Super Nintendo World Model Allegedly Leaks, Apparently Has Bowser’s Castle

New models have leaked that present a detailed look at what the new Super Nintendo World at Universal Studios might look like.

New models have leaked that present a detailed look at what the new Super Nintendo World at Universal Studios might look like. Two images have been discovered, one depicting a mushroom kingdom themed park, and one inspired by Donkey Kong Country.

The photos, posted by The Unofficial Universal Orlando podcast, provide the most detailed representation of what the new theme park area will look like that we've seen thus far. Unfortunately, some park experts are suggesting these models are based on old plans for the upcoming attraction.

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The first image leaked matches closest to what has already been revealed about the new Nintendo/Universal collaboration: the Mushroom Kingdom area is designed as a multi-leveled immersive experience with splashy, primary colors and iconography to really make you feel like you are spending the day in Nintendo's most iconic location.

Koopas and viny Piranha plants are scattered around the many geometrically-appealing structures that make up Mushroom Kingdom. There's a Yoshi's Adventure attraction that appears to be an indoor kiddie-coaster or dark ride, as well as a Toadstool Cafe located in the center where one could presumably get their Mario-themed munchies. The main attraction, situated in the rear of the park, is the well documented Mario Kart ride, its entrance a recreation of Bower's Castle.

The other image depicts a section of the park home to Donkey Kong's mine cart ride. Many of DK's most famous locales can be seen in this lush, jungle environment, including his tree house and Funky Kong's airplane. This is the park, however, that may be depicting outdated plans.

Alicia Stella, of Orlando Park Stop, believes that this model was designed when the new Nintendo Park was meant to take over the Kidszone in Islands of Adventure. Since then, many details of the park have changed, and now it seems that Super Nintendo World will be placed in a new, third theme park at Universal Studios Orlando.

This also means that we may not be seeing the new Nintendo park for quite some time. Of the 4 Universal Studios theme parks, only Japan and Hollywood have broken ground on what is believed to be the area where Super Nintendo Land will be located. Japan's construction began in 2017, and is rumored to be opening some time in 2020.  Universal Studios Hollywood, which has been developing an area in a large plot below the lower lot for almost a year, is expected to open the new park in either 2021 or 2022.

Universal Studios new theme park, rumored to be called Fantastic Worlds, will not be open until at least 2023, based how recently development of the park has begun. While Universal Studios Singapore, which just announced the addition earlier this year, most likely won't see Super Nintendo Land on 2025.

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