Super Meat Boy Forever Delayed, Devs Use Announcement To Bash EA

Team Meat pushed Super Meat Boy Forever away from its April release, and bashed EA in the process.

Super Meat Boy Forever was supposed to release this month, but it looks like its development team has decided to push that back in order to maintain their sanity. While breaking this news on social media, Team Meat also took a chance to throw shade at notorious publisher Electronic Arts.

Despite the name, Super Meat Boy Forever is shaping up to be a standard sequel to Super Meat Boy. Team Meat just decided to go with a "less boring name than 'Super Meat Boy 2.'" It had been slated for an April 2019 release for all major consoles and the Epic Store, with a Steam release in 2020. Now, however, Team Meat says the game will come "After but not too far after April 2019."

Their announcement also explains that the team decided to delay in order to keep to a "healthy and sustainable pace." It then goes on to explain that, as an independent studio, Team Meat gets to set its own speed. Instead of crunching to finish this month, they declare that they'd rather delay and not put their health on the line. "Team Meat isn't some studio owned by an Evil Asshat corporation that has say over what we do and how we do it."

The capitalized "Evil Asshat" seems to clearly reference Electronic Arts, or EA. The company has been the subject of conversation lately thanks to a Kotaku report about the difficulties surrounding Anthem. The report claims that EA-owned studio BioWare faced a ton of pressure during the game's development, to the point that several employees were forced to take doctor-mandated stress leave.

It seems that Team Meat is avoiding this fate, making consumers wait a little longer but preserving their employees' mental health. They point out that fans at PAX East took the news well. Indeed, even the replies to the tweet above are full of encouragement and patience.

The topic of development crunch keeps coming up these past few months as more reports come forward about the conditions some studios are forced to endure. Gamers are taking this knowledge in, becoming more sympathetic to the people behind their entertainment. As a result, and perhaps also due to the upfront communication, Super Meat Boy Forever's delay is being received very amicably.

It's almost enough to make people forget the game is Epic Store Exclusive.

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