5 Best Things About Super Mario Maker 2 (& The 5 Worst)

Being able to build your own level of a video game is something that is completely reserved for video game designers, right? Not anymore! Super Mario Maker was released in 2015 on the Wii U and changed that completely. Finally, we were able to create our own levels and allow other players to run through them.

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In 2019, the highly anticipated sequel was released with a ton of new features. While a lot of these new features are really awesome, there are also some things in the game that aren't so great. To see 5 things we love about Super Mario Maker 2 and 5 things that aren't so cool, keep reading!

10 Best: So Many Options

Super Mario Maker 2 gives us a ton of different ways to get really creative with our level creations. This game brought back all of our favorite build elements from the first game and then even added some more, like slopes.

No matter what kind of enemies, powerups, or pieces of terrain you want to put into your level, the game likely has something for you. Whether you want to put Bowser at the end of a long clear pipe or you want a whole level of swinging claws, this game has got your back.

9 Worst: No Incentive To Keep Creating

Although creating levels is fun, there's really no incentive for players to keep creating new levels. If you're not into submitting levels to streamers or just hoping that they wind up in Endless or multiplayer mode, there's not a lot of incentive to keep creating levels.

Some costumes are earned by getting Maker Points, but most of them are unlocked by clearing levels, leaving comments, and setting world records. So, not a lot of costumes are unlocked and you don't unlock more save slots. What's the point in creating more levels, then?

8 Best: All The Different Styles

One of the coolest things about Super Mario Maker 2 is the fact that we can build a level in any Mario game that we want. While this can be kind of a learning curve, both when it comes to building and when it comes to playing, it really helps challenge our creative sides.

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No matter which of the many games in the Mario franchise is your favorite, it's represented in this game and you're able to create a level in that style and with several different design options.

7 Worst: No Protection Against Copying

Although Super Mario Maker 2 encourages us to get creative in order to create levels, not everyone flexes their creative bones. There are a lot of people that simply copy other people's levels or copy story mode levels that already exist in the game.

Unfortunately, Nintendo has no protection against these copied levels, meaning that exact copies of other player levels or Nintendo-made levels can appear in Endless or multiplayer mode. At the same time, Nintendo doesn't let us take downloaded levels into the editor. But that doesn't stop people from copying each other!

6 Best: Everyone Is Getting Into It

One really cool thing about Super Mario Maker 2 is the fact that everyone is getting in on it. Seriously, this game isn't just one that fans of the first Super Mario Maker game are enjoying. People who were really into other games before are now picking it up and loving it, too!

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Even big companies and game developers like Wendy's, Arby's, and the developer of Celeste have taken the chance to create a level in Super Mario Maker 2. With all the different people making their own really unique levels, it means there are a ton of different levels to play.

5 Worst: One Player Per Switch

As Twitch streamer Aldwulf pointed out, there's an issue with trying to play the game on two different profiles on the same Nintendo Switch. Although the Switch is a console that many people buy for their whole family to enjoy, a feature that Nintendo encourages with the multiple profiles feature, playing Super Mario Maker 2 becomes complicated.

You're able to play the game on multiple profiles on one console, but you cannot play levels made by someone else on the same console. Even if you buy Nintendo's online service for both profiles, the game won't treat clears by multiple profiles on one console like separate clears.

4 Best: New Game Modes

On top of just creating your own levels and playing levels that other players have made, there are some other really fun game modes that were added to the game that players can have a good time with.

Players were super excited when multiplayer mode was added and for good reason! It's so much fun to pair up with other players and play through different levels, either competitively or in a co-op situation. Winning competitive multiplayer levels can even unlock you special costumes.

3 Worst: So Much Lag

Although playing online with other people is a lot of fun, it can also be incredibly frustrating. Online co-op and competitive modes are a lot of fun, but there are also some major downsides to these game modes.

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For one thing, the levels that are selected for multiplayer aren't always suited for competitive play. Even if you're able to look past that, the lag issues that Nintendo has become known for thanks to other games like Super Smash Bros. Ultimate are incredibly present and it can be hard to play the game because everything moves so slowly.

2 Best: Endless Mode Is Unique

In the first Super Mario Maker, players were able to endlessly play through random levels. Players were given 100 lives and sent out on a journey to see just how many levels they could make it through.

While this was a lot of fun, the sequel has put a unique spin on that. Instead of having 100 lives to try to make it as far as you can, Endless Mode starts you off with fewer lives but allows you to gain them throughout the levels. This adds a really fun challenge and exposes the player to a ton of different levels.

1 Worst: Endless Selection Makes No Sense

Players can choose from a few different difficulties when they're going to play a new round of Endless Mode. Unfortunately, how exactly Nintendo decides what levels are going to be put into each difficulty seems completely random. Players have speculated on how they're picked and what makes levels appear in Endless Mode, but it's still something that Nintendo hasn't explained yet.

This often means that levels don't fit the difficulty level you've selected and, honestly, there are some levels in Endless that are just bad. The fact that Nintendo hasn't explained how the difficulty is assigned is something that frustrates players that really love Endless Mode.

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