Super Mario Maker 2: 10 Tips For Making Super Mario 3D World Levels

Super Mario Maker 2 was recently released, and players around the globe have been creating millions of levels. They range from speed-run type courses to kaizo inspired difficult trials. The new Super Mario 3D World theme that was added to the sequel has added several new enemies, items, and course additions that players are beginning to uncover as the weeks go by. No course builder is ever satisfied and can always learn new things.

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Let's look at 10 tips for new course creators when they're looking to create Super Mario 3D World levels in Super Mario Maker 2.

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10 Don't Get Bullied

The bully enemy is a new addition to the sequel and can be utilized in new and creative ways. Bullies will run at Mario the moment they spot him and they work towards pushing him rather than inflicting damage. One way to use their interaction mechanics is to set them up as jump pads in platforming sections of your level.

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They allow Mario to bounce off of them and can be used in tandem will wall jumps, switches, and several other things. Bullies also make for interesting boss fights when setup in clever close-quarter combat arenas.

9 Avoid Enemy Spam

This isn't unique to the Super Mario 3D World theme, but new or younger creators have a habit of trading in clever level design for enemy spam. The idea is that by overloading the player with an insurmountable wall of danger, it creates a challenge in and of itself.

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Kids can get a pass since they're still learning about what makes something challenging and rewarding versus anger-inducing and unnecessary. When you're designing enemy encounters try and figure out how you can create challenges with only a handful of bad guys.

8 Skipsqueak

The skipsqueak are the mindless mice that move whenever Mario does. They take peer pressure to a whole new level as they are indeed the people who will do whatever the titular plumber turned hero does. With a mix of ramps, spikes, and conveyor belts course can be designed where skipsqueaks can help or hurt Mario's progress.

To make something interesting and/or new it's going to take some creativity and ingenuity. They also come in various sizes which might be terrifying for those scared of rodents and mice.

7 Clear Pipe Confusion

Clear pipes are a wonderful new traversal item that are available to use when creating 3D World courses. They can be used by both the player and the enemies that come in contact with the entrances. Since players can see exactly where Mario is headed it can be used in several ways.

Troll level creators like to fakeout players with false incoming danger while others like to create puzzle-like mazes that players have to solve. Who's to say you can't simply create the Mushroom Kingdom's best indoor amusement park?

6 Cars, Cars, Cars

The Koopa Troopa Cars were arguably the most surprising and headline-grabbing additions to Super Mario Maker 2. It immediately opened up a brand-new avenue for course creators and gave them a new traversal item.

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No one could have guessed that Mario and friends would get the ability to drive a car in a Mario 2D platformer released in 2019. Many creators opt to make entire levels focused on the cars, but who's to say they can't be just a part or section of a bigger level? Maybe the use of one can create advantages for experimental players?

5 Climbing The Ranks

A drawback of using the 3D World theme is that unlike many of the other themes you can't simply switch between them on the fly when creating new courses. This is due to 3D World having design elements exclusive to its theme. One of these design elements are the walls that can only be used and climbed upon by players who have the catsuit power-up.

When incorporating them make sure you have multiple ways of traversal or a catsuit that's obtainable right before the section comes up.

4 The 3rd Dimension

We just talked about 3D World having exclusive design elements, and another one of those is the banzai bills. Though this form of bullet bills aren't exclusive to the 3D World theme, the 3D version that shoots from the course background into the foreground is exclusive to it.

The timing for players can cause headaches considering they're moving like 3D objects in a game focused on a 2D plane. If you're going to incorporate them either use them sparingly or put some thought into the timing.

3 Sideways Thwomp

Sideways thwomps have thrown the player base for a loop as the many years of grinding courses in the original game made them familiar with the vertical movement of thwomps. Having them obtain the ability to move horizontally has created interesting and dastardly ways for wholesome and troll type creators to manipulate the expectations of their players.

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The best tip for using them is to simply experiment and see what works. Remember though that players can jump on top of them and not receive and damage. Beware of the cheese.

2 Charvaargh

If implemented incorrectly Charvaargh can quickly become a nuisance that has players rage-quitting your courses. Three of them can be placed in a single section, but like most things, more isn't always better. They're programmed to follow players throughout the level.

This is a good way of adding challenge or a sense of urgency without simply making it a speed-run level. Doing so can help you create levels that demand urgency in specific sections while allowing you to do various things in other sections.

1 Catsuit Platforming

The catsuit power-up the most adorable and defining part of the Super Mario 3D World theme and can be the spark of inspiration and course mechanics for creators everywhere. It gives the player the ability to climb up vertical walls, and the dive can create new platforming sections players must overcome.

Anytime creators take a power-up and build courses around them, they can create some original and unexpected types of challenges and adventures. Make players learn and get comfortable being catsuit Mario.

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