Super Mario Party Finally Gets Its First Update 5 Months After Launch, But Players Aren't Happy

Five and a half months after Super Mario Party first launched on the Nintendo Switch, the game finally received its first patch. However, the only thing version 1.0.1 brought was disappointment, fans have claimed.

According to the patch note (yes, it is one singular note), the update only fixed an issue with how ranking data was displayed in Online Mariothon mode. This upset a lot of players since there are many other things that the update could have fixed.

Super Mario Party for the Switch is the first Mario Party game to offer online multiplayer, but players are limited to Online Mariothon mode for online and local play. This mode has players compete in five randomly selected minigames for the highest overall score, which can become very repetitive. Players' only other options are the series' signature board games in offline mode.

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Ever since Super Mario Party for the Switch came out, players have complained about how restrictive the online mode is, and have made it very clear they want the board games to be included in online and local play. The fact that the update only fixed something so insubstantial has led to a lot of negative blowback from players.

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In only five months, many Super Mario Party players have said that they've already become bored of the game. The entire Mario Party series is known for being a little repetitive, but with such restrictive online play and so few options, Super Mario Party is in danger of losing many players due to loss of interest.

What players really want from the game is an expanded online mode, more variety in different modes of play, and DLC that will add more board games. Unfortunately, Nintendo doesn't seem to be paying much attention to Super Mario Party or its players at the moment

Super Mario Party for the Nintendo Switch received overall favorable reviews at its launch, earning a Metacritic score of 76. However, many critics complained that the game's selection of four board game maps was too few and that the maps were small compared to earlier Mario Party releases.

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