Super Mario Maker 2 Level Gives A Goomba The Spotlight

Super Mario Maker 2 has offered creative players a chance to break free of the boundaries of the platform genre in order to explore new styles of gameplay, and one of the most impressive stages in the game allows a lowly goomba to enter the spotlight and become the star for a single level.

There are some impressive Super Mario Maker 2 stages that have emulated the Metroidvania style and blocked off Mario's progress until he acquires certain power-ups, while others have created a fake first-person perspective based on the background assets available in the game. The impressive gimmick in the "Goomba's Great Adventure" stage forces the player to guide a lone goomba through a stage filled with danger.

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The player quickly loses control over Mario in Goomba's Great Adventure and he is relegated to hitting blocks below the screen that control the direction of conveyor belts, as well as switching between the blue and red blocks in order to prevent (or allow) different creatures to move through the stage.

The objective in Goomba's Great Adventure is to guide the goomba to the end of the stage by manipulating aspects of the stage using switches. The stage ends when the player is able to turn the goomba into a giant using a mushroom, which gives it the weight necessary to smash a P-block. Mario is eventually freed from his bonds after the goomba hits the P-block and he is able to finish the stage by transforming into a giant himself.

An incredible amount of work that must have gone into creating Goomba's Great Adventure level, but the effort has paid off, as it's one of the most popular stages in Super Mario Maker 2 at the moment. Super Mario Maker 2 is intended to allow the player to create stages for a game in the platform genre, but the sheer amount of options that are available has allowed creative players to break free from the boundaries of the game and make levels that are truly a spectacle to behold.

The code for the Goomba's Great Adventure level in Super Mario Maker 2 is FHG-C0L-D9G.

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