Super Mario Maker 2 Trailer Breakdown: Everything The Sequel Has That The Original Didn't

Nintendo kicked off its February Direct with a Super Mario Maker 2 announcement. With how well the first game did on Wii U, it was only a matter of time before it was brought over to the Switch. Some wondered if it would go the Mario Kart 8 Deluxe route, which is a port with new features. That would have been fine, but Nintendo went the extra mile and is releasing a full-fledged sequel. Super Mario Maker 2 is jam-packed with new content.

From slopes to new enemies, to even new backgrounds, there is a lot to unpack. In this article, we'll be taking a look at all the new things shown in the reveal trailer.

New (Old) Enemies

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If you thought the first Super Mario Maker's enemy list was comprehensive, then we're just getting started. The Angry Sun from Super Mario Bros. 3 will be featured. This annoying enemy appeared in just two levels of the original NES game, where it would constantly follow you and swoop down to strike Mario. The Ant Troopers from Super Mario 3D World will also be appearing. They are kinda like Wigglers, where Mario can jump harmlessly on them. However, while the Ant Trooper doesn't get mad, it can walk on a platform upside down.

The Banzai Bill will be appearing. It is a huge version of the regular Bullet Bill. The trailer shows them being shot from the background, which will add a whole new level of creativity to the level making process. The Piranha Creeper from Super Mario 3D world will appear. Based on the trailer, creators will be able to give the Creeper a determined path. Briefly, in the circular toolbox, we get a glimpse of other enemies, including the spiky fish Porcupuffer, Stingby, Skipsqueak, and Hop-Chop. Of note is that the Bully from Super Mario 64 and Boom Boom will also be featured. It also appears enemies can have little parachutes, as seen with the Buzzy Beetles and Goombas.

Themes And Backgrounds

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In Super Mario Maker, you could create levels in the style of Super Mario Bros., Super Mario Bros. 3, Super Mario World, and New Super Mario Bros. U. Now, in the second game, a Super Mario 3D World style has been added. It looks similar to New Super Mario Bros. U, but with obvious differences. It also appears that we're getting new backgrounds. We see backgrounds based on the desert, winter, and forest levels. There also appears to be a night background, and an original outer space one.

In the new game, water is now usable in the ground stages. In the original title, Mario can only travel underwater in the underwater style. Also, a new feature will allow for vertical scrolling. This provides a new kind of challenge to Mario Maker, as the player has to keep going up without falling.

Slopes, Platforms, And More

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The first new thing Nintendo showed was slopes. Now Mario can slide down a hill of enemies. Super Mario Bros. is the only 2D Mario game style that doesn't allow sliding, so it'll be interesting to see if Super Mario Maker 2 keeps sliding out of that style. There appears to be two kinds of slopes: steep slopes that allow sliding, and just slightly slanted ones. The Snake Block will appear. This platform consists of a row of blocks that moves in the air. You could recreate this in the original Super Mario Maker by putting blocks on a track, but now the actual Snake Block will be usable.

The ON/OFF Switch is also a new course element. As the name implies, these blocks are switches that are activated upon Mario hitting them. When turned off, the blocks are empty. The Clear Pipes are shown. Not only are these pipes see through, but an item can come out through the other side. (We see this in the trailer with Mario's fireballs.) The Chain-Links from Super Mario 3D World are here. (These work similarly to the fences in Super Mario World, which allow Mario to climb.) They are only shown with Cat Mario however, so it's unknown if the Chain-Links will be usable in other game styles. A miscellaneous thing worth mentioning is the tornado, a thing that forces Mario into the air. It may have beneficial uses in Mario Maker 2.

Items And More

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Perhaps the most surprising new addition to Mario Maker is the Super Bell. This item made its debut in Super Mario 3D World, and transformed Mario into Cat Mario. This allows Mario to run up walls, as seen in the trailer. It remains to be seen how Cat Mario's other abilities (such as pouncing on enemies) will be implemented in Mario Maker 2. Presumably, the Super Bell will only be usable in the Mario 3D World style, but this is not confirmed.

Beyond the Super Bell, not many new items were shown. Although not a power-up, a brief scene shows a red colored Yoshi. This implies that multicolored Yoshis will be featured. Also, the 10 Gold Coin will be in the game. As the name implies, this singular coin is worth 10 regular coins.

Super Mario Maker 2 is clearly upping the ante. Luigi is featured on the cover, so perhaps we'll get to play as him in the creation process. (Luigi's physics are typically different, so that could add some interesting wrinkles when making levels.) There's also an intriguing 0/50 coin tab shown. Perhaps some kind of coin challenge will be implemented as well. All in all, Mario fans and level designers will definitely want to pick up the game when it releases in June.

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