Super Mario Party: Quick Tips For Beating Your Friends

Super Mario Party is here, and it's bringing back the old school board game. It's perfect for getting your group of friends away from Fortnite and playing in the same room again.

But as anyone knows, Mario Party is actually a cutthroat competition. Under its friendly facade is a sinister web of backstabbing and domination. It's almost like Game Of Thrones, but with less beards and more turtles. To help you emerge victorious, I've assembled a short list of things you can do to trample your foes... I mean friends.

Choose Wisely

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In previous parties, it didn't matter which character you chose. They all moved the same, so you could just pick your favorite. Super Mario Party changes this with the introduction of character-specific dice blocks. Everyone has a normal dice block that goes from one to six, and a second one that reflects their personality.

Bowser, as you can see above, has a dice block that's half high numbers. But there are also two chances to lose coins. It represents the greedy, high-risk lifestyle of the king of baddies. Princess Peach, meanwhile, has one that's mostly the number four. Her style is all about moderate-but-consistent rolls.

You can still choose your favorites, but the new variations mean some characters are just better than others. People actually did the math and found that Bowser, Wario, and Boo are the best when it comes to high movement. Donkey Kong and Rosalina are the best for farming coins.

Make Some Friends

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A new mechanic added to Super Mario Party is the ally system. When you land on certain spaces or get the phone item, you will summon one of the other characters (who isn't playing against you) as an ally. You can have up to three. Allies are immensely useful, and you should aim to get one as early as possible. They add to your dice rolls and help you in certain mini-games.

As you can imagine, the extra movement gives you an immediate advantage over your opponents who don't have an ally. When it comes to mini-games, there's always strength in numbers. Your buddies survive after you fall, and attack enemies so you can stay safe.

Allies can also earn you a star just by existing. There's a bonus star for having the most allies, as well as one for having a certain randomly-chosen ally. Since allies are useful in general, it just makes sense to bolster your ranks. The potential star is just icing on the cake.


Practice, Practice, Practice

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It pays to remember that mini-games are a crucial part of a Mario Party. Like, it literally pays. In coins. Without coins, you can't buy Stars, and without Stars, you can't win. Even then, your opponents might get lucky with bonus stars. Your best defense against the whims of fate is consistently winning mini-games and raking in the coins. So practice those mini-games. Play by yourself against hard computers or better yet, against other people online.

Super Mario Party is now available for Nintendo Switch. Read our review below.


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