Wendy's Uses Super Mario Maker To Beat Arby's At Its Own Game By Creating An Entire Campaign

Super Mario Maker 2 has been on the market less than three weeks and has already managed to reheat the social media beef between various fast food chains.

Clearly, developers have become so sick of gamers complaining about what they create that they have let them take control. Whether it be Minecraft, Fortnite's Creative Mode, or Super Mario Maker, fans have taken control of what we get to play and are coming up with some pretty awesome creations.

Most of the creation hype currently surrounds the recently released Super Mario Maker 2. It isn't just humble gamers creating levels either. Last week, fast-food chain Arby's created its very own level. It features meat slicers and has its names and slogan spelled out in coins. Pretty cool, and if you want to play it yourself, the code is JGX-MQ8-VRG.

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Not to be outdone, the undisputed king (or queen) of fast food social media prowess, Wendy's, has raised the bar. Wendy's saw Arby's lowly SMM2 level and decided to create an entire world featuring no fewer than six levels. In case you were wondering whether Super Wendy's World is a shot at Arby's or not, a picture of its world's map was posted on Twitter with the caption "More than just one level, we made a whole world."

The six levels all have names, most of which are named after iconic Wendy's items such as its chicken nuggets and its famous Frosty. If you want to play through Super Wendy's World, you can check out the level codes above. Plus, Wendy's finished the thread with a code of its own for a free cheeseburger and no delivery fee on orders over $10.

The small area on the Venn diagram where fast-food chains, video games, and Twitter meet is our favorite place to hang out. Now that Arby's and Wendy's have fired their shots, all that's left is for KFC to wade in and up the game once more. We look forward to seeing what the Colonel has in store for SMM2, and will be extremely disappointed if the fried chicken giant doesn't make an offering.

Art by TheArtrix.

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