Super Mario Maker 2: 10 Fun Levels From The Community

Super Mario Maker 2 has arrived, and players are having a blast making levels. The amount of new tools at one's disposal is extraordinary. Levels are being uploaded every minute from around the world. Although levels range in quality, there is certainly a better amount of well-made levels. When the first Super Mario Maker launched, there was seemingly endless enemy spam, troll blocks, and the like. You can find that in the new game as well, but quality levels are shining through. For this article, we'll be taking a look at 10 fun levels that have been uploaded.

Slip Spike Cavern - ID: 74C-JN0-8FG | Creator: ArthurSMM2

Super Mario Maker 2 brings a number of new themes to play around with. One such theme is Snow, which can make levels look like a winter wonderland (and also make the ground slippery). Slip Spike Cavern is so far one of the best levels making use of the Snow theme. It is traditional and would fit right at home in an official Super Mario game. Creators wanting to make traditional levels in the Snow theme should take a look at this one.

New Super Awesome Bros. 3-2 - ID: FHF-7JP-WCG | Creator: Boomerang7

Another traditional level, New Super Awesome Bros. 3-2 makes use of the poison water in the night theme. The level perfectly transitions from horizontal to vertical in the sub-area. It's a perfect challenge for newcomers to Super Mario, and a fun time for veterans to warm up before jumping into something harder.

Banzai Bill's Downwards Pursuit ID: FFD-RVB-2XF | Creator: Crystin

A great vertical scrolling level, Banzai Bill's Downwards Pursuit is intense. It makes great use of the vines. Mario has to climb down and avoid an oncoming Banzai Bill from above. It won't be easy, because players have to dodge spikes while climbing down. This is a great level that will deliver a challenging time to even seasoned players.

Explore The Cosmic Cavern ID: DV1-SP6-0XF | Creator: Ephriam

Water levels were some of the least-seen in Super Mario Maker. After all, many players would say water levels in video games are their least favorite (the groaning begins when Sonic enters the water.) Explore the Cosmic Cavern is a prime example of water being used with fun in mind. With levels like this, the future is bright for fans of the Water theme.

Boom-Boom's Toyshop Trouble ID: 8Q8-GV8-GQF | Creator: MarioNose

A nice traditional Super Mario 3D World level, Boom-Boom's Toyshop Trouble features platforming, two boss fights, and the Koopa Troopa Car. It's a great level for newcomers to the game, and those looking to make a fun level in the style for everyone.

Swinging Spiny Swamp ID: QKJ-MMS-0SF | Creator: Rorrrr

Easily one of the greatest aspects of Swinging Spiny Swamp is the optional coins players can acquire. It can be easy to overlook this, but a big thing about levels in Mario games is the optional secrets. This level's bonus coins are challenging to get, but very rewarding. Also, the sub-area is all about vertical scrolling against a poisonous river. As you can see in the clip, it's fantastic.

Beat Block Barrage ID: VCQ-QSK-8DF | Creator: Jacob S

One of the exclusive features in the Super Mario 3D World style is the Beat Block. This block allows for the player to stand, but not for too long. It's an interesting block, and did you know that it can destroy enemies? Beat Block Barrage serves as the perfect level for learning the uses for the block. Creators wanting to know the ins-and-outs of the Beat Block should play this immediately.

King Boo's Lost Galleon ID: LY1-0M6-V5G | Creator: CrncaMike

Clear Conditions are some of the biggest new additions to Super Mario Maker 2. In King Boo's lost Galleon, the goal is to acquire 100 coins. This level is interesting because it utilizes the night effect underwater. It can be easy to misuse this design, because it's easy to accidentally (or purposely) troll players. However, this level puts it to excellent use. King Boo's Lost Galleon is atmospheric, and also kind of relaxing. Players may find it reminiscent of the water levels in Donkey Kong Country.

World 2-3 | Inside The Pyramid ID: DN6-DTG-NPG | Creator: MiREA:)

This Red Coin level is certainly a gauntlet. The stage is divided into two sections. The first is finding the Red Coins to open the key door. While very good on its own, the sub-area is where things get really intense. Something like this shouldn't be spoiled, so all this writer will say is one thing: get ready for a tough trek to the top.

Into the Galaxy ID: XG3-J8M-2SF | Creator: Gysan

Anyone saying video games can't be art has not played Into the Galaxy. This might be the most beautifully made level in the game. It really does feel like you are in outer space, and on a grand adventure. It's hard to imagine the amount of time and effort put into making the level look so aesthetically pleasing. The platforming is also fun, and has just the right difficulty to encourage seeing the whole thing.

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