Check For Updates: Free Super Mario Odyssey DLC Available TODAY

The first major free content update for Super Mario Odyssey is now available. This patch adds the Luigi's Balloon World online minigame to Super Mario Odyssey, as well as some new costumes and photo filters.

The biggest new update to Super Mario Odyssey is the addition of an online mode called Luigi's Balloon World. You need to have completed the story first before you can access this minigame. Once unlocked, you will then be able to encounter Luigi in the game world, where he can get you started with the game.

Luigi's Balloon World has two modes; one where you hide balloons around the level and one where you find balloons that have been hidden by other players across the world. This mode was described in the last Nintendo Direct as being a "new form of objective-based speedrunning."


The new update will also add three new costumes to the game; a Super Mario Sunshine-style shades & shirt combo, a musician's outfit, and a suit of plate mail armor. There are also some new filters for the Snapshot mode, including one which gives the game world a neon tint and another that makes the screenshot look like it is contained within a gold coin.

There are undoubtedly many fans who are disappointed in the comparative lack of content in this update, even though it is free. They should at least take solace in the fact that this update proves that Nintendo is still working on content for the game and they likely haven't extended production just for a Luigi cameo.

This update means we will likely see more content added to the game in the future, which may take the form of new characters, modes, power-ups, and even worlds. The question remains over whether this theoretical new content will be free, like Luigi's Balloon World, or whether it will be paid DLC. Fans have already found evidence of cut outfits within the game, including one that is seemingly based on Link from The Legend of Zelda series. It's possible that we may see several outfits based on other prominent Nintendo franchises.

The first major content update for Super Mario Odyssey is available to download now for free.

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