Super Mario Maker 2 Players Have Already Uploaded Over 2 Million Levels

Two million levels have been uploaded in Super Mario Maker 2. The hit sequel to the 2015 game released a little under two weeks ago, and shows no signs of slowing down.

Super Mario Maker 2 is an ambitious game. It grants players all the tools necessary to make amazing Mario-themed levels. From Banzai Bills to the Cat suit, the possibilities are endless. Just like the first game, Super Mario Maker 2 is something of a social phenomenon. All over YouTube and Twitch, content creators are uploading videos and doing streams dedicated to the game.

Super Mario Maker 2 is also doing exceptionally well in sales. For two weeks in a row, Super Mario Maker 2 was the top-selling video game in the UK. Like Super Smash Bros. Ultimate and Fortnite, Super Mario Maker 2's popularity isn't a fad, indicating that it is a game that will remain in the spotlight for a very long time. Today's news is evidence of this.

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Nintendo announced that players have uploaded two million courses in Super Mario Maker 2. This shouldn't come as a surprise, because new levels are being uploaded almost every minute.

How does this compare to the early upload numbers of the first Super Mario Maker? For the first game, Nintendo stated that over one million levels had been uploaded after just one week of release. For the second game, the two million milestone comes in under two weeks. According to Nintendo, in eight months, the first game had received over 7.2 million levels. Time will tell if the second game can surpass that number in the same amount of time. With many more people owning a Switch than a Wii U, the chances are extremely high.

Although momentum for level making isn't likely to die down anytime remotely soon, Nintendo will probably still want to announce an update or two in the near future. Many fans are hoping that a Super Mario Bros. 2 Game Style will be added via a DLC update. Also, there is one negative players are still experiencing: the lag in multiplayer. If there is any way for Nintendo to make multiplayer more stable, then the company has to act. Otherwise, that will be an ongoing drawback to an otherwise extremely fun game. Nonetheless, as we've seen, any negatives with Super Mario Maker 2 is offset by the amount of tools, and amazing creations players have made with those tools.

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