Super Mario Maker 2: One Month Later, What's Still Missing

It has been one month since the release of Super Mario Maker 2, and already over two million levels have been uploaded. Creators are having a blast utilizing all the many tools the game offers. Indeed, the wealth of enemies, platforms, and the like exceed what the first Super Mario Maker featured. Despite that however, there are a number of things missing from Super Mario Maker 2. Although the game certainly has enough to work with, there are features that would make it even more engaging. Let's look at some of these missing features below.

Missing Enemies

Chargin' Chuck

One of the most recognizable enemies in Super Mario World, the Chargin' Chucks are large Koopas in football gear. They will often hurl baseballs at Mario, or kick footballs. They later returned to the series in Super Mario 3D World. Their absence in Super Mario Maker 2 is a surprise, given how popular they are.

Boomerang Bro.

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One of the most annoying enemies to deal with in the Super Mario series is the Hammer Bro. This guy hurls hammers at Mario. To the casual onlooker, it may come as a surprise that there are different weapon-based Koopas. There's also the Fire Bro., which was included in Super Mario Maker 2. However, Nintendo needed to include one more type to complete the trio: the Boomerang Bro. Debuting in Super Mario Bros. 3, these guys throw boomerangs. It's a shame they weren't included in Super Mario Maker 2, because there is potential for unique strategy when dodging boomerangs.


Torpedo Ted

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Continuing with the water theme, Torpedo Ted is a type of Bullet Bill from Super Mario World. These mean looking missiles are underwater Bullet Bills. Unlike the regular ones however, Mario cannot touch them while swimming. You can put a Bullet Bill underwater in Super Mario Maker 2, but it's not the same because Mario can jump harmlessly on it. It's a shock Torpedo Ted wasn't included under Bullet Bill type.


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These large enemies appeared in New Super Mario Bros. U. Like the name implies, they are incredibly big sea serpents. Mario has to tread carefully when a Dragoneel is around, because it takes up a good chunk of the screen. These creatures would add some fun intensity to water-based levels in Super Mario Maker 2, so it's a shame they weren't included.


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Thwomps are some of the most common obstacles in Mario side-scrollers. Naturally, they were featured in Super Mario Maker. In the sequel, Nintendo upped the stakes by enabling Thwomps to travel horizontally. That's excellent, but there is still one Thwomp-related thing missing: Thwimps. These tiny Thwomps jump in a certain formation, making traveling as small Mario tricky. Hopefully we'll see these little guys added sometime in the future.


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Out of all the enemies on this list, most fans would probably say Pokey is the most surprising exclusion from Super Mario Maker 2. These tall enemies are well-known and appeared in a number of games. However, the thing to remember is that Pokey first appeared in Super Mario Bros. 2. Many fans think Nintendo will add Super Mario Bros. 2 as DLC under "Extra Game Styles" in Super Mario Maker 2. So, if that's the case, it's understandable that Pokey would not be in the base game, but rather debut in the new game style.


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Who doesn't remember the Dolphins from Super Mario World? These happy creatures work as jumping platforms for Mario. With rising water being added to Super Mario Maker 2, it's surprising the Dolphins were not included. They would certainly add an interesting strategy when making levels. (Troll makers would have a field day with them.)


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Spike is another well-known enemy that didn't make the cut. These Koopa enemies hurl spike balls at Mario. It's simple, but Spike's ability would add more variety to the common enemies in Super Mario Maker 2.


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A common enemy in Super Mario World was Rex. These dinosaurs are unique in that it takes two stomps to beat them. After jumping on them once, they get flattened, but are still able to walk around. It's a cool gimmick, and has a lot of potential in the level making process. Rex can add another layer of challenge to tight, precision-based levels in Super Mario Maker 2.


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In Super Mario Maker, the two boss characters players could add were Bowser and Bowser Jr. It's the same in Super Mario Maker 2, but Nintendo added Boom Boom and his female counterpart, Pom Pom. While there is more variety now for bosses, a lot of stages contain Boom Boom, so seeing him is rarely an exciting moment. The Koopalings would be excellent for variety. They made their debut in Super Mario Bros. 3, and returned right away in Super Mario World. Some of these characters have special abilities. For example, Lemmy fights while on a ball, and Morton can walk on the walls and ceiling. Hopefully more boss characters like the Koopalings will arrive in a DLC update.

Missing Miscellaneous

Baby Yoshi

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One of the most iconic aspects of Super Mario World is the Star World. This world features challenging levels, and of the most memorable features is Baby Yoshi. Upon acquiring this little dinosaur, it's up to Mario to feed him enemies to grow him into an adult. Sadly, Baby Yoshi was not included in Super Mario Maker 2. It's a shame, because growing Baby Yoshi can lead to some creative levels. It would also make for a great Clear Condition.

Diagonal/Pipe Cannons

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Super Mario World 1-1 is an iconic stage. One of the most memorable aspects is exiting through the Pipe Cannon. These diagonal pipes launch Mario further into the stage upon exiting. Unfortunately, these pipes were not included in Super Mario Maker 2. It's too bad, because they would certainly be fun to have in stages.

Frog Suit

Everyone's least favorite type of video game level is a water one. Although the Mario series has fun water levels, one would be hard-pressed to find players who prefer them over land-based stages. This was readily apparent in the first Super Mario Maker. There were very few water levels being uploaded in comparison to others. This is still prevalent in Super Mario Maker 2. If the Frog Suit was a featured power-up, things could be different. The Frog Suit was one of the most popular Super Mario Bros. 3 power-ups. It enabled Mario to swim efficiently underwater, making water levels a joy to play. Nintendo should consider adding the Frog Suit via DLC, because then there would be more creators utilizing the water theme.

A Map Editor

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