22 Hilarious Super Mario Pictures That Are Too Funny For Words

Swing your arms from side to side, come on it's time to talk about Mario! That is to say, it's time to make fun of him and his lovable cast of friends and foes. Well, these pieces of fan art aren't really poking fun at the plumber per se. In actuality, these artists are paying tribute not only to their favorite Mario characters but some of their other favorite pieces of media as well. Mario is a big chunk of internet culture.. There's the official stuff, fan sites, sketch videos, fan art galleries, and more. There can't be another series in video games that has been painted, literally, with this much love.

The only other series I would think comes close would be Sonic the Hedgehog and let's face it, that stuff is often a bit weird. In case you're confused, the Sonic community goes places we won't tackle here. Anyway creep stuff aside, I love looking at doodles like these upcoming twenty-two. It gets me excited for the what ifs of the world. Will we ever actually get a crossover game between Mario and Pokémon? Will Waluigi ever get his own game and or, at the very least, make it into Super Smash Bros. Ultimate? We may never know, but when we want answers, it's up to us, the fans, to answer them with art like this.

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22 Infinity Wah


I get it Waluigi fans. You want the creep to be in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. Hey, I do too, especially instead of the Piranha Plant. That inclusion is insulting beyond belief. Here's the thing though. What if instead of Waluigi being a guest character, he got his own game with an infinite amount of Waluigi fandom? Infinity Wah is a great pun, but it gave me the idea for something more. It could be like No Man's Sky, but instead of infinite planets, there's infinite, well, you get the idea.

21 Super Marioette


When the Internet learned of Peachette, it went wild with fan art of Bowser using the crown power up to transform into Bowsette. The Internet fell in love with this concept. Not just platonically either. There was a lot of risqué coverage, even live action video, posted on seedy sites. I think you know where to look. A less popular term that popped up was Marioette, the female form of Mario. Maybe it's just the mustache, but I'm not feeling it either.

20 Mario’s Origins Revealed


So how did Shigeru Miyamoto get the idea for Super Mario Bros. and its many sequels? Well, if someone were to make a biography film, I bet a scene like this would make it in. You know, Miyamoto just chilling and watching his plumber fix his pipes while he gets the idea.

I know that sounds lewd but control yourselves (I secretly laughed too). Biopics always include dumb little scenes like this as if ideas can be plucked from one single moment in time.

19 Mad Mario: Fury Karts


This was actually a GIF I just took a screenshot of, but you're not missing out on anything. It's beautiful animation even in pixel form, but it's just the tank and kart driving back and forth. No further action is taken even though seeing Mario lunge with a spear would be thrilling. Anyway, I just thought I should clarify that. As to who made it, well, that I don't know. Whoever did is a crossover genius and should turn this into a game, stat!

18 Waluigi’s Odyssey


If that Infinity Wah poster wasn't enough for you, boys and girls, don't fret. There is plenty more Waluigi to go around. What if the game, I pitched earlier, had you jumping into other video games as Waluigi? The goal? Messing up the code with ridiculous tricks and schemes. Now, this would take a lot of convincing from some companies, but Nintendo is pretty close with Ubisoft right now what with Starlink and Mario + Rabbids. I think they'd allow Waluigi to mess around in an Assassin's Creed game no problem.

17 Fear And Loathing In The Mushroom Kingdom


Who should play Mario if Nintendo ever allowed a live-action film to grace theaters again? What about Johnny Depp? I know he's kind of tiring to me nowadays too ever since his Jack Sparrow character took over the personality of literally every role since.

Anyway, I would still like to see Depp play Mario as a Hunter S. Thompson type from Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas. What? Are you telling me Mario doesn't constantly have a trunk of "power-ups" at his disposal? Think about it.

16 Just Blow


If you grew up with the NES then you'd know what this image is commemorating. It was believed that blowing into both your cartridge and NES system would clean them. I did it. My friends did it. My family did it. Everyone did it. Little did we all know this was just a superstition no one knows who started. Whoever said it made it pass on like wildfire. Now that would be an interesting story to investigate, but where would one start?

15 Waluigi Z


Is the whole "wah" thing getting old now? Too bad because there are plenty more bad Waluigi puns on the way! If you don't laugh at this meme-worthy crossover with Dragon Ball Z then I don't think we could get along. I mean, just look at his intensity. Waluigi is the man! I'm not just satisfying with him conquering game worlds. He should tackle anime as well. Get ready to rock the dragon, Waluigi style, which is probably very gross.

14 Gimme Dem Shrooms


That Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas piece of fan art was great, but that's not the only doodle referencing Mario and illegal substances. Heck, that's like 90% of the jokes out there. I mean the man does shrooms that make him get huge for crying out loud!

He also is no stranger to "sniffing flowers" and "touching stars" in order to feel invincible. You can easily associate those three power-ups with real-world substances. He isn't obviously doing bad things in the game, but it does make a nice parallel for some easy jokes.

13 Boosette Begins


Did you think I would share only one alternative fan reimagining in the same vein as Marioette? If that's what you thought then you're ghoulishly wrong. Speaking of ghosts, here's one that imagines what a Boo would look like with the crown power-up. Hey, Bowsette is cool, but I like the Goth aesthetic of Boosette better. She'd know how to have a good time and wouldn't talk about Mario either. Bowser, or I guess Bowsette, is obsessed with the guy.

