The 14 Weirdest Super Mario Toys (And The 15 Best)

At the end of the day, Nintendo is a toy company. Mario, being their flagship mascot has been formed into more playable plastic molds than most other franchise characters combined. He’s like the Mickey Mouse of video games, and everyone wants a piece. Personally, Mario means a great deal to me and I have definitely fallen prey to purchasing a wide array of toy-like interpretations of my little Italian buddy. Just try and go into a Best Buy or a GameStop these days and NOT leave with a stuffed Mario. It’s nearly impossible as most gaming outlets are staying afloat by sales on these lovably tangible collectibles.

However, not all of the Mario toys you can purchase out there in the deep reaches of the web or in the dark swamp meets of the earth are, shall we say, great? In fact, not all of them were even licensed by Nintendo. Mario, like Mickey Mouse or Bart Simpson, has been used to execute a wide variety of half-baked or straight up looney ideas. Not that I wouldn’t buy every single one of these toys, but not for nothing, they are very weird.

Below is a list of 15 weird toys that bare the Super Mario name or likeness. We have also included 15 awesome toys to balance out the bizarre and give context to what makes a truly great Super Mario product. Most of these items you can find purchasable (at a reasonable price) as a gift for the Mario fanatic in your life.

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29 WEIRD: Kewpie Mario And Luigi

via: weirdotoys.com

Our little Mario pals have never looked weirder! Look at these little chibi-monsters and only the size of a coin?

These little ones have everything you're looking for in a weird toy including creep factor!

They made a lot of Kewpie toys all based off of the mascot of a Japanese mayonnaise company (a sentence you never thought you would hear). Now, be honest with yourself, how bad you do want these two boys? As weird as they are they would look great in a glass case or on the dashboard of a car.

28 BEST: Super Star Tree Topper

via: gamestop.com

This is such an obvious choice for a toy, but I bet you never thought of it. Using the in-game canon Mario Super Star as a holiday tree topper is brilliant! I bet that thing lights up and when it does I bet your whole body fills with nostalgic chills. This is also conspicuous enough to please everyone, including non-Nintendo fans because this fun yellow buddy just looks like a star. While this Super Star Tree Topper is clearly intended for holiday use, I'm sure no one will mind if you pull it out of the attic early to play with it?

27 WEIRD: Dino And Martin

via: kotaku.com

Who doesn't love the good old Super Martin Bros. I'll tell you who, no one because they don't exist. So, this is obviously a knock-off Mario toy but wowza! They didn't even try to use a close facsimile of Yoshi's name. Plus, I can't think of Martin without thinking of the hot '90s sitcom bearing the same title. One might agree that this certainly qualifies for weird, but also lazy. Not to mention Dino's eyes are the things that nightmares are made of.

26 BEST: Boo Bean Bag Chair

via: gamestop.com

Nothing like taking a big load off after a long day of work by landing softly onto this big fluffy ghost. This is the scariest/cutest chair you could ever own. It's perfect!

Beware! This chair will follow you around until you look at it, at which point it will stop dead in its tracks.

Only kidding! The only threat this fluffy ghost poses is the threat of a nice long nap. Do not snooze on this oversized pillow pal.

25 WEIRD: Mario Kicking Trophy

via: nintendoretrolove.com

Whoever designed this particular Mario trophy had a particularly violent interpretation of our plumbing hero. Look at the furious way Mario has decided to punt this poor Koopa into the stratosphere. In fact, if you look closely at Mario's face you might be unsure who the true villain really is. Another noticeably strange feature of this odd collectible is the lack of white in Mario's eyes. Can you imagine an appropriate situation where you would likely display this? We can't!

