Super Mario Maker 2 Becomes Legend Of Zelda Maker This Week

A new trailer for Super Mario Maker 2 shows Link, the Master Sword, and more in an upcoming update.

An update coming to Super Mario Maker 2 this week brings with it an item that will turn Mario into Link, and give him a bunch of his abilities to boot.

At some point in recent gaming history, playing video games was deemed by many to be not enough; players want to actually create them too. Modding them, tweaking them, and even creating brand new ones from scratch has become a major component for many popular games. It's one of the reasons Minecraft is such a hit, and also why Epic added Creative Mode to Fortnite.

Nintendo has also gotten in on the fun by releasing not one but two Super Mario Maker games. The sequel was released earlier this year and like many games thus far into the Switch's existence, it took the console by storm. It even sparked a battle between fast food franchises Arby's and Wendy's as the latter outdid the former's created level by putting together a whole playable world.

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A new update hits Super Mario Maker 2 this week, and it is our favorite to date without a doubt. That's because if players and creators should so choose, they can turn the game into Zelda Maker instead, sort of. Nintendo has added Link's Master Sword to the game and should Mario happen upon it, he will transform into the protagonist of the Zelda franchise.

It's not just an aesthetic transformation either. As with most items in Super Mario games, the Master Sword comes with some special powers. Its holder can use the sword to attack in a number of ways, including a dash attack and down thrust. Players can also block attacks with Link's shield, use his bow and arrow to pick off far away items and enemies, and place bombs to help them clear blocked paths.

The latest update for Super Mario Maker 2 complete with Master Sword will be available on Nintendo Switch from December 5, 2019. The Zelda elements aren't the only thing being added to the game either. Spike, Pokey, and a whole host of other items will be added, all of which you can check out in the trailer above.

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