Super Mario: 10 Yoshi Memes That Are Too Hilarious For Words

Super Mario is the king of the Nintendo world. Few characters are funnier than Yoshi, so here are ten hilarious Yoshi memes that will make you giggle!

The Mushroom Kingdom is filled with dozens of memorable characters, each brimming with a unique personality. One member of the crew that's always present is Yoshi, either helping Mario through tough levels, playing tennis, or fighting other characters in the Nintendo universe. Fans love the animal too and show their affection in a myriad of ways.

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The Internet, of course, uses memes as one of its top means of expressing admiration. The following ten are some of the funniest offered up by fans. The lovable animal is usually a goody-two-shoes, but a few of these reveal a hidden, staunch anti-government sentiment among the species. To be fair, this may be just one particular Yoshi and not the whole group. Let's dive in!

10 Down B Baby

Down b through platforms smash memes

In spite of its innocent appearance, Yoshi is a mean brawler in the Super Smash Bros. games. The down b attack is a high-velocity downward pound, annihilating anything below by way of the animal's touches.

It can also go through platforms, something Bowser cannot do, despite having a similar attack. The malicious koopa may be a giant with an intimidating physical presence, but these features will only get one so far in a fistfight.

9 Technological Advancements

Evolution of Yoshi

It's amazing how technology changes one's perspective on things. Televisions of the past could only give an approximation of what characters were supposed to look like. The real details and nuance always hid behind low resolutions and polygon counts.

Only with the Switch can fans see how Yoshi looks like in real life. To tell the truth, maybe he looked better behind the standard definition facade. Of course, this is not actually the case and the picture is a dinosaur from Super Mario Odyssey. The real Yoshi isn't immediately available in the Switch game, but he shows up later.

8 Fat Yoshi Vs Skinny Yoshi

Fat Yoshi Vs Normal Yoshi

Society's judgment of people and animals based on looks is no secret. For example, many perceive thin Yoshi to be a better personality than its more heavyset counterpart. They probably get better job offers too.

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In reality, however, fat Yoshi is a more law-abiding citizen and a less rebellious member of society. One has to ask themselves, though - is following the rules really what makes someone a better person?

7 Betrayal

Mario Betraying Yoshi

On the surface, Yoshi and Mario appear to be best friends, but is that really the truth? Maybe the iconic mascot uses the species as a means of completing his task in the 2D title. Once the animal's use is fulfilled, he may toss it aside, not caring about its fate. Nothing exemplifies this better than the move pictured above from Super Mario World.

Players can get a little extra height on a jump by sacrificing their companion. Is Yoshi unaware of this until it is too late, using its last free falling seconds of life to ponder why someone he trusted so much would doom him to death? Does Mario not remember how Yoshi cared for him as an infant?

6 Jurassic Yoshi

Yoshi Meme

How do the other characters view Yoshi? Do they think of him as a dinosaur, horse, or lizard? Dinosaurs exist in the lore, so do they classify Yoshi as one?

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Maybe they were created, or they are a naturally occurring species. Does feral Yoshi roam the wilderness, acting with hostility to humans and Toad people? This meme brings up so many questions. Perhaps a Dino Crisis and Super Mario crossover is in order.

5 Differences In Culture

Yoshi topsy turvy meme

What exactly denotes the clean and proper form of a language is up for debate, but people often feel those from England speak more gracefully than Americans. Their common language may include a more elegant and nuanced vocabulary.

The differences in titles for this game seem to support this hypothesis. This stereotype breaks immediately once one starts to explore different dialects and accents found in the western European country.


4 Do They Understand Him?

Yoshi and Toad Seattle

The ability of other characters to understand Yoshi seems to change from game to game. In its early appearances, it wasn't important for Mario to know what it was saying. All the plumber needed the beast for was riding and eating enemies.

It ends up talking to Mario for a brief moment during its cameo appearance in Super Mario 64. Maybe its noises and cries of its own name are a whole other language characters can learn. Even if they are unable to speak it themselves, Yoshi converses in its own tongue while others speak English - or whatever the common language is in the Mushroom Kingdom - and they understand each other.

3 Too Shy

Shy guy meme

Shy guy doesn't get the love and respect he deserves. Sure, the mysterious creature may cause nothing but trouble for the protagonists in Yoshi's Island, but maybe it's all one big misunderstanding.

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Shy people can sometimes hurt other's feelings through miscommunication and appearing off-putting. Unfortunately, the poor character is too timid to stand up for himself, even as such slights as the one above are within earshot. Just because he's shy doesn't mean he doesn't deserve a spot on the Smash roster.

2 Yoshi King

Yoshi lion king

It's hard to say exactly why this one is so amusing, but the funniest things often lack explanation. Is it the idea of Yoshi - an often benevolent helper - doing something so villainous, or is it the stampede getting ready to trample King Mufasa?

Regardless, it makes everyone want to see a version of the Lion King only using Yoshi. That was the remake people deserved. Maybe Disney and Nintendo can strike up a deal and get the ball rolling on this adaptation.

1 Little Animal, Big Mouth

Yoshi Talking

Apparently Yoshi is a bit of a blabbermouth. Fortunately, Nintendo doesn't have to worry about it spilling precious secrets to the masses because no one on earth understands the language.

If only some sort of Rosetta Stone existed for fans to interpret the words, then everyone could find out Metroid Prime 4's release date and if they ever plan on bringing Mother 3 to the west. At the same time, no one wants Nintendo to punish Yoshi with legal action.

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