24 BEST: Mario Kart 8 Mini Anti-Gravity RC Racer

via: Amazon.com

Remote control cars are already very fun. Developing a working remote control Mario Kart is a no-brainer! Any honest boy or girl would go bananas opening this up Christmas morning. Sure, this will probably eat batteries faster than a world-stopping robot but who cares. The joy of watching Jump Man become Drive Man in real time is bar-none an experience one never forgets. Even if you never took his out of the box it would still look great on a shelf or on display. No way around it, the Mario Kart 8 Mini Anti-gravity RC Racer is a match for all.

23 WEIRD: Super Mario Bros. Movie Action Figures

via: warpzone.co.uk

All you need are two working sets of eyeballs to understand why this line of action figures is a huge problem. For one, they're pretty ugly (even for action figures). For two, they all hail from the same terrible Super Mario Bros. Movie that almost ruined Nintendo from making entertainment outside video games, forever. Mario, Luigi, and King Koopa would almost make nice collectibles (if you were collecting bad things), but who are those two guys in the back?! Honestly, I would Google them but maybe it's best to just let sleeping Yoshies lie.

22 BEST: Super Mario McDonald's Toys

via: YouTube.com

Happy Meals are probably the most joyful food a child can receive. They are low in nutrition, but high in fun! Of course, the big draw with any Happy Meal from McDonald's is the toy you get with each one.

Super Mario toys are up there with Pokemon and Beanie Babies for most sought after McDonald's toys ever.

This is the kind of haul that would make the hoarding collector in us chase down even the most stingy eBay seller. Luckily, more recent sets go for pretty cheap.

21 WEIRD: Super Mario 2 Bow Biters

via: gamelife.com

Much like everything that came from Super Mario Bros. 2 in America, this is weird. Being that it does bare the title boldly on the box, however, is actually kind of cool. We cannot imagine someone actually wearing these, or any bow biters for that matter. They just seem like more trouble then they're worth. But, as a piece of rare Nintendo collectibles, I can definitely see the appeal. You can get one in-box on eBay for about $65.

20 BEST: Mario Kart Hot Wheels

via: nintendoeverything.com

These aren't technically out yet, but come 2019 get ready to build those tracks and grease those wheels because these little racers will be gearing to ride. What a novel idea. Much like the Mario Kart 8 Mini Anti-gravity RC Racer, these make a lot of tactile sense. It's almost curious why they have never been made before. Of course, we want to take our favorite Mario friends for a little ride down the kitchen table, accidentally drop it on the floor, and pray it isn't broken. Hot Wheels are fun.

19 WEIRD: Super Mario Brothers 7 Bath Playset

via: Amazon.com

This is listed on Amazon as Super Mario Brothers 7 Bath Playset. Just what exactly in all holy-heck is going on with these little oddities? We don't exactly know. They are not officially licensed by Nintendo.

YouTuber Chadtronic does an unboxing of ones he purchased in an online auction.

Other than that we have no real info on what this was. Obviously, they look like knock-off Mario bath toys, but they have pretty nice detail in them. Fingers crossed for a penguin power-up in the next Mario title.

18 BEST: Mario Magnets

via: gizmodo.com.au

This is like the Super Mario Maker of REAL LIFE. Hours of fun can be had just standing up staring at the fridge, making all kind of fun platforming adventures for Mario to go on. Somehow, these make fridge magnets desirable, which haven't really had a good moment since they came up with "letters." Who says that giant box in your kitchen is for food and food only?! These beautiful magnets can be yours for purchase, for the low price of $8.99 on Amazon.

17 WEIRD: Famibots

via: videogameden.com

These are really hard to find, and there is not much information on them on the web. They made one for Mario and one for Link. Famibots are kind of like Transformers, where you can take (what looks like) a Famicom cartridge and transform it into the character from the game. That's really all you can do. It doesn't look like there is a functional way to play with them, outside of that one transformation. Unlike Transformers, breaking down Mario simply makes him look like a "box." It's very lame.

