Super Smash Bros Ultimate: 10 Characters Who Are The Most Fun To Play As

These characters might not be the biggest or strongest in Super Smash Bros Ultimate, but they are the most enjoyable.

Super Smash Bros Ultimate is a fantastic video game that continued the excellent series of games bringing some of the greatest video game characters together in the ultimate brawling game.

With the title 'Ultimate' tagged to this edition, expectations were incredibly high and thankfully Nintendo didn't disappoint, stacking a roster full of incredible characters.

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However, even though there are plenty of options to choose from in this game, that doesn't mean each character is great to play as, but thankfully, many are excellent and within this list, we will rank the 10 characters who are the most fun to play as.

10 Pikachu

Pickachu is obviously the most famous of all the Pokémon, essentially becoming the face of the brand and because of that, Pickachu has been part of the Super Smash Bros series from the very beginning.

Pickachu might be an original but that doesn't mean the character is stale, with Pickachu being one of the most mobile and fast characters in the game, having a varied range of brilliant attacks.

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Pickachu is also great at guarding on the edge of the stage with his move set, which really makes him a versatile character which is why Pickachu is always a firm favorite.

9 Inkling

One of the newest additions to the Super Smash Bros franchise, Inkling comes from the Splatoon franchise and has been a massive hit since being added to the game, with many players fully enjoying using the character.

Because Inkling is a brand new character, people are obviously interested in picking her over other characters, bringing a whole lot of fun with the ink that can slow enemies down, creating a great visual.

With strong attacks and the ink roller special that is guaranteed to kill weakened enemies, there's nothing not to love about Inkling.

8 Chrom

Speaking of new characters, Chrom is another new face that was added to this edition of the game, coming from Nintendo's Fire Emblem, along with Roy, who was also added to the roster.

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Obviously, Chrom's main positive is the sword that he has, which provides major blows to opponents with the hard-hitting style, meaning he is able to provide huge damage.

Because he is a new character, Chrom is obviously proving to be a popular character to play as, and it seems like he will be sticking around in the future.

7 Donkey Kong

When it comes to pure strength and power, Donkey Kong is an ideal choice, and who doesn't love to play as one of the most iconic video game characters of all time?

Donkey Kong is tons of fun to play with, and while he might not be the most nimble of characters to move around the stage, just playing as him to bulldoze through everyone is great fun. With the character being so iconic, it is no surprise that he is a popular choice amongst gamers.

6 Lucario

Another popular Pokémon that people enjoy playing as is Lucario, who has a very unique fighting style, which is why people enjoy playing as the character.

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Lucario has martial arts style attacks while also using energy attacks which provide plenty of damage against opponents, making him an ideal character to choose, with his play-style suiting the comeback mechanic very well.

Because he has several different ways of finishing his opponents, he is a tricky character to go up against, which is why people enjoy picking him, causing problems for opponents.

5 Solid Snake

Solid Snake is another legendary character that is one of the most popular in the history of video games, so once again it isn't a surprise that he is a popular character to play as in Super Smash Bros Ultimate.

While it does take a minute to perfect playing as Snake and getting used to his style of fighting, which is very different to others on this list, but if you can get used to it then he is tons of fun to use.

With a variety of offensive moves that can be done from close and long-range, he is a brilliant character that everyone should check out.

4 Wario

There are various different characters from the Super Mario world within Super Smash Bros Ultimate, and the pick of the bunch has to be Wario, who is absolutely tons of fun to play as.

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Even though he is the fatter, evil version of Mario, which might lead people to think that Mario would be a better character to use, Wario is certainly more entertaining to play as.

While he doesn't have the speed and agility that other characters do or the power of others, he is a lot of fun to use with his move set being excellent.

3 Sonic

It never gets old playing as Sonic the Hedgehog within the Nintendo world, despite the fact that he has been involved countless times now, seeing him mix it up with some of Nintendo's biggest characters.

Obviously, Sonic's speed is the biggest reason people want to play as him, and while this can cause problems if you can't control him, overall it is a great benefit.

Sonic is someone who gamers love to play as, and while he doesn't do the greatest amount of damage, his quick attacks make him very effective.

2 Ice Climbers

For some reason, the Ice Climbers are massively underrated in this video game, despite the fact that they're both incredibly fun to play as and very effective as well, after all, there is two of them.

The Ice Climbers do everything in tandem, with their attacks being synced, but the fact that they are KO'd separately is a clear benefit as it effectively grants gamers a second chance.

Although they are much weaker alone, the extra chance is a good benefit to playing as them, and you can de-sync them as well, adding to the options of how to attack opponents.

1 Kirby

Is Kirby the most effective character in-terms of causing damage? Absolutely not, but that doesn't mean he isn't fun to play as, with Kirby being one of the most popular characters throughout the history of Super Smash Bros.

This version of the game is no different in that regards, with Kirby still being a major hit amongst gamers, flying around the stages and having some of the most unique offences in the game.

This game is all about fun and Kirby just screams that which is why gamers often choose him to play as, making him the most popular character in the game.

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