Super Nintendo World Construction Has Started At Universal Studios Hollywood

Super Nintendo World, featuring attractions based on various Nintendo properties, has begun its construction at Universal Studios Hollywood.

With the confirmation of a Nintendo-themed park being added to Universal Studios Japan, and fans' general excitement and discord for all things Nintendo, Twitter insiders have weighed in on when the park will jump to the U.S. 

That question of when the park arrives has been kept under close watch following the 2015 agreement made for U.S.J., and the 2017 deal made between Nintendo and Illumination--a subsidiary of Universal in film entertainment and the animation team behind the Despicable Me films, the respective Minions spinoff, and Secret Life of Pets series. Universal Studios, in its own right, is often considered to be one of the powerhouses of film since the "Golden Age of Hollywood" and currently has its theme parks located in Hollywood, CA, Orlando, FL, Sentosa Island, Singapore, and Osaka, Japan. Super Nintendo World, in Japan, is set to be completed before the 2020 Olympics and joins the ranks of other pop culture icons like Harry Potter, Jurassic Park, Hello Kitty, and Sailor Moon

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Many have shown great excitement about this new addition to the park, with the reasons being fairly obvious. The very chance for a Mario Kart ride, as has been potentially leaked, with the wicked "Blue Shell" mechanic could make for an unadulterated, or completely disheartening, familial experience.

All of these leaks and discussions also come to light at a time when rights for specific characters and park vacancies open up some dicey dialogue between Universal Studios and its direct competitor, Disney. For goers of Universal Orlando resort, a commonly-asked question is when the Marvel Super Hero Island (first opened in 1999) will cease to exist, as Disneyland California is currently capitalizing on the overnight MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe) success of Guardians of The Galaxy. Furthermore, as Disney is the proprietary owner of most Marvel characters and comics, Marvel Super Hero Island seems less likely to stick around for a long time.

After garnering international influence for several decades, it should leave nobody surprised that Nintendo would venture along this route. From the NES, N64, Game Boy Advance, Wii and Switch (to name a few consoles) to the hated Super Mario Bros. film and awkward spin-off games we've all seemed to have forgotten about--Nintendo usually meets branching out with mostly vast success; and a team-up with Universal Studios, a theme park tycoon that gives the Disney parks a run for their money with The Wizard World of Harry Potter, is certainly good company to have one with in these endeavors.

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