Super Nintendo World Coming To Universal Studios Theme Parks?

Looks like Universal and Nintendo are finally getting started on their theme parks...

Last November Nintendo and Universal Studios jointly announced the world’s first Nintendo themed park. The park is slated to be finished just in time for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics at Universal Studios Japan. Two more parks are planned to open shortly thereafter at Universal Studios Orlando and Universal Studios Hollywood. Since then, news on the projects has remained mostly quiet, until last week when Nintendo filed a trademark for Super Nintendo World.

The trademark provides some clues at to what can be expected in the upcoming attractions. The overall idea of the park is to create an immersive world where, in Shigeru Miyamoto’s words, “Mario will feel like he finally came home!” The cost of building the Japanese park alone is expected to exceed 50 billion Yen ($451,504,000 USD). Conversely, the expected profits are expected to exceed 17 trillion Yen (over $153 billion USD)

According to the Universal Studios Japan website, the park will feature several multilevel attractions alongside Mario themed rides, shops, and restaurants. A variety of characters from throughout the Mario series, along with various other Nintendo properties, will make appearances throughout the park. Super Nintendo Land, similar to Disney Parks, will have costumed employees who will presumably wander throughout the park. The trademark itself also lists a variety of different attractions including but not limited to: movies, live performances (plays and musicals), handheld and arcade games, costume rentals, and kart racing.


While the trademark doesn’t list too many specifics, it is safe to assume that Super Nintendo World will come with its own video games store. The trademark specifically mentions home consoles and handhelds in addition to “parts and apparatuses” for the consoles. It isn’t entirely clear what parts and apparatuses specifically refers to, but it could include controllers and the games themselves. Super Nintendo World will also provide opportunities to buy a variety of toys, collectables, cards, and other merchandise.

The trademark doesn’t mention any series by name, but main focus of the parks seems to be Mario and the Mario series as a whole. However, because the parks will feature other “globally popular” Nintendo characters, we can assume that it won’t all be Mario themed. Hopefully fan favorite characters like Link, Kirby, and Samus will be given their own special locations.


The Super Nintendo World trademark is available at the United States Patent and Trademark Office’s website under the US Serial Number (87462048).

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