Super Mario Odyssey Release Date Rumor: November 2017?

The next Super Mario game is rumoured to have a launch date just in time for the holiday season.

Along with reports that the Switch is ramping up production to meet unexpectedly high demand came a tiny missive regarding the whereabouts of a conspicuously absent Italian plumber. Mario fans will have to wait a bit longer, though, as that report indicated that we won’t be seeing a new Super Mario game until November of 2017.

The new title in one of the oldest franchises in gaming is called Super Mario Odyssey, and features the iconic mustachioed koopa-killer meandering through a giant 3D sandbox, Super Mario 64-style. Screen caps available from Nintendo appear to present a number of different worlds, with the most noteable being New Donk City, which appears to depict a modern day New York. If Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is Skyrim for the Switch, then Super Mario Odyssey could be its Grand Theft Auto.

via Gamespot

Despite being revealed 5 months ago, just before the Switch’s launch, there hasn’t been much news on the game since then. It’s quite rare for a new Nintendo console to launch without Mario, and even rarer that fans would have to wait nearly an entire year before he jumps onto screens. Many had expected a new Mario game to come shortly after the Switch’s launch, but it appears that Nintendo is spacing out their exclusive IP to keep demand for the console as hot as ever.

Super Mario Odyssey will also be at E3 this year, just as Zelda was featured in Nintendo’s presentation last year. However, as Mario is the only game confirmed at the discussion online rumours are flying fast and furious as to what else Nintendo will have on offer. There have been whispers of a new Pokémon game, a hack and slash version of the venerable Fire Emblem franchise, and even a Mario and Raving Rabbids crossover RPG called Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle, which seems to have been substantiated by leaked promotional material.

Nintendo’s E3 panel will be on June 13 at 9 AM PT (12 PM EST), so be sure to stay tuned for more Mario news.

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