16 BEST: Mini Figure Collection Series 1 Super Mario Collection Mini Figures

via: Walmart.com

What's more exciting than getting one toy? The answer is, getting a whole bunch of toys! This pack includes a Mario, Luigi, Yoshi, and enemies for them to combat. These don't look posable, which is lame. However, if you are a kid with enough imagination you can make this work. Plus, they just look beautiful. It's also pretty exciting that this is Series 1 of what we imagine will be multiple packs filled with various figures. Currently, this box is running about $59.99 at Walmart.

15 WEIRD: Mario Shower Head

via: flickr.com

We could spend hours discussing all of the messaging on this box, the bizarre looking Mario Bros. molds, or the fact that this thing even exists at all. Unfortunately, there isn't enough time in the world.

Do you think kids were more excited to take showers with the help of these Italian boys?

We don't necessarily think so! In fact, just having them staring at you during shower time would have freaked me out. But, much like all of the other entries on this list...I still want it for some reason!

14 BEST: Amiibo

via: YouTube.com

Admittedly, this was a total gamble by Nintendo, and has been a hotly debated, and divisive among fans of the company. They have in-game functionality for some titles, but they mostly function as pieces of desk decoration. Their price is pretty high, and you'll have to break the bank for some of the more rare pieces. Maybe we're just a sucker for Nintendo merch, but when we look at these little guys we can't help but get an endorphin rush. A real old-school Nintendo diehard will have a tough time staying mad at these sweet babies.

13 WEIRD: Mario Mickey

via: Artoyz.com

You can find all kinds of bizarre creations in the deeper reaches of the internet. A mashup of your two favorite characters is usually relegated to DeviantArt and Reddit, but with the proper tools/know-how, you can make these Frankensteins come to life. People also have done this through Etsy and other creative outlets. The Mario/Mickey Mouse combo is one for the books. While it doesn't officially exist, there is something that (kind of) feels right about this. Forget Kingdom Hearts, let's get a Disney/Nintendo crossover, please!

12 BEST: Super Mario Adventure Game

via: kotaku.com

Video games and board games share so much in common, and this similarity should be exploited more often. The particular intricacies of Super Mario Adventure have been written about extensively on Kotaku.

Long story short, this is the closest you might get to playing a level of Super Mario Bros. outside of the actual video games.

Imagine, an elaborate game of Mouse Trap but with Mario characters. This is pure joy in a playset. Have fun building complex scenarios for your plastic Mario, for hours.

11 WEIRD: ACME Super Mario Bros. 3 Raccoon Mario Plush

via: YouTube.com

This might be one of the ugliest dolls ever, and just might be the ugliest Mario has ever gotten. Woof! This poor furry nightmare is just bulging in every direction, isn't he? This would otherwise be a find, especially for Super Mario Bros. 3 fans, of which there are many. However, this sad doll needed a little bit more time before hitting the shelves. Surprisingly enough, this doll was actually a huge improvement from ACME's first attempt at a Mario plush, years before. Maybe, we'll get around to that one later on...

10 BEST: Super Jumping Mario

via: Walmart.com

Plenty of Mario toys will make a gamer's heart sing, but none quite as tenderly as the Super Jumping Mario. He's like the Tickle Me Elmo of the Nintendo Kingdom. This cute-as-a-button short stack will jump with the press of a button. Yep, and then you can cuddle him forever and ever after that. You can get your hands on one of these Jump Men for $53.99 at Walmart. He's authentic, he's cute, and he's everything a spoiled little kid needs to flesh out their collection of game loot.

9 BEST: Super Mario K'Nex

via: Walmart.com

Get ready to assemble yourself all of the promises of your typical K'Nex set with the added bonus of Tanooki Mario! This particular box includes 226 pieces of pure Nintendo magic, and even includes "Mouse." Who is Mouse? Build yourself an answer!

Sure, it's not a LEGO set, but it's something!

K'Nex are like a cheaper more reasonable version of LEGO's. You can plan on spending around $53.99 for this at Walmart.

