You Can Finally Play Online With Your Friends In Super Mario Maker 2


Super Mario Maker 2 has finally received a new update that will allow you to play with your friends online.

Super Mario Maker 2 was criticized before launch due to the reveal that it would be impossible to play online with friends. The big gimmick of the sequel was the multiplayer mode, yet the early promotional material for Super Mario Maker 2 confirmed that people could only play the online modes with strangers. Nintendo eventually changed its mind after an online backlash from fans and the ability to play with friends was promised for a future update.

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The latest update for Super Mario Maker 2 is finally available and the promised multiplayer options are now part of the game. The patch notes for the ver. 1.1.0 update for Super Mario Maker 2 have outlined the new additions to the game. It's now possible to play the Multiplayer Co-op and Multiplayer Versus modes with friends through the Network Play tab. It's also possible to use these modes while playing locally or with people connected through a LAN cable. The local play mode also no longer needs to be connected to the Internet to function.

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The ver. 1.1.0 patch also adds voice chat support for the Nintendo Switch Online mobile app, the Maker profile now displays more information about the player, there is now an Official Makers tab in the Leaderboards for courses made by people who work for Nintendo, and it's possible to play with horizontal Joy-Cons in every mode.

The multiplayer aspects of Super Mario Maker 2 were some of the most heavily promoted features in the game, but they were found to be lacking by many fans. The downright unplayable status of the online multiplayer modes was the biggest problem with the game at launch and it has still yet to be fully addressed by Nintendo. The ability to play with friends can at least allow people to bypass this issue by ensuring that they are playing with people who have an acceptable Internet speed. The fact that people can play with their friends is going to be a major boon to the online community for the game and Nintendo will hopefully continue to improve the service in the future.

The ver. 1.1.0 patch for Super Mario Maker 2 is available to download now.

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