Leaked Photos Give Us First Glimpse Of Super Nintendo World

The first photos from Universal Studios Japan's highly anticipated Super Nintendo World have been leaked - and so far, it looks like the new theme par

The first photos from Universal Studios Japan's highly anticipated Super Nintendo World have been leaked - and so far, it looks like the new theme park won't disappoint.

Yesterday, Twitter user @LCASTUDIOS_USJ tweeted three photos taken in Universal Studios Japan of the most current construction progress on Super Nintendo World with the caption "SUPER NINTENDO WORLD ™ is under construction behind JAWS Ride and will open in the spring of 202o!" Park developers promised that the new theme park would look like a lifesize Mushroom Kingdom, and with these new shots, complete with a signature flagpole and yellow "?" box, it looks like construction's on the right path.

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The tweet has already amassed thousands of likes and retweets, with many eager fans expressing their excitement about the park's opening as well as praise for how accurate the designs are to the beloved Mushroom Kingdom of past Super Mario games.

These photos come only a few weeks after Universal Parks & Resorts Chairman Tom Williams revealed more information about the parkSuper Nintendo World is set to open as early as next spring to coincide with the Tokyo Olympic Games. Upon launch, the park will have two rides - Super Mario Kart, based on the beloved Mario Kart franchise, and Yoshi's Adventure, an omnimover ride allowing guests to ride on a Yoshi on a journey throughout the Mushroom Kingdom. There are additional plans to build a Bowser-themed area and Princess Peach's castle in the park at a later date.

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The park will also be interactive, with wristbands that allow guests to engage with certain areas, and "levels," of the park. The wristband will keep track of guests' scores made through interactions in the park and in rides. Guests' scores will link back to guests consoles back home. While the details about how those transactions will work haven't fully been explained yet, it's pretty cool to imagine.

Williams has also promised that Super Nintendo World will expand to other Universal Studio Parks outside of Japan (excluding Beijing), though has not given a timeline about when those expansions would occur.

Super Nintendo World is set to open in Universal Studios Japan in Spring 2020.

Source: Twitter

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