Super Mario: 25 Ridiculous Things About Peach And Mario’s Relationship

The Super Mario Bros. series tells the class tale of a hero rescuing a princess in danger. For three decades, Mario and Luigi have risked their lives to save Princess Peach from King Bowser. Bowser wants to take over the Toadstool Kingdom by forcing the princess to marry him. Mario has stood in his way game after game.

Over time, gamers have felt curious about Mario's motivations. According to the original Super Mario Bros. instruction guide, Mario heard Princess Peach's cries for help. After he saved her kingdom, he has continued to return whenever she is in danger. Fans wondered if Mario kept going back to the Toadstool Kingdom because he had feelings for Princess Peach.

Princess Peach knows that Mario is a loyal hero. Whenever she's in danger, she knows that Mario will quickly leap to her aid. His faithfulness has continued through countless games, comics, TV shows, and even a live-action movie. Players have speculated that her feelings have grown beyond friendship. After being rescued so many times, many believe it's only natural that she would fall in love with her rescuer.

Princess Peach and Mario's relationship may not be as clear as many would think. The bond they share may not be as deep as we hope. Our list contains some of the most ridiculous things about their relationships. These moments make us wonder if these two were truly meant to be or if they're better off as work colleagues. Are you ready to learn more about their so-called "relationship?" Just beware that this list may contain massive spoilers for the most recent installment of the series, Super Mario Odyssey.

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25 Just How Old Are They?

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When we are first introduced to Mario and Princess Peach (formerly known as Princess Toadstool), they are adults.

Many fans don't realize that they've known each other since they were infants.

In the official guide of Yoshi's Island DS, where the characters are babies, the pair have teamed up to defeat bad. The German version of Club Nintendo also revealed in the comic "Warios Weihnachtsmärchen" that they spent their school graduation ball together. It's unclear if they were romantically involved at that point, but it's clear that they've felt a spark for each other since they were babies.

24 Her Introduction Says Everything

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Gamers have felt confused about Princess Peach and Mario's relationship status since the beginning of their relationship. Mario may feel his heart race when he gets a kiss on the nose for rescuing his Princess. Peach may wonder if Mario keeps saving her because he has feelings for her. Since they have both refused to acknowledge their feelings, they refer to each other as friends. In Paper Mario Color Splash, the Princess introduces Mario as her friend. Though others may not believe they're "just friends," it's how they will stay unless Nintendo states otherwise.

23 The Work Of A Princess Takes Time

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Princess Peach and Mario appear in a large number of games and media together. What many gamers don't realize is that they're both busy people. They may find a spare moment to go on a vacation together, but this appears to be uncommon. Princess Peach has a vast kingdom to rule over, along with maintaining her hobbies. Mario was a plumber before he was a hero, and has to help solve pipe problems in multiple regions. Although they are teased to be in a relationship, their schedules may conflict too much for them to maintain a romance.

22 She May Not Be The Best Of Friends

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Princess Peach has a lot on her plate. She spends long hours ruling her kingdom, playing tennis, baking, and trying to maintain friendships with other princesses. Mario is also busy saving kingdoms and rescuing princesses. Though they're often shown as good friends or even romantic partners, their relationship often appears one-sided.

Peach often only calls for Mario when she needs something.

If she needs help, Mario is the first person she contacts. Lucky for her, Mario drops everything to run to her aid until she's safe and sound.

21 Would She Give Bowser The Same Reward?

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Princess Peach has had to deal with Bowser for decades. He's put her in danger several times, which makes Peach even more grateful to her rescuer. After rescuing Princess Peach from danger, she has two rewards for her hero: a kiss on the nose or a cake. Mario is often the recipient of these rewards.

What Mario may not realize is that these rewards are not exclusive to him. If the game allows you to play as Luigi instead of Mario, she rewards the green-clothed plumber with a kiss instead. Peach is more grateful that she's being rescued.

20 He'll Wait For Her

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Many believe that the relationship between Princess Peach and Mario is one-sided. Peach is a busy woman. She is running an entire kingdom by herself, with only a few Toads for support. It's a difficult feat, especially since Bowser is constantly planning to take over her kingdom.

Mario has never given up on Peach. He's dedicated to helping her. When she does have a free moment, they team up in tennis or other party games. It's no surprise that Mario would believe that he has a chance to steal her heart, even three decades later, in Super Mario Odyssey.

19 She May Not Be Available

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Mario and Peach's relationship may have never begun because she was in love with someone else. According to some fan theories, many believe that Peach and Bowser are a couple. Their relationship is in turmoil because Mario continues to meddle in their affairs.

Mario may not think that a Koopa and a Princess could fall in love.

