Super Mario Maker 2: The 10 Best New Features, Ranked

Super Mario Maker 2 is looking to prove doubters wrong and establish itself as a true sequel, improving on the shortcomings of the original, while also building on the shoulders of its successes.

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Some may see it as a glorified port of the Nintendo Wii U title, but the number of features, quality of life improvements, and addition tools are proving otherwise. It seems that the development team focused on creating the ultimate replayable and neverending 2D Mario experience ever. Let's look at the 10 best new features in Super Mario Maker 2 and rank them.

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10 The Moon

The Moon is a new tool, that when added to levels can entirely change the gameplay depending on what level theme you're using. Not only will this provide players with a brand new design tool at their disposal, but it also gives levels a second life and could be instrumental in creating organic replay value in Super Mario Maker 2.

Of course, the Sun is also available to use if you really want the player to progress at a steady pace. You may be asking yourself how a creator could design a level that could automatically work and take advantage of the Moon, but never underestimate the Mario Maker community.

9 New Level Themes

Not only is Super Mario Maker 2 adding a Moon gameplay element that completely changes how a level plays, but they're also adding a handful of new themes for levels. These will not only add new backdrops for creators, but each theme will react differently to the Moon being added.

The new themes added to Super Mario Maker 2 are desert, snow, jungle, and sky. These themes will also feature remixed versions of iconic Mario music from these specific themes composed by series veteran and fan-favorite Koji Kondo.

8 Control Lava & Water

People who have a good amount of experience with 2D Mario games are familiar with the levels that feature lava and water rising and falling in set patterns. They help designers create stress for the players and add a different type of challenge for them to overcome.

Depending on how the level is designed it can also add a real sense of urgency for creators looking to herd players to a specific area or point of interest. Super Mario Maker 2 puts this in anyone's hands and gives them control over when and how lava and water will rise and fall in their levels.

7 Co-Op Level Creation

Have you ever wanted to try your hand at creating a level but were either intimidated by the entire process or felt it was too much work for one person? Well, in Super Mario Maker 2 you'll be able to split joy-con controllers and design a level alongside someone else.

You could decide to create a troll level with your significant other, build an auto-scroller with a friend, or make a horrid mess with your younger sibling. The choices are up to you, well you and whomever you decide to build with. Nintendo isn't liable for any divorce or end of a friendship that may result from the use of this feature.

6 Auto-Scroller Camera Control

Though auto-scroller levels aren't as notoriously hated as underwater levels, there is a distinct divide in the community of players who despise them and others who enjoy one every once in a while.

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Being able to control the speed and movement of the scroll was something creators had on their wishlist for the anticipated port that ended up being an outright sequel. Super Mario Maker 2 will feature just the tools in hopes of making auto-scrollers better for everyone. Now, they may not promise absolute joy, but it guarantees a variety of scrolling experiences at the very least.

5 Offline Courses

In Super Mario Maker 2 owners will have the ability to download levels and play them while offline. This is a dream come true for those with not so reliable internet as well as frequent flyers. This new feature will allow people to load up fun levels and have them waiting for them in moments of boredom or during flights like previously stated.

The offline experience feature came to Netflix and it seems like the ability to download content and view it when you're lacking an internet connection seems to be a growing trend in entertainment that may be here to stay.

4 Driveable Car

During the reveal of Super Mario Maker 2, the last thing people probably expected to see was a car that could be used to drive through levels specifically designed for it. It may seem crazy at first glance, but the addition of a vehicle opens the door to a completely new category of levels and opens up a world of possibilities.

Given how creative and adaptable the Mario Maker community has proven themselves to be, you'll likely be floored by the ways they use the car as a design pillar, as well as troll bait.

3 Story Mode

Super Mario Maker is a series based on creation and curation by the people who purchase the game. For those who simply want to play and not create, it's a tough $60 sell and the hesitancy is warranted.

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It seems like Nintendo understood that concern and in Super Mario Maker 2 decided to include a Story Mode that features 100+ Nintendo designed and handcrafted levels. This not only gives skeptics and non-builders more traditional value, but it also provides solid content and levels at launch while the community becomes familiar with the new tools and features.

2 Curation Tools

The toughest and most common criticism leveraged at the original Super Mario Maker was that it was impossible to find neat or specific types of levels because the curation search tools were so bare and lackluster. During the reveal of Super Mario Maker 2, the improvement of curation tools for players seemed to be a point of emphasis for the team.

There will be plenty of non-creators hopping in that want an easy and approachable way to play the best Mario levels the community has to offer. Curation is tough to architect but totally worth the effort.

1 Super Mario 3D World

Not only is the addition of Super Mario 3D World as a style exciting for fans in general, but it also opens the door to possible downloadable post-launch content featuring other Mario art styles.

If Super Mario Maker 2 happened to be a port of the first game and the only things different were a name like Super Mario Maker Deluxe and it came with Super Mario 3D World as a new art style, fans would have been stoked to spend another $60. Many fans believe that unlike the original, it will feature downloadable content with new art styles and level themes.

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