Obscure Super Mario Traffic Safety Video Has Been Unearthed: Watch Online

A long lost bit of Mario memorabilia has come to light.

Now, here’s an interesting little curio. Back in the late eighties, Nintendo, being the family friendly funsters they are, released a short educational clip they called Super Mario’s Fire Brigade. It was distributed to schools across Japan via VHS, and aimed to introduce young children to the dangers of fire, fire safety and what to do in the event of fire.

As obscure as this piece is, a lot of more ardent Mario fans will already be familiar with it. After all, it’s publicly available (you can check it out in full on YouTube right here) for everyone. What you may not know is that the video had a companion piece, Super Mario’s Traffic Safety, the existence of which has only just come to light.

Super Mario no Koutsuu Anzen, as it’s known in its native Japan, was another instructional video for schoolchildren, this time introducing them to road safety. The mystery is that, while anyone can simply hop over to YouTube and check out Fire Brigade, the traffic safety clip isn’t available anywhere online in its entirety. The fact that it was made at all seems to have been lost in time for decades, until now.

Via: Youtube.com (GTV)

As Nintendolife reports, an event was held at the Animation and Film Center in Omiya, Japan this past weekend. It was an exclusive screening of children’s anime, spanning classics from the annals of history to present day anime, playing to a packed crowd of 500. Among the movies and clips shown was, you guessed it, Super Mario’s Traffic Safety, being given a public airing for the first time in many years.

With such a relatively small crowd, of course, nobody was able to record the whole of the cartoon for prosperity. Nintendolife were at the event, however, and were able to record a sneaky peek of Traffic Safety for us. Clearly, the whole of the short does still exist, it’s just a matter of getting it online. There are many things the world is in dire need of right now, and a slice of Mario’s circa 1989 wisdom about keeping safe while crossing roads is one of them.

If nothing else, this is a super-obscure slice of Mario ‘memorabilia’ for the Mario fan who has played, seen and bought everything. A piece (albeit small) of Nintendo’s heritage, and it’d be great to have the whole video in the public record in some way. Maybe at a future screening like this.

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