Fans have tried to prove this theory due to the events in Super Mario Sunshine. Peach is shocked when Bowser Jr. calls her "Mother." Although this may be a ruse to catch Mario off-guard, it may have been the truth.

18 Even Mario Has His Limits

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The Super Mario Bros. games include a world map, so players know where they're going. There are games where Mario and Luigi live within the Mushroom Kingdom. That doesn't mean that Mario will jump at Peach's every request. Mario will always respond if she is in mortal danger. The brothers may be slower in responding if she asks them to come over for a tea party. If Mario's in the opposite side of the map, it may take him too long to reach her through a warp pipe. Of course, it may be a clever excuse.

17 Mario May Not Be Single

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According to the official Nintendo History timeline, Donkey Kong was the initial debut of Mario. His character was initially named Jumpman but was renamed in 1980. The timeline states that "Jumpman, is a carpenter racing to save his girlfriend, Pauline, from a crazed ape."

While there is information confirming his relationship with Pauline, we don't know if the couple ever ended their relationship. It's possible that they were still together when Mario was called to rescue Princess Peach. After meeting Peach, Mario decided that he would rather spend his days in the Mushroom Kingdom than battling Donkey Kong.

16 Peach Is Tired Of Their Games

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Princess Peach appreciates Mario's efforts to rescue her. She dislikes Bowser's aggressive nature. Super Mario Odyssey only amplified his poor behavior when he tried to force her into marriage. In the ending, Mario tries his hand at proposing instead but is promptly rejected.

Princess Peach is so upset that she is prepared to take the ship Mario appeared on and leave her hero on the moon.

Since she knows that Mario is nowhere near the same level as Bowser, she manages to forgive his lapse in judgment. They return to the Mushroom Kingdom together.

15 Mario Lacks Creativity

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The Paper Mario series has a special place called Star Hill. It's a popular spot known for its romantic view and is where wishes can come true. Princess Peach is usually the one who requests to spend time with Mario. Toad may have picked up that Peach puts in more effort to be with Mario. The helper suggests that Mario take Peach on a date at Star Hill. We don't know if Mario followed up on his advice. Unless he feels exhausted from a day of battling the Mushroom Kingdom's enemies, there's no excuse why Mario shouldn't put in more effort.

14 She Doesn’t Make Everyone Feel Appreciated

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Super Mario Bros. is the story of two brothers who band together to save the Mushroom Kingdom. Their adventures take them into a variety of lands, but they spend most of their time helping Princess Peach. For all the help that both brothers provide her, Peach will invite Mario out to parties and vacations. Luigi stays home, or goes off on his own adventures, instead of reaping the benefits of his hard work. We don't know if Mario asks if he can bring his brother along, but appears to be content with the alone time he gets with Peach.

13 Maybe Mario Prefers Humble Rewards

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Princess Peach's castle is a large estate with a beautiful stained glass portrait in full view of the kingdom.

For as much work as Mario puts into helping the Princess, she doesn't reward him with much.

The game endings show Peach stating her appreciation, kissing him on the nose, or baking him a cake. We're surprised that she hasn't given him a beautiful home in the kingdom, a royal title, or a treasure chest of gold. Mario may enjoy helping her, and a simple thanks are all he needs, even if it doesn't pay his bills.

12 Peach is Stronger Than She Appears

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When a new Super Mario Bros. game is announced, fans may groan that they have to save Princess Peach yet again. Though she has been the victim of Bowser's plans to control the Mushroom Kingdom, she is strong than she may appear.

With the powers of her emotions, she has managed to save Mario in Super Princess Peach. She has also assisted Luigi in finding Mario in the Luigi's Mansion series. It's unclear how she keeps locked away when she has the magical abilities to protect herself and her friends.

11 Princess Saving Isn’t Peach-Exclusive

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Princess Peach has been the primary target of King Bowser's schemes over the years. Mario has spent several games, traveling through deserts, oceans, and space to find her. She's not the only princess in the region. Mario and Luigi will rescue any royal that needs their help, including Princess Daisy in Super Mario Land. Contrary to fans' beliefs, Mario doesn't exclusively save Peach. By now, Mario has a strong sense of helping anyone in need, royal or not. There may be an issue if there are two princesses need rescuing at the same time.

10 Their Relationship Is Misleading

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Mario and Luigi are well-known for being expert plumbers and rescuing damsels-in-distress. Mario is always there when Princess Peach calls for help. The situation has made fans question if Mario is helping the Mushroom Kingdom out of the kindness of his heart, or something else.

Mario may be obligated to help because Princess Peach is both his love-interest and employer.

