Someone Turned The Fish Tube Into A Mario Maker 2 Level

Super Mario Maker 2 continues to be a treasure trove of creative and weird fan-made levels, and the latest creation, which features a long fish tube, is no exception.

Super Mario Maker 2, like its predecessor, is praised for giving players tools to come up with eccentric stages. Recently, one of the more impressive levels features a lowly goomba as the main star for the first time. Called "Goomba's Great Adventure," the level has players guide a lone goomba while solving puzzles. It's now become one of the most popular stages in the game.

However, Super Mario Maker 2 creator Botitas crafted a simpler stage featuring a lone lengthy pipe. The only thing players have to do in the stage, which is simply titled "The Fish Tube," is to go through that the pipe, which leads to a goal pole. The description for the level reads, "This system helps Mario cross over dams in seconds rather than days."

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The course ID is 1PS-M5C-K9G, per Twitter user Yurt. Why Botitas opted to craft such a simple level is unknown, but it does make you wonder just how difficult it might be to get around in the Mushroom Kingdom. Mario certainly has his work cut out for him.

Via: Twitter.

Since it was released back in June earlier this year, Super Mario Maker 2 continues to be a great way for players to make full use of their creativity. Fans have already uploaded over five million courses in just a few months, and that number continues to grow every day. It also helps that the sequel doubled the number of courses a player can upload to sixty-four.

Even popular fast-food chain Wendy's joined in on the fun and created an entire world featuring six levels. Super Wendy's World's levels are all named after popular food items from the fast-food chain, and it turned out to be a clever marketing tactic.

If you're looking to create your own level, be sure to take a look at the five best fan-made levels in the game for inspiration.

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