BLUE Or RED Pill?

Who doesn't love The Matrix? Well, those that do and who enjoy Super Mario Maker 2 can live out their fantasies as being Neo in this fan-made level. Welcome, Neo - BLUE or RED pill? is by Mario_Lab found here at TRV-52Q-2SG, and is two levels in one. Just like Neo, players have to choose to either go down a blue pipe or a red pipe. Both levels at first glance seem the same, but they have completely different obstacles that players have to find their way through the level, like Magikoopas down the blue pipe and red Koopa Paratroopas in the other.

9 Switch X Switch

One of the new game mechanics players can use to create amazing levels in the On/Off Switches, or On/Off Blocks. When these blocks are hit they transform red and blue Dotted-Line Blocks into outlines or solid blocks. And the user Nore139 (the course code DRC-S88-TDF), uses these blocks to make the amazing level Switch x Switch. Players have to use the On/Off Switches to traverse through a lava-filled level, creating platforms and other means to avoid falling into the molten abyss. Though sometimes hitting the switches triggers traps, like Thwomps, so players have to move quickly.

8 Super Mario Sunshine Sand Bird

Super Mario Sunshine's Sand Bird is one of the most creative levels made. Created by Taumi (course code 6DK-1JL-L5G), it's a 2D level inspired by a similar 3D level in Super Mario Sunshine. A short and sweet auto-scrolling level, players have to collect five red coins and avoid obstacles like Angry Suns.

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The Sand Bird in this level is made out of flying blocks. Players have to stay on the bird to collect the coins, so it takes a little scrambling here and there. But it is pretty easy to clear and is a fun course.

7 Switching Speed

Players can also set the time limit for the levels they make. Most levels on a lot of Mario games can be completed pretty quickly, with time to spare, but certain levels make it necessary for players to speed through it as quick as they can. Switching Speed, made by Make Jake (course code HD5-D84-FTG), is one of those levels.

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Players have only 30 seconds to reach the end of the level. This fan-made level is made even more challenging as players have to use the On/Off Blocks to progress through the level and avoid traps.

6 The Arby's Level

It isn't unusual for fast-food chains to try to expand their brand by collaborating with popular franchises, including video games. Sometimes it works, and this Super Mario Maker 2 level by Arby's is one of those times. Yes, Arby's did make a level that's available for anyone to play by entering the code JGX-MQ8-VRG. The Arby's Level has players collect coins that spell out different references to the company, like "Arby's" and it's catchphrase. The level is challenging with obstacles like Fire Bars and spiked wheels the Arby's Twitter account liked to call "meat slicers".

5 Follow The Coins

Sometimes things aren't as simple as they seem, and sometimes they are. Follow The Coins, which can be played with the code N71-46J-5YG, is a speedrun level. The instructions are very simple, "keep running". But despite the clear instructions it only has a clear rate of less than 12%.

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Why? Because as players follow the path of coins a wave of traps and enemies follow close behind them, making for one of the most panic-inducing levels! The fear and panic of the level are akin to riding a rollercoaster, it's the fun kind of scary!

4 Homecoming Hills

Homecoming Hills (course code GS7-8WG-WMF) was made to show the possibilities available using the new components in Mario Maker 2. Created using the Super Mario 3D World, Ohara has made a pretty amazing level. Players have a lot to experience as they progress through the level. They can transform into Cat Mario (or the cat version of whichever character they play), who can run up walls. There are Clear Pipes, which players can shoot fireballs into and there's even a part of the level where players get to drive a car to collect coins and take down enemies!

3 Spring Has Switched

This Super Mario Maker 2 level is a created by the user Kona (the course code J7D-9L6-THG) and is another level that uses the new game feature, On/Off Switches. This level has players traversing through the course using a combination of the On/Off Switches and springs.

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Impenetrable looking walls and obstacles become easier to traverse through once an On/Off Switch is hit, either making a path for the player or revealing a spring for them to jump on. Spring Has Switched is one of the easier levels to complete but it is still a lot of fun.

2 Suntouch Sanctuary

Both Super Mario Maker and Super Mario Maker 2 challenge players to create their own levels. Most want to create fun levels that offer a bit of a challenge or that look cool. Some like making more wacky levels and others love to make levels so incredibly hard to beat that it's almost disrespectful. This isn't one of those levels. Suntouch Sanctuary (course code 78K-JP3-CYG), by Matilder, offers players a winnable challenge. Players follow arrows that direct them up a vertical course. The charm of this level is that it "recycles" the course, with players double-backing to complete it.

1 Parallel Universe

GingerEd uses the starry night sky and the pretty poison floor from Super Mario Bros U to make this beautiful level, the course code NC5-Y8P-DBG. It's a puzzle-solving course, with a sub-world that's similar to the initial world, at first glance. Players have to use their problem-solving skills to traverse through the course and reach the end. Have a wall that's in the way in one world? Hop down into a tub and find that the wall isn't there in the other world. Or an ocean of poison to get over? There's an item or power-up in the other world.

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