12 Super Pac-Man Bros.

RIPT Apparel

In the same vein as Waluigi going to town in other video game worlds, I thought the same idea might be fun in a more traditional, less cynical, Mario title. Think of it like Kingdom Hearts. Mario isn't invading classic games; he's trying to save them. Each new world could have a themed costume like a Pac-Man suit for, well, the game is obvious. What other classic games should Mario help save from Bowser? That's a good poll question for the audience!

11 Yoshi Park

RIPT Apparel

The Super Mario Bros. movie was a train wreck, but entertaining nonetheless. Sure it has virtually nothing to do with the games, but that's what I liked about, or at least admired.

It's an original take, imagining humans evolving from dinosaurs. Remember what Yoshi looked like? He was like a raptor, but not a vicious one like in Jurassic Park. Well in this artist's eyes, Yoshi is indeed a bit more dangerous.

10 1985: A Nintendo Odyssey

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2001: A Space Odyssey is not a good movie. The only way I got through it was my girlfriend. I'll leave how to your imagination. Anyway, even though I'm not a fan, I do admire the references that have become commonplace in other media. For example, the beginning of the film wherein a bunch of apes worship some ominous stone obelisks. For this fan art, those monuments are replaced with an NES controller and Donkey Kong admiring it. It's a simple joke, but a good one nonetheless.

9 Nintendo Evolution

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This piece of fan art is along the same lines as the 2001: A Space Odyssey parody with Donkey Kong. We still have the big ape, but we then see him evolve into Mario. That's both a statement about human evolution along with Nintendo's evolution as a company. It all started with Donkey Kong in arcades as their first big hit, which eventually grew into the giant Mario franchise we all know and love today. It was a very humble beginning for the big N.

8 God Of Wah


Affiliate_fernanstore made this design and put it on TeePublic.

I gave you all a break, but it's time to get back into the Waluigi parodies. I know what you're thinking. Aren’t there any jokes you can make with this weirdo that don't involve his signature catchphrase "wah" murmurings?

Yes, but where would the fun be in that? This is a very simple pun to make, but I still like it. Let the good wahs roll.

7 Attack On Waluigi


ADHedgehog made this design and put it on DeviantArt.

Most of these Waluigi pieces of fan art represent him as the good guy, or at the very least the star. Here we see him as a villain, a gigantic titan version of himself, which is a reference to Attack on Titan. While I would love to see Luigi go to town on him, Shadow of the Colossus style, I have to dock this doodle some points. Where are the costumes and gear?

6 Bad Boys


ArchaicEphony made this design and put it on DeviantArt.

Waluigi should have his own game in the style I put forth earlier. That is to say, I want to see him good around in other video game worlds. The only thing that would make it better would be the inclusion of his brother, Wario. Are they brothers? Ah, it doesn't matter. Point is this hip-hop; gangsta duo needs to be unleashed to the world. A spinoff RPG would be great in the style of as the Mario and Luigi RPGs.

5 Dreaming Of Luigi


EnterPraiz made this design and put it on DeviantArt.

Mario daydreams about Peach, Peach daydreams about Mario, and Daisy daydreams about Luigi, but what does Luigi have on his mind? Himself of course. I knew that cowardly persona was all a ruse.

He's not scared of ghosts, or danger at all. In fact, he's totally competent so much so that he worships himself. This act is just to get him some sympathy and limelight away from his brother.

4 A Smooch From Petey Piranha


HonoluluJoe made this design and put it on DeviantArt.

Mario has Peach and Daisy has Luigi, but what do the villains have? Nothing. That may be why Wario, Waluigi, and Bowser are all so mean. They just want some love. We can all sympathize with that, can't we? Seeing some other couple having a good time when you're alone may make one cranky too. Cranky enough to steal said couple and create eight dastardly worlds filled with monsters and traps! O,kay that may be a bit too far.

3 Yoshi Park


Lego8Gamer made this design and put it on DeviantArt.

I grabbed this because just one Yoshi reference to Jurassic Park just wouldn’t be enough, or in this case Jurassic World. Here we have the classic scene of Chris Pratt's character trying to tame his raptor friends only in this case it's a bunch of Yoshi. Look out Pratt! If they don't like you they'll eat you in one bite and crap you out as an egg. You don't want to see that.

2 Mariomon


Onainitsuj made this design and put it on DeviantArt.

Nintendo has a bunch of great franchises under their belt, but the two breadwinners are definitely Mario and Pokémon. That said, why haven't those two series crossed over yet?

There was a Pokémon game crossed with Nobunaga’s Ambition, Pokémon Conquest, and yet we haven't seen this crossover game yet? You know someone has had to pitch this idea before. There might even be concept art, or better yet, game footage.

1 Nothing At All


Sklavenbrause made this design and put it on DeviantArt.

One of the best gags from The Simpsons that has been memed to heck in back is this scene from the episode "Little Big Mom" wherein the whacky family goes on a ski trip. There they come across Flanders in a skintight suit, which he says, "Feels like I'm wearing nothing at all." Homer remembers this image in his head when trying to avoid danger later on. In Homer's stead we have Rosalina thinking about Waluigi. That's a nightmare inducer right there.

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