Super Robot Wars V Gets English Release In October

Bandai Namco will be releasing Super Robot Wars V and X for Nintendo Switch and Steam as part of a series revival.

The announcement, made via the official Super Robot Wars Twitter page, states that Switch ports will launch for the games later this year. And, while the reveal was sparse, simply outlining the very basic as it relates to ports and titles, a short detail from the Famitsu magazine which featured in July was also noted.

Super Robot Wars V was originally developed for the PlayStation 4 and PS Vita two years ago and was released with some incredible graphics. Bandai Namco meant for the game to commemorate the series' 25th anniversary and it was the first main title to come out since the franchise's unofficial break that began in 2009.

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With several mecha titles and franchises having emerged during the eight-year hiatus, the upcoming games will feature several more mecha units and the respective characters. But the most intriguing factor there is the fact that English localization is set to be a first.

Super Robot Wars has been a favorite for gamers worldwide due to it promoting mecha gaming with impressive tactical RPG gameplay.

Bandai Namco has confirmed that Super Robot Wars V and X will release for the Switch in the Southeast Asia region but no official date has been disclosed for X, while V will drop on October 3. The Super Robot Wars V PC port for Steam hasn't had a date announced either.

The creators have also announced that the 20 bonus scenarios for V that released as DLC for the PS4 and Vita will be included in the launch for Switch. The scenarios, though, have no real relation to the game's story and are mostly self-contained but there's likely something special in there for all types of fans.

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One piece of DLC will be absent from the port initially; players who buy the game early will get the very same bonus PS4 and Vita did in 2017. This will include some extra parts and a bonus scenario that will make it so that early birds can use the Huckebein and Grungust machines as early as the second scenario, as opposed to having to wait until the midway point of scenario 40.

There's no announcement in that regard as it pertains to X but it's safe to assume that it will follow in the same manner.

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