10 Things We Wish We Knew Before Starting Super Mario Maker 2

Super Mario Maker launched for the Wii U in 2015! It seems like it was more recent of a release, right? So much so that it seemed obvious, what with all the Wii U ports to the Switch, that it would eventually make it on there. However, fans were treated not to a port, but instead to a brand new sequel when it was revealed in February during a Direct presentation.

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Not only was that a surprise, but also fans would get the chance to play the new game in less than a year. To be exact, there were only four months before the reveal to its end of June release date. So for those new to the series, or for those struggling with Super Mario Maker 2 in general, here are some helpful tips and observations.

10 Every Tool Is Unlocked

Part of the weird part of the original game was the fact that it forced players to wait in order to play with every tool in the game. Players could work around these limitations by changing the date on the Wii U’s system clock, but even this method wasn’t exactly clean. Thankfully Nintendo heard the complaints and changed it for their sequel. Now, there are secret tools that later unlock, but by and large let’s say 95% of the content is ready to go from the start.

9 Learn From The Masters

That said there might be too much for new users to handle. That's okay because there are a lot of different ways one can learn the mechanics. First of all playing levels in either the story mode, or via other users is a great way to get ideas. Of course there is also Yamamura's Dojo where a pigeon and his human assistant Nina will go through pretty much every segment of the game lesson by lesson.

8 Still No Overworld

There are a lot of changes given to this sequel, but there are also some missing things. For example, there is still no overworld. The idea of crating levels is great, but being able to link them together in some sort of story campaign would have been a fantastic addition.

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Why is it missing? The logistics may have proven too hard to accomplish, or maybe Nintendo didn't think it was a good idea. There is always DLC.

7 The Templates

Another wish fans have been clambering for after the first game was the inclusion of Super Mario Bros. 2 as a template. Well, that didn't happen again, but it is not out of the realm of possibilities.

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The reason being that in addition to the original four templates, a new one was added via Super Mario 3D World. It exists in its own separate area that cannot interact with other templates. So one can't have a cat suit in Super Mario World for example. Again, DLC could fix this.

6 New Objectives

Okay, enough about what the game doesn't have. Let's talk about what is in here. One of the coolest new mechanics is objectives. Levels can now have requirements before beating them from defeating a certain amount of enemies to even eliminating the ability to jump. As of now there is really only a handful of mission types one can create, but this makes the future for the series really exciting.

5 Explore Story Mode

Story mode may at first seem very simple. Talk to Toadette in order to build pieces of the castle and then talk to Toad to get jobs in order to earn coins in order to build said castle. However, if one explores the rest of the area, more possible missions will unlock from other NPCs. There are tons of secrets so make sure and explore every nook and cranny to make the rebuilding process go faster.

4 Luigi’s Help

Speaking of story mode, the levels can prove to be pretty challenging and loading in after death isn't exactly quick. That is to say they can be frustrating. Thankfully dying a few times will prompt Luigi to offer help.

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In this way a new menu pops up allowing players to use power-ups like Mushrooms, or Fire Flowers, or bricks in order to build bridges. If only one could play as Luigi in story mode too.

3 Turn Off Comments

This is probably not the first instance of this, but when a game gives players the ability to write messages, one always comes back to Demon's Souls. Well, whoever started it doesn't matter.

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Point is players can give complements, or leave warnings in user created levels online. However, playing through them with all these little pop-ups can take one out of the experience. Good news! They can be disabled in the pause menu.

2 Don’t Be Evil

Speaking of Demon's Souls, there is some sort of joy in creating evil levels. Why create something fun when one can be sadistic? Well, even though that seems to be the trend for designing levels, it doesn't have to be the norm. That is to say don't feel pressured to one, play hard levels and two, make hard levels. If that is one's calling then cool, do that. There are just other ways to make one's mark on the Super Mario Maker 2 world without being mean.

1 Edit On Switch, Play On TV

For the majority of the first few days of play, this writer played Super Mario Maker 2 exclusively on the Switch. There is no way to use the touchscreen on the TV so this is exactly why. However, it got to a point where the system had to charge so docked in, it became apparent that the TV experience looked a lot cleaner. It doesn't look bad on the Switch natively by any means, but playing on the TV was kind of jaw dropping. So create on the Switch, play on the TV.

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