Super Mario Odyssey Can Be Played On The PC - At 60 FPS

Since the Nintendo Switch's inception, Super Mario Odyssey has become one of the console's standout releases and one of the standout 3D mainline Mario games. While the game played well and ran smoothly to begin with, an emulation team has managed to get Super Mario Odyssey up and running on PC at 60 frames-per-second.

Super Mario Odyssey ran well in the first place on its native console. However, this hasn't stopped some from trying to improve its performance even further.

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The Nintendo Switch emulator for PC known as the Yuzu emulator has increased the game's frame rate to 60 fps. A video displaying gameplay from Super Mario Odyssey running via the PC emulator can be seen below.

The video starts off with footage on the Sand Kingdom, where viewers can see that everything runs faster, including Mario himself. The characters move about more smoothly and it seems the update has added an overall performance upgrade to Super Mario Odyssey on PC.

The video later shows viewers gameplay footage in the Metro Kingdom from Super Mario Odyssey on PC, as the Metro Kingdom is stated to be the most demanding kingdom in Super Mario Odyssey. The Yuzu emulator appears to be up to the task, as Super Mario Odyssey runs at 60 fps in the Metro Kingdom as well.

The same goes for the Cap Kingdom, which is shown in the video as well. At 60 fps, Super Mario Odyssey's Cap Kingdom looks even crisper than it did to begin with. However, if the game goes beyond 60 fps, the screen will begin to flicker.

The video later presents viewers with gameplay footage in Cap Kingdom applied with "2x Lower Docked Resolution." While the gameplay performance doesn't change, Super Mario Odyssey begins to look like a game that may have been on the Gamecube or Wii.

The Yuzu emulator appears to have worked wonders for Nintendo Switch games on PC. Other games shown in the video include Pokémon: Let's Go, Pikachu! and Super Mario Maker 2, which both run very smoothly through the Yuzu emulator. Now that we've seen Super Mario Odyssey's improvements through the Yuzu emulator, we'll see what other games get vastly improved by Yuzu's capabilities.

Source: BSoD Gaming

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