8 WEIRD: Zombie Mario

via: Pinterest.com

This is definitely weird, but unlike most of the WEIRD entries on this list, Zombie Mario is also very cool. He debuted in April 2018 by Luaiso Lopez at the Shanghai Toy Show and was a big hit. If you get your hands on this undead plumber you probably won't be playing with him as much as you will be displaying him because he will be very expensive (like most collectible statues). Also, if we might be so bold, Nintendo should release an undead Mario game, right?

7 BEST: Super Mario Figurines

via: Walmart.com

Straight from the always fantastic World Of Nintendo series of toys/games, comes actual posable Mario figures! The appeal here is that this gift truly works for all ages. You can play with Mario like he's an action figure, but you can also leave him in cool poses for a nice piece of shelf candy. These are also relatively cheap for Nintendo toys. Sitting at about $21.88 at Walmart you can be rocking some tight Mario action figure play sessions just as soon as you rip that beautiful box to shreds.

6 WEIRD: Magic Blocks Mario

via: sg.carousell.com

So, this is significantly less cool than the Super Mario K'Nex set. You just build a giant Mario. That's it. Yeah, the appeal here would be to have a standing LEGO looking version of Mario, but also why? Losing so much of the appeal for collectors is the fact that this wasn't designed in any kind of partnership with Nintendo, making it feel very inauthentic. If you do want this you can find it on Carousell for about $22.

5 BEST: Super Mario Ornaments

via: Hallmark.com

Make your Christmas tree explode with Nintendo joy by adding these beautifully designed Super Mario Bros. ornaments. Nothing says Christmas quite like stomping Goombas and breaking blocks.

For most gamers, Nintendo has been a big part of their Christmas growing up.

It just feels right to include our boys here as a beacon of holiday spirit. You can find them for about $7.99 at Hallmark.

4 WEIRD: Super Mario Lucky Coin Pusher

via: store.world-8.com

In typical Japanese-toy fashion this box is a magnificent array of explosive color and bold lettering. There is a LOT going on with this box. The only thing we're not exactly sure of is what exactly this is or does? As per an explanation from World-8, "This coin drop game can be played by one or two people. Drop the Mario character on the slide, which moves back and forth to put a coin. If you dropped three earlier wins the game..." Nice! Still not quite sure we get it exactly, but heck if the game is half as frantic as this box then we are sold.

3 BEST: Mario Pikachu Crossover

via: ign.com

If you have even an ounce of love for anything Nintendo related, then there is nothing stopping your swoon to just gaze upon these lovely creatures. Pikachu, Mario; Togetherness. Is there anything better? Some might say this belongs in the weird category, but why? It's perfect! Pikachu decided to dress up like his all-time favorite Mario friend for Halloween! Enough with the explanation let's get to the cuddle already! Unfortunately, if you want to get your hands on these perfect twins it'll cost ya. These sit around $153 on Amazon.

2 WEIRD: ACME Super Mario Bros. Vintage Plush

via: worthpoint.com

What were they thinking!? These two look worse than a crime scene investigative sketch of the Mario Brothers. What crime did they commit in this hypothetical? The crime of being too ugly, that's for sure. Though ACME never quite got a good looking plush doll out of their Nintendo days, this first attempt was insane. They barely work as a representation of the Super Mario Bros. Super Show, but even still their hairline is such a weird choice. However, at the end of the day, we still want one. We are broken for Mario toys!

1 BEST: Super Mario Build-A-Bear

via: gamespot.com

Put a very soft fork in us because we are done. This is just...wow. Tears fill the eyes of our very full hearts as the cash simply pours from our wallets. We just need to hug it as soon as humanly possible.

Build-A-Bear in a stroke of genius made a deal with Nintendo and the results speak for themselves.

According to Gamespot, they are around $28 and you can buy a sound chip for $7 that plays the Super Mario Bros. theme song. You can also get Yoshi and Bowser versions of the doll.

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