As a princess, she has access to unlimited coins and power-ups. If Mario wants access to the royal riches, he's going to have to put in a hard day's work.

9 Neither Friends Or Partners

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Super Mario Bros.: The Great Mission to Rescue Princess Peach! was the first film video game adaptation. The film was an original story that didn't directly follow the game series. Mario and Luigi are playing a game when they see a Princess Peach calling out for help. Mario falls for Peach during the movie. He finds out that she already has a boyfriend named Haru, the Prince of Flower-Koku. Mario is so heartbroken by the news that he almost faints. Mario and Luigi return home, knowing that they succeeded in saving the Mushroom Kingdom. Fortunately for Mario, Haru never appears in the game series.

8 Blame Nintendo For The Confusion

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Nintendo likes to tease their relationship status on various party games. In Mario Party 5, choosing Mario and Princess Peach will gain the label as "Cutest Couple." During the endings for Mario Power Tennis, both will congratulate each other in various ways. Mario cheers for Peach in her victory ending, and she blows him a kiss. During Mario's win, she is at his side and gives him an extra reward with a kiss on the nose. They are always shown as each other's number one fans.

7 Do Nintendo's Advertisements Reveal The Truth?

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For longtime fans of the Super Mario Bros. series, they may wonder why Nintendo of Japan hasn't confirmed the relationship status of their iconic characters.

Nintendo may be more concerned with developing games other than commenting on Mario's love life.

The Nintendo companies love to tease curious gamers. They have released Line stickers of the couple enjoying the sunset with a heart-shaped frame. They've also used the pair together to celebrate Valentine's Day on social media and various game advertisements.

6 Not Everyone Is Oblivious

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Princess Peach and Mario have shared a connection for the past three decades. They've taken turns rescuing each other from danger and have paired up in party games. They may not see the spark between them, but others have.

In Super Mario Galaxy, Rosalina comments that Mario is Princess Peach's "Special One." Paper Mario: Sticker Star's Kersti knows how Mario feels, stating that Peach is "apple of his eye." Mario and Princess Peach share an unbreakable bond, even if they haven't realized it yet.

5 It Was An Act All Along

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Super Mario Bros. 3 featured impressive new gameplay and new powers for Mario. Mario creator Shigeru Miyamoto finally confirmed that the game was a stage play. Fans speculated that the characters might have also been performers. They were only colleagues. Any relationship we may have witnessed between Mario and Princess Peach were scripted scenes. It would explain why Mario is a plumber, doctor, tennis star, and go-kart racer. We may never know of other games in the series are part of a play, or if the universe within the Super Mario Bros. series is real.

4 Respect Their Privacy

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When Super Mario Odyssey was announced, fans were surprised to see the inclusion of Pauline. Many believe Princess Peach permanently replaced her. During a developer talk with Producer Yoshiaki Koizumi, fans asked about a possible love triangle between Mario, Peach, and Pauline.

Sadly, Koizumi's answer did not end the player's curiosity about their relationship (or lack of one).

Koizumi stated, "I would appreciate if we could respect the privacy of those three at this time." It appears that players will have to wait longer for an answer.

3 They Never Made It Official

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Super Mario Bros. was first released in the late 1980s. Mario's goal is simple: rescue Princess Peach from King Bowser. Mario's mission hasn't deviated much from his first console appearance. Fans began to speculate that they are in a relationship. They have managed to find hints from the developer that may imply they're more than friends. Players have been convinced that there may be a wedding in the future, but their hopes crashed after seeing the ending of Super Mario Odyssey. Any romance has been speculation. The Japanese headquarters has never made their relationship official.

2 A Princess Prefers Her Freedom

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Fans were shocked when the initial screenshots for Super Mario Odyssey were released. King Bowser and Mario were wearing white suits, while Princess Peach traded her pink gown for a wedding dress.

At the end of the game, Mario manages to stop the wedding between Bowser and Peach. Mario is tempted to propose to Peach instead. Frustrated with both their actions, she shouts "Enough!" Some fans question her actions, but Peach may have been more frustrated by the fact that she was considered the "prize" between two rivals. For now, she would rather rule the Mushroom Kingdom than be married.

1 Mario Has Made His Feelings Clear

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Nintendo of America called out to fans to submit questions to Mario during an on-going promotion for Super Mario Odyssey. One curious fan asked, "What's your favorite thing about having a great adventure with your friends?"

Mario listed out all of his friends, including Princess Peach and Pauline.

His reasoning for appreciating them is because they help him find valuable items, like Power Moons. The video makes it clear that he cares more about protecting the kingdom and his friends. Romance will have to sit on the sidelines until the world is at peace.

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