When Does Super Smash Bros. Switch Come Out?

We know there will be a Super Smash Bros. game on the Nintendo Switch, even though the company has not announced it. We break down what we know.

The Nintendo Switch has already proven itself as an excellent console for fighting games. Nintendo seems to be dedicated to the idea of turning the system into a competitive gaming machine, which is perfect for the genre. The mobile aspect of the system, coupled with the fact that it has two controllers on it at all times, has made it perfect for bringing to a friends house/comic convention, for some instant gaming fun.

With the 2017 E3 event over, a lot of fans are wondering if Nintendo is planning to release a new Smash Bros. game for the Switch. Let's break down the facts and give an educated guess as to when we will be able to battle on Final Destination once more...

5. Reggie Said We Would Be Getting A Smash Bros. On The Switch

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Reggie Fils-Aime has already confirmed that a Smash Bros. game will be coming to the Nintendo Switch at some point. The question is whether it will be a brand new released in a couple of years, or will it be an updated port of the 3DS/Wii U Smash Bros. games?

The fact that Reggie has commented on Smash Bros. suggest that something is in the works already. A brand new Smash Bros. game would take years to develop. Nintendo also likes to space out the games in the Smash Bros. franchise, and it hasn't been that long since the last titles came out. An updated port of the Wii U version of Smash seems like the most likely option, as Reggie has also claimed that...

4. Reggie Also Said We Would Be Getting More Updated Wii U Ports

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Reggie has also revealed that more updated Wii U ports will be coming to the Nintendo Switch. The stipulation that Reggie laid out was that these games would include enough new features to justify a full retail price.

With all that being said: one of the biggest reasons we won't be seeing a Smash Bros. on the Switch this year is because Nintendo has already released a glut of fighting games on the system. The Switch currently has a new first-party fighting game in the form of Arms and new version of Street Fighter II. We are also seeing Pokkén Tournament DX later on in the year. The Pokkén reveal is what signified to a lot of people that we wouldn't be seeing a new Smash Bros. this year, as Nintendo is already focusing on one updated Wii U port of a fighting game.


3. It Would Be Easy For Nintendo To Create A Deluxe Edition Of The Last Smash Bros. Game

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If Reggie was being truthful about the Wii U ports needing more features to justify a Switch port, then Smash Bros. would be an easy game to bring up to that standard.

In order to make a Super Smash Bros. Switch DX, all they would need to do is create updated versions of the 3DS exclusive stages & modes and include all of the DLC characters for free. This would be enough to classify it as a Deluxe edition.

There would be pressure for Nintendo to include some new characters into the game. The obvious candidates include some of the older characters, like the Ice Climbers, who were left out of the last games due to the technical limitations of the 3DS. They could also add a few new characters, such as Jibanyan from Yo-Kai Watch and Shovel Knight, in order to appeal to fans who have already bought the 3DS/Wii U versions of the game.

2. Sakurai's Absence Isn't A Factor

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Masahiro Sakurai is the face of the Smash Bros. series. He appeared in a lot of the character reveals for the 3DS/Wii U Smash Bros. games and talks about the games a lot during his regular column in Famitsu magazine.

Sakurai isn't actually an employee at Nintendo. He left the company in 2003 and has only been brought back to work on the Smash Bros. games. Fans have used Sakurai's detachment from Nintendo as one of the reasons that a Smash Bros. for Switch is not in development, as there is no evidence that he is back working at the company.

If the latest Smash Bros. is a port of the Wii U game, then Sakurai might choose to pass the work on to others at Nintendo. He has admitted that working on the Smash Bros. games is detrimental to his health and he may not feel the need to damage his body further for a simple port.

1. Nintendo Wants To Sell More Amiibos

The real reason that Nintendo would want to get a new Smash Bros. out of the door quickly is because of amiibo sales. Nintendo has been making an incredible amount of money on these figures, despite the fact that most of them are practically useless. The last Smash Bros. games were the only reason to own a lot of the amiibos (unless they decide to release a Duck Hunt vs. R.O.B crossover game at some point), so Nintendo would be eager to release more of them.

Nintendo could easily make alternate versions of the existing Smash Bros. amiibos, along with some for any new characters who might appear in the game. This would be a huge money making opportunity, which Nintendo would want to make the most out of soon, as the amiibo bubble might have burst by the time a brand new Smash Bros. title is ready to come out.


We will most likely see a deluxe edition of the previous Smash Bros. game on the Nintendo Switch, and may be released in the summer of 2018. Nintendo will announce it by the end of the year and spend the next few months after that teasing us with character reveals, in order to milk as much publicity as possible.

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