Super Mario Maker 2: How To Unlock "Night Mode" And How It Changes Your Course

At long last, Nintendo fans around the world are digging into Super Mario Maker 2's robust creation tools and playing around to their heart's content. In one weekend alone, the community has created several games' worth of levels - not to mention concocted myriad creative ways to kill players. But one thing that seems to be slipping under the radar is a feature tucked away behind one of the game's new additions.

Referred to as "Night Mode," this unique Course Theme gives players access to numerous little tweaks that are otherwise gated off. In this guide, we'll show you how to turn on Night Mode, give you some pointers on what to expect, and hopefully help you cook up your newest creation.

How To Turn On Night Mode

The first thing you're going to want to do is to start creating a level in Course Maker. From there, find the Angry Sun enemy under the fourth enemy tab - with Bowser and the other boss units. Grab the Angry Sun and put it on the course, then press down on it for a few moments. You should see an option to change the Sun into a Moon. Press the Moon, then watch as the level turns from day to night. You'll be greeted with this screen:

Voila! You've activated Night Mode. Now, next to your course themes, you'll notice a cute little moon hanging down from a string.

With this button, you'll be able to freely switch between day and night time! This is a handy time-saving feature, and is a lot more convenient than having to fuss with an item every time you want to change things up.

The Difference Is Night And Day

But what, exactly, makes Night Mode so special? More than you might think, as it turns out.

Night Mode really shakes up how a lot of different things behave in the game. From game physics to aesthetic differences to entire enemy behaviors, players are greeted with a whole new world of possibilities under this Course Theme. It is worth noting, however, that these differences don't apply to the Super Mario 3D World ruleset, which makes sense considering its dramatic differences.

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Let's take a look at some of the major differences found in this mode.

A Whole New World

The freaks, as they say, come out at night, and in Super Mario Maker 2, players will get a chance to interact with some truly freaky stuff under the light of the moon. Each level type becomes a new, bizarre twist on itself in Night Mode, in increasingly unexpected ways.

For instance, players will find that the Ground Course Theme instills Goombas with a new reluctance to abide by the laws of gravity. At night time, they float around in a sort of lackadaisical stasis, drifting about through the air as they're in a body of water. They give chase when players draw near, and in a swarm, they can be fairly intimidating.

It's worth noting that you can swap between day and night on each side of a warp pipe in a level, meaning that it's possible to keep players on their toes and unable to guess what's next in a single course.

But that's not all. Items also behave in strange and unpredictable ways. 1-Up Mushrooms become poisonous, the Fire Flower actively tries to avoid the player, and the Tanooki Leaf flies off the screen. From a power-up standpoint, this makes it both harder and riskier to get items you might need to finish out the level.

Let's take a short look at each difference, per level.

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Ground & Airship

Goombas float around in the air, as if swimming, and will give chase to players. For particularly sadistic course makers, this can be an excellent way to ratchet up the intensity with swarms of flying Goombas.


Players will find that their orientation and controls are reversed! You'll be upside down, with up becoming down and down becoming up.

Underwater & Ghost House

Lights out! The screen is now totally dark, and players will have to use the light of fireballs or a Super Star to find their way.


Don't get blown away! Sandstorms will buffet players with dirt and potentially push them right into harm's way.


Players may very well find themselves slipping and sliding to their death, as every bit of terrain now behaves as if it's an ice block.


Mario is no stranger to low gravity. However, he'll need a little bit of ingenuity to get past the most devious players' tricks, as the Mushroom Kingdom's gravitational pull no longer keeps him grounded. Goombas also float in this Course Theme.


Players are forced to swim around, as if underwater.


All water becomes poison.

As you can see, Night Mode gives skilled creators a wider arsenal of tricky tools to have at their disposal. This really speaks to the breadth of Super Mario Maker 2's content - that the simple touch of one item is enough to turn the entire game on its head. With this in mind, you're now able to go into the game and make more devious courses than you likely already were.

Got any levels you want to share? Throw them in